A New Tactic to Divide Christians

Part I

On April 10th Pete Buttigieg, current Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, declared himself as a Democrat Presidential candidate. On Sunday, April 7th, the headline of that morning’s Washington Post said, “In Buttigieg, gay Americans see a symbol of acceptance.”

Shortly after that interview, Buttigieg spoke at a “packed hotel ballroom” to the LGBTQ Victory Fund saying, “if you have a problem with who I am, (referring to Vice President Mike Pence who is opposed to same-sex marriage), your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”

Quarrel: Pence has said nothing derogatory about Buttigieg. In fact, he has been gracious and complimentary throughout their relationship in Indiana. The press reported they “got along quite well.” On Friday, The Associated Press reported: “During the four years in which they overlapped in Indiana politics, Buttigieg, the South Bend mayor, had a cordial relationship with Pence. The two collaborated on economic development issues. Buttigieg presented Pence with a South Bend promotional T-shirt that said ‘I (heart) SB.’ And at ceremonial events, Pence would lavish Buttigieg with praise.”

Pence called him “a dedicated public servant and a patriot.” These aren’t the words of a homophobe.

So what’s up? Has something happened that we missed?

In the more than two years President Trump and Vice President Pence have been in office, gay and lesbian Americans have seen very little in terms of anti-gay legislation from this administration.

So why is Buttigieg criticizing Mike Pence?

FIRST, it is a part of the new political tactic of the Left to divide Americans and stoke grievance in order to gain power. In this instance, controversy gains free press and media attention; increases Buttigieg’s following and funding amongst LGBT and sympathetic voters, and gives him an edge in the Democrat nomination.

SECOND, and more important: this tactic creates a wedge between Christians who oppose so-called ‘same-sex marriage’ and those who accept.

Most Christians don’t want this or any other fight. Most of the faithful are more lover than a warrior. We’d rather fix our hope on a Great Awakening that will overpower the politics of our time.

But here is the problem – this isn’t about politics.

What we are dealing with is a COUNTERFEIT religious movement. Don’t miss the significance of the fundamentally religious nature of the Left. They are secular fundamentalists. As belief in God and the transcendent truth claims of religion is left behind, identity politics becomes the alternative religion. It’s important we get this – politics itself becomes a religion, and the Left is out to get converts. Professors are the FALSE TEACHERS who propagandize them in college and media has become a FALSE PROPHET to feed the movement.

A new generation, unfamiliar with history, Stalin, World Wars and the Great Depression seek to create a Utopia on earth by cleansing it of its climate denying, Bible clingers who believe in “free enterprise” rather than socialism or communism. We are dealing with a counterfeit religion seeking the kingdom on earth – without Christ, Christian morality and most importantly YOU.

BUT God put you here at this exciting time, and you are not alone. 10 Million of us are getting ready for this battle. You will be prepared when the time comes. You will know how to give an answer for the hope that is in you, AND equally, you will have an answer to Race, homosexuality, immigration, income distribution, and climate.

I’m preparing the tool kit for you. Youll have the answers.
Pray the door opens to a witness — a harvest.


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