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The underlying architecture of this decade, from 2010 till 2020 is the Hebrew word “Ayin”…which is “70″ (according to Torah scholars this decade started at 5770 or 2010 and the decade ends 5779 or 2019 A.D.) Ayin is part of every year.

“Ayin” sets the stage for the entire decade.
2012 was “Ayin Bet”,
2013 was “Ayin Gimel,”
2014 is “Ayin Dalet” and so forth.

A whole lot MORE than you think!

The word “Ayin” means – eye; to see, and by extension, to understand and obey. It also means “Divine Providence.” God giving you eyes to see from a kingdom perspective.
The ayin is described as having 2 eyes –

“Seeing” is a precarious business because… whatever is in your heart get’s projected to the screen of your perception!

You can plug your brain and your heart into one of two systems: GOOD or EVIL to perceive things – OPTIMISM or PESSIMISM. Whatever system you use – it has back up programming that takes over. You literally are in a decade where people are plugging into heaven or hell at a rapid pace. This is what will set up “wars and rumors of wars.” Can you see your provision or do you see destruction? See with heavens eye’s…(“third” heaven is Paul’s language for God’s realm” …or you will see with second heavens eyes…(“second” heaven is the realm controlled by spiritual darkness over the earth.)

“See” like a “seer” the layering of prophetic themes:


1: Aleph 2011 (an ox or bull = The strength of God’s grace and presence wants to be your leader. Do you see Christ’s finished work or are you struggling to be good enough? Still warring over your past and the opinions of others? It’s the age old battle of Law and Grace, Anointing and Legalism, Faith and Works. See from “heaven down” not your “performance up.”

2: Beth 2012 (a tent, house, in, into = household, family)

Are you seeking to make your home and office a territorial habitation for HIs presence? Why not? Obed-Edom had the arc of God in his house! Everything prospered. Why did you park yours down the street on somebody else’s property?

Do you see your family with a disposition of more love or less? Are you seeing them come toward Christ or drift away? Are you seeing where God is at work to create your opportunity or are you fixated on where the devil is at work? Are you moving together “as one” with God at the center or fragmenting?

3: Gimel 2013 (a camel = to be lifted up)

Are you cultivating the relationship’s that house your harvest and bring favor into your future or are you distracted with nutty schemes that are dependent on factor’s outside of your influence and thus far have not payed off?

4: Daleth 2014 (a door = opening, entry, pathway)

Are you watching daily or weekly at the door of Gods lips to hear His Word or are you running from speaker to speaker looking for an illusive key to your future? Position yourself in front of His face with an open BIBLE and stop seeking the open revelation of Prophets. God is jealous of who you go to first! Guard the door into your mind and heart with any new relationships that show up.

5: Hey 2015 (a window = behold, the, to reveal, inspiration, what comes from)

Are you positioned in front of the window properly? When Elisha laid hands on a king and commanded him to fire thru the open window it was a window of intercession coupled with “words of knowledge.” Make sure you are firing the right arrow’s in the right direction. If you spent the last year going through the wrong doors you just entered a room without window’s! Get ready for different door’s to correct your course.

I think we will stop here…….for now.

6: Vav 2016 (a nail, hook, and = to fasten, join together, secure, add)

7: Zayin 2017 (a weapon = cut, cut off)

8: Chet 2018 (fence, enclosure = inner room; heart; private; separate)

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