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Husbands (and Fathers) – let me confess this one to you as a fellow soldier. Beware when division and anger gets into the marriage. The most powerful prayer partnership in the world is a husband and wife. Strife is the enemy’s best way of blocking the prayer of agreement with your spouse. I experienced this tonight. My wife and I were on the phone and I misunderstood something she said and pushed back in agitation. (In truth, it was near midnight and I was tired.) She explained what she said a second time and I saw I missed it and felt bad. Something was needling me about our subject.

My flesh was resistant but I suggested we pray. BAM! The moment we began I could see “Midianites” were trying to block a blessing from getting through the “door” of 5774 (Hebrew for 2014) using “strife” in an area of our lives. We dealt with it and did some great warfare on behalf of our families and friends. I also shared that the subject we were dealing with, stirred up something in me that I suspect is generational in nature. She celebrated as I described it because she had been trying to get me to see it for two years.

Right now, let’s grab these 5 keys Annabelle and I experienced tonight.

Gideon was up against a much larger force than he could defeat. These Midianites had for 7 years robbed him and his nation at harvest time. The last post I wrote identified Midianites by the Hebrew root word “strife” and “brawling.”

“Strife” is a red flag to anyone with discernment. It travels with “confusion” and “every evil work.”

Gideon’s army, reduced to 300, were set around the camp of the enemy. On a signal from Gideon, they were to move “as one” and break clay pitchers that had torches inside them and shout “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!”

When they did so, the enemy panicked and fell upon one another with swords, mistaking each other for the enemy. Strife turns on itself if you surround it in unity with the right people.


1.) LEAN TIMES: God reduced Gideons’ army to 300 men. Why? “Lest Israel claim glory for itself, against Me, saying, ‘My own hand has saved me.’ ” (Judges 7:2) Don’t be surprised if the tree is pruned before harvest or if you are being reduced to absolute leanness before breakthrough. “When you are weakest you are strongest.”

2.) LET GOD USE YOUR MOUTH: This remnant had trumpets. Trumpets have to do with preaching, prophesying, announcing or proclaiming something. God wants to put an utterance in your mouth that will change the situation.

3.) EMBRACE BROKENNESS AND HUMILITY: The remnant smashed clay pitchers with torches inside them. Clay speaks of our natural man- we are made from earth. We are vessels of clay and need to humble ourselves so we can be broken in areas we are hindering the light of Christ from being seen.

4.) LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE: The torches shined in the night once the clay container was shattered. This is the light of Christ seen in us when the natural stuff is broken off. A trumpet AND a light is better than a trumpet and no fire – passion, illumination and manifestation of the Spirit in our lives.

5.) GOD WANTS TO PARTNER WITH MAN! When the remnant attacked they shouted “The sword of The Lord AND of Gideon.” God wants you to know that while HE DID IT, it was done in partnership WITH YOUR FAITH. The Holy Spirit wants to work “with” you, not work “for” you. (Mk 16:20)

For a marriage here is how these 5 apply:

1.) Use lean times and times of apparent loss as a time to expand your prayers together.

2.) Let both of you speak out in prayer.

3.) Be humble enough to be the first to apologize and go to prayer when strife breaks out.

4.) Pray the Word. Let prophetic praying happen. God will give you words of knowledge.

5.) “If TWO or more agree” is the Bible formula. It’s more powerful to pray with another (especially a spouse) than you praying in the car on your own. Pray together and partner with the Holy Spirit as the third intercessor! Prayer can be a blast actually (credit delaney). You’ll feel the difference almost immediately, I promise.

Feel free to pass this on.

I hear YES! to your deepest request.


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18 thoughts on “HOW TO BEAT THE ODDS IN 2014

  1. I thought it interesting that the Midianites were defeated with the same spirit that were their strengths; brawling, strife and confusion. By the way Lance, I had a vision a few weeks ago with ” G R A C E” written on a big “door” for 5774…. In His Abundant Grace

  2. Right on Lance! I am there! after a year of relatively no strife confusion or brawling it all came down in one week this month. Thanks for your wisdom and insight.

  3. Thank you Lance.

    It takes a real soldier to share actual combat or training experiences to help us in our battles.

    Wisdom from a true Wisdom Warrior.

  4. Dear Lance, thank you so much for sharing this word of the Lord. When I received this word last week, I was experiencing right at that moment the work of the midianites in my marriage and when I opened your email I could see it so clear. That cycle is being broken for our harvest in 2014!!! Thank you man of God.

  5. “That’s a good word right there”. . . we all need this even in other relationships! God is so awesome and so much bigger than we can imagine.The enemy knows what buttons to push on man, but by leaving the “clay” (me) out of it, God wins every time! Yay, God! Thanks a million Lance for being transparent and share this!

  6. Thank you Leader Lance. . Q. What’s the difference between a leader and a manager?
    A. You can’t manage soldiers into battle.

  7. Had to start singing as I was reading this. The earth shall stand and see that through our GOD we shall do valiantly, It is he who shall tread down the enemy, We will sing and shout the victory, CHRIST IS KING…………For GOD has won the victory, and set his people free.

  8. I work from home, alone at a very dry and boring job. It pays the bills, but drains my spirit. As I started another week on Monday, I was very “low”. I realized by Tues, that I had not had my Lance “fix”. So before going to bed I logged in and listened to the latest lesson. Then I happily fell asleep.
    This afternoon I was feeling the crunch of a very slow sales week. As I finished submitting the one contract I had (from last week!), I looked at the clock – 12:30pm. Out of my mouth came the words, “I need a “Lance” break!” I laughed out loud as I realized how much these sessions are “feeding” me. I feel such a sense of restored hope that there is definitely something more ahead for me. I can almost feel the convergence, not only in myself, by in the atmosphere as key elements line up to bring fulfillment to my destiny. It’s not over; I didn’t miss God; 2014 IS the year! Bless you, Lance! Can’t wait for Saturday in Carrollton:)

    • Amen @profparent I often retreat to my quiet place and play a “Lance” youtube video or read this blog and it almost never fails to point me to the answer I am seeking. Great insights.

  9. Partner and I in a business start-up and I shared this with him today. From your blog above: LEAN TIMES: God reduced Gideons’ army to 300 men. Why? “Lest Israel claim glory for itself, against Me, saying, ‘My own hand has saved me.’ ” (Judges 7:2) Don’t be surprised if the tree is pruned before harvest or if you are being reduced to absolute leanness before breakthrough. “When you are weakest you are strongest.”
    Thanks Lance, for this wonderful word of encouragement. You and I are destined to meet.