A Word For This Season

This week I’ve seen Alex Jones being pulled off the air, five out of six Trump backed candidates win their key elections, and seven out of seven extreme left, Sanders people losing theirs!

I feel the Lord say ‘The season is ending’. Next week I’m running a sold out conference at the Trump Hotel where I’ll spend some time talking about these changing seasons and what the Lord wants you to hear in your next season. You can get in on that at: lancewallnau.com/livestream


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2 thoughts on “A Word For This Season

  1. Lance,

    I really enjoy your messages and this is one of your best. I actually find myself more bothered by “Christian” culture than I am about secular culture since I find myself seeing most of Christian culture as secular culture with a few Christian buzzwords thrown in about salvation, atonement, healing, prosperity, etc. I will try to illustrate my point from my own experience and hope that people take it in the right spirit. I have a Ph.D. in Comparative literature from a major university, an accomplishment that, from my experience in the Christian community, is viewed more as an oddity than as a resource or an achievement that young people should emulate. My doctoral dissertation dealt with translation theory, not how to translate but an attempt to understand the underlying meaning and significance of translation. A major portion of it dealt with Bible translation including Greek, Latin and Hebrew (modern and classical) and other languages as well. There was one major problem with my dissertation, however, which prevented my jurors, half of whom were Christians, from really understanding what I was saying and that was that I believe that the story of the tower of Babel is literally true, not just metaphorical. Translation did not exist before the tower of Babel and there is a reason that God needed to create translation. Since I was a white, middle-aged man when I graduated, it was virtually impossible to find an academic job, whether in a Christian or secular university, although I was able to do some teaching. My biggest problem as a teacher in a university, however, was that I was always attempting to get my students to read classic literature through something other than the lens of modern feminism or political correctness in general. This was virtually impossible with most students, Christian or not, because they had already been taught how a text was supposed to be read. Example: Plato’s Symposium. Academics love this book because it show how much ancient Greeks embraced homosexuality. On the other hand, if you read this text within historical context, Plato is saying the exact opposite. This attitude on my part, however, did not help me to retain a job in a well known Christian university. I am saying these things not to promote myself or alleviate bitterness – it is simply reality and I choose to live in the present. I think it would be great for more Christians to take their place in modern culture but if they continue to think like the world, nothing will really change. When churches begin valuing intellectual achievement among their young people as much or more than musical talent and sports awards, or when Christians start encouraging their children to become professors of literature and humanities, I will begin to believe that a real change is taking place. I still remember with embarassment the aspiring pastor in my beginning classical Greek course who dropped out with the excuse that all he wanted was to know koine Greek and it would be easier to take it in seminary. There was once a time when the leading scholars of both classical and New Testament Greek were Christian leaders but not any more. What will it take for Christians to understand that all these concepts that undergird political correctness such as feminism, white privilege, queer theory, and on and on, originated in English departments, in courses which everyone is required to take, not philosoply or sociology or anthropology. Let’s start attacking the real strongholds.