3 Keys to Courageous Speaking


TruthFirst you have to find your voice. It takes time.

“Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.”

Yes. Words and arguments are hard to come up with, at first, because they arrive in a jumble of thoughts and feelings. You have to get ’em out to examine them.

KEY #1: Get Clear. We have a saying, “Thoughts untangle themselves through the pen and over the lips.” Get it out there to work with, write it down and shape it. Don’t be afraid of your unfinished ideas. They are good and we need to see them.

The very act of getting clear and speaking your truth is an experience in growth. You suddenly become your own person. You become a distinct individual. Those are YOUR thoughts, not someone else’s. You OWN your own soul.

Now that you are solid in KEY#1: 

Clear? Move on…

KEY #2: Pick a subject you care so deeply about, you really couldn’t give a rip if anyone agreed with you. Find a passionate opinion that you hold dear and let it fly. Bring the thing you are passionate about around to things learned in the first key. Get clear about your message on your passion. Work with tongue and pen. As you craft your message, aim at head and heart.

Appeal to the heart, the emotions and the head/logic. 

The next key is a big one. Your first 2 KEYS have set you up for success. You are clear and informed on your subject (you have been studying it, right?). You are passionate about your subject. 

Key #3: Now, as you start, make sure you STAND IN COMMAND. Think of an invisible string connecting to the top of your head and pulling it upright so that your neck is fully extended and balanced between shoulders. Now imagine another invisible set of strings that takes you by the shoulders from behind and pulls your shoulders and arms together and back like into a tight girdle being tied.

Now, with head vertical, balanced on the neck yet pulled upward and chest and shoulders drawn back and down the speaker has full command of his chest, air and the moment.

YOU will be amazed at how powerful speaking is. You will move multitudes to see and think and experience your life in their life. They are being touched by you! It is sacred. 

You write your thoughts onto the very hearts and minds of men.

It all starts with your own courage to speak up.

Keep a look out for the Lance Learning EXPERT Speaking Academy. We will hear from highly paid experts in the tribe and learn what they practice, but YOU will gain confidence and identity when you discover your inner Voice!

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One thought on “3 Keys to Courageous Speaking

  1. This is so timely. Your are so right…the spoken truth is sacred. I have found that as I speak, it is received, and the future conversations have credibility. I bathe my conversations in prayer beforehand and consider this such a privilege. Thank you for your instruction.