3 Tips to Become a Successful Business Owner


You could do this, do that, or do the other…but the “green” zone is when you do the thing YOU DO BEST, the thing ONLY you can do, and let others do everything else.

The Apostle Paul said “this one thing I do” because he had learned the power of singular focus. 


A business owner, and not a few ministries I know create a “survival” job where they work harder on their own than they ever would have worked for someone else. What's the alternative?

The alternative is to build with an even bigger vision than the one we started with. Dream 10x larger and create the mechanisms for making things work without being dependent on you. Instead of laboring as a “survival” entrepreneur and working 60-70 hours a week, try the alternative…become a successful business owner.

1. Get clear on what you do that nobody else can do like you. That is your “secret sauce.” It is the secret to the “one thing” you do.

2. Define where your greatest prosperity comes from. Who are your best clients? What niche' do they represent? Aim for that demographic…and focus 80% of your energy on being BEST in the world at serving those top paying customers. 

3. Build processes that are automatic at every level. Develop a marketing calendar and comprehend the automated processes involved in attracting people and building a conversation where you can be looked to as a trusted advisor. Learn to serve your niche in an extraordinary way. 

Each of us is gifted to solve a problem. Find that gift and that problem and look for who will pay you to do what you do. That is where the entrepreneur starts. 

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One thought on “3 Tips to Become a Successful Business Owner

  1. I encounter the concept of becoming clear on what you can do better than anyone else as a starting point quite often. I feel as though I am seeking revelation of what that is, but don’t sense that I have quite discovered it. Any suggestions on principles or activities that are fundamental to encountering revelation of what God created me to do best?

    Thank you for any thoughts or insights.

    Steve Gardner