Are your children prepared?

Lately I’ve felt the burden of the Lord for the next generation. They will face challenges that are greater than anything we have faced. But with those challenges is a grace and anointing unlike anything we’ve seen. The book of Acts is starting a new chapter. Are your children prepared?

Reading about Jesus’ final hours in Gethsemane, I was arrested by a detail I had overlooked. According to Matthew 26, Jesus rose up off the ground four times to check on His disciples. Three times He came to stir them to get ready for the ordeal and the fourth time He came to tell them it was time to face the crisis. It was His hour of darkness and glory.

When I was younger, I read this account differently. I saw Jesus trying to wake up the slumbering disciples so they could give Him some prayer support! Now that I am a parent I see it differently.

Jesus was in the fight of His life. The full weight of man’s sin and wickedness was beginning to fall upon His shoulders and the agony of that exchange was weighing in a manner that astonished even Him. The Lamb of God was being tied up and prepared to become a sacrifice. In the midst of this agonizing transaction, He rose three times to check on His little flock. Why?

These men represented something that He needed to keep before His mind. Hebrews says, “For the joy set before Him He endured the cross” (Hebrews 12:2). Your redemption was His joy. These men represented all those who were given to Him—the ones who would believe in Him. They were His bride, His brothers, His sisters, His family. He went to gaze on them, to see them, and to prepare them for the ordeal.

He went to them because they were the reason He had to drink the cup! If Christ refused to die, you and I would yet be in our sins (1 Corinthians 15:17). As He gazed on them, He found strength to press in.

Jesus was like the anxious parent checking on the welfare of the children in an hour of grave danger…which is my point. I feel like this is the time we are in now.

Have you prepared your children for the hour that is coming upon them?

As the culture becomes increasingly hostile to followers of Jesus, are they prepared to stand or will they collapse under the pressure?
Are they rock solid in their identity?
Do they know WHY they believe and WHAT they believe?
Do they have friends who share this confidence?
Are they ready and prepared to retake ground and reshape the culture? Do they know how?
Do they have a vision for a profession? Do they have a sense of divine calling and partnership with God in what they need to do to make a living?
Are they clear about what to look for in choosing a life mate and setting standards in dating and relating?
One week every year I get away with a small group of about 40 sons and daughters of friends of mine. I pour into them everything I can to answer these questions. I do it for my children as much as I do it for anyone else’s. I bring in the BEST trainers, incredible entrepreneurs, media personalities, and 7 Mountain experts to teach, train, and hang out with your kids.

Parents are SHOCKED at the transformation they see in their children when they return home!

What would you have paid to learn what you know now—and get that at the age of 16-24?

All I ask is that you don’t send me hostage youth who don’t want to be there. The young people that make it to this special week are the best youth in America and I want them connecting with other high potential youth. They don’t have to be “on fire” when they arrive (we will take care of that) but they do have to know something about what to expect. We are training spiritual special forces—Killer Sheep!

When: July 8 – 14, 2018
Fly into Charlotte, NC or the Charlotte Airport.

We will take it from there!

Get in the program while it is available. Space is limited!

Here is the link to sign up today –>

Your children are meant for such a time as this! And with you, we look forward to investing in them to prepare them for the days ahead. The best is yet to come!

Lance & Annabelle Wallnau
7m Gen 2018 Hosts

P.S. If you are passionate about this generation and would like to support this work we would ask for two things: 1) Put these dates on your calendar to pray for the event July 8 – 14 and 2) Go to to donate to 7m Gen. Many students are interested but do not have the financial resources. Your gift could mean freedom for this generation’s Daniels and Esthers! Thank you.


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