Battle Updates from the Culture War & More

Join me on the Truth and Liberty broadcast with Andrew Wommack and Richard Harris as we cover the hot topics in culture today. We cover the impeachment circus, which is really the Russian dossier 2.0, the intrigue of inside dealing and corruption, what's happening with Chick-fil-A, and is Kanye West a true convert.

Don't miss where Andrew Wommack tries to stump me with viewer questions!


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8 thoughts on “Battle Updates from the Culture War & More

  1. Excellent! I’m sharing both Dr. Wallnau’s and Andrew Womack’s sites with all my social media. Count me among the remnant of bold Christians willing to speak the truth in love through my ministry of speaking, teaching and authoring books in my Faith to Live By series, which have won multiple awards. Book 5 soon to be released is a hard hitting exposure of realities in the Church and offers strategies to restore the Church and the Christian faith to relevancy and effectiveness. Consider me one of your supporters as we all work for God’s Kingdom to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful information.
    Unfortunately I attended a church asleep at the wheel.
    I want husband went hometo understand what God is doing globally,
    also want more of His hand in my life, since my husband went home to be with the LORD
    life has been so difficult. Reaching out to Christians has been such a disappointment.
    Very interested to see the church take the dominion that is ours. Trump has been an example, he gets in and does what needs to be done. God gave us the Holy Spirit to do the work, when we pray Gods word. not our lay me down to sleep tiny prayers, we know Gods word, we know powers and principalities are at work. please help me. become the voice I should be in my part of the world

  3. Praise the Lord for Truth and Liberty! Excelent program. Love you all and follow you regularly. God Bless and Preserve.

  4. 3 great ideas for changing the educational systems! Myself – Wish I could still post you fellows on social media but unfortunately facebook cancelled me and I am having trouble signing into twitter now also. Was told I did not meet community standards. What a joke. Never swear or even use vulgar language now so acceptable by every media. My crime? Openly Christian, openly conservative – love Trump and dislike Trudeau. I seemed to be shadow banned for quite a while, then suddenly out and out cancelled. One thing I had been doing was suggesting to church pastors 9all denominations0 that in my humble opinion it might be helpful if their sermons were more along the lines of some of the Great Awakening preachers such as John Wesley or George Whitefield and included a link to such sermons for their perusal. Never had a reply from any of them.
    New to Port Alberni I have attended 5 different churches here over the past 20 months, Two to 3 months at several and have yet to hear a sermon with meat and potatoes in it. All are what I would respectfully call “Social Pablum”. Ir’s been lately that I get fed off the internet such as yourself, Andrew, Jimmy Evans and Robert Morris to name a few. No wonder our two countries – in fact the world – are going you know where in a hand basket. Anyways guys – enough ranting. Keep up the wonderful work. I remain, Daryl Duhamel – no anonymous for me.