If Americans See a Blood Moon, Is the Whole World Bleeding?

10259997_10152347484294936_7293867089833625953_nA few nights ago a Blood Moon combined with Passover! 

The meaning? 

As the blood of Christ covers you and your house – the enemy has lost all authority over you…the darkness must “PASS over.” Apply the blood of Christ and press into the exodus that plunders before it departs. 

This is the story of the Jews who lived in the shadow of Pharaoh, and it is our story for those alive at the end of the age in the final spasm of Anti-Christ powers that culminates in the return of the King. 

This was my conclusion that night.

Then today I got to thinking…

While I still believe all that I said, I noticed:

So many who read my posts or are commenting on my reference to John Hagee’s book on the 4 Blood Moons missed something entirely.

I missed it too.

The eclipse that happened last night was NOT a global incident, which raises the question…

Why do preachers in the United States assume that something that involves North America MUST be an apocalyptic event that affects everyone, everywhere?

Apparently the next Blood Moon eclipse in October will be visible over western North America, the Pacific, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand…but not the whole world. Or so it seems, as I search the matter out.

Notice the picture and the shades of red. Those are the areas that see the blood moon. Other nations do not.

It  reminds me of the day I met with Lijo Mathew, a gifted young entrepreneur who invited me to Dubai to do a rather grand 7 Mountain seminar at the top of the Atlantis Hotel.

He showed me a map of the Earth and pointed out where America was located and then smiled mischievously as he then pointed to the Middle East and reminded me that America is not in the middle…“it’s called the Middle East for a reason,” he said.

But that’s not to say Americans don’t love other nations, we really do. The focus on global missions has been a very real part of American church culture. 

Still, it strikes me as strange that if Americans see a blood moon, we assume the whole world is bleeding.

And I do believe there is significance to these celestial events.

I’m just sayin’…

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