After 20 hours of flying to Taiwan, this is the best way to land!

After 20 hours of flying to Taiwan, this is the best way to land!

I’m here because the State Department is conducting important meetings that touch the spiritual future of Christians in Asia.

Do a google on Ambassador Sam Brownback and his comments in Hong Kong. He is saying some powerful prophetic things about China and its WAR ON FAITH. I will be attending his summit (called a ministerium) tomorrow and debriefing with 70 key leaders in education, business, and ministry TODAY. This year marks a 40-year cycle in Taiwan and Mainland China tension. It’s a prophetic cycle. They have 24 hr prayer going up during these meetings.

I think one of our assignments (you and me) is to pray for Sam to experience a powerful anointing and for new insights to emerge on how we all work together as the body of Christ globally.

I see all this as part of an alignment process to prophetically prepare Taiwan for a mighty counter move (in the spirit and natural) because China has made their intent clear to take over Taiwan by consent or by force.

Please pray for the ambassador, the participants and for me.


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