Media Bias And Prejudice

At some point, there should be a rating for abject prejudice and bias in broadcasting. Tucker Carlson is one of the few who seems to listen to the other side and update his thinking from time to time. This is what makes him lethal. Fox News Hannity is all on one side, and I understand why. He’s defending the President 24/7 from an unethical opposition. Still, he is not objective. He’s got a viewpoint to promote. The worse however is Rachel. She’s obnoxious, and one-sided and comes off like the smirking smarty pants in the room. Which is why I wish we had a rating for these media mouthpieces… like “rotten tomatoes” or something. She knows the Don Jr story fell apart but did nothing to ask questions about it.


MSNBC star Rachel Maddow accused of deceiving viewers by glossing over Trump Jr. blocked call reports

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One thought on “Media Bias And Prejudice

  1. Thank you Lance I love your expose about Isaiah 45 !! You bring to light in the scriptures what is happening right now today. It makes Bible even more relevant. Nothing new under the sun like Solomon said. But it rings so true. Plus the issue about white privilege. Like the United States needs to be reset. We need ( the left ) to do it better, because White privilege got it all wrong. Wow I never heard it that way. That is scary. They wanted man’s way not God’s way. Also thank you for pointing out different political things that are happening in the world that are very important we need to be praying about. I need to do my part and it begins by sharing you with my sphere of influence so Good keeps on growing . Let me know how I can help. You’re in my prayers.