11 is a number of TRANSITION

12196256_10153742508384936_8891077162065504153_nHow Strange… I just posted last night how this 1111 number keeps getting my attention.

At 11:11 pm I was meeting with friends who just finished our weekend program in Dallas. There are certain numbers that seem to get my attention.

I looked up Deut 11:11 and noticed it is a verse describing Israel finally crossing over into the territory they were called to possess.

11 is a number of TRANSITION. 12 Apostles chosen. 1 fell. 11 met with Jesus before He ascended.

Mark 11:11 struck me as unusual…Jesus went into Jerusalem for His final confrontation with the powers of darkness bringing Him headlong into a deliberate conflict with the powers of RELIGION and GOVERNMENT. But before His historic ordeal He did a personal investigation of “all things” going on in the Temple that was set apart to be a “house of prayer for all nations.” The place of “Prayer” and the business of “All Nations” being the key to Gods house that we seem to always miss.

Now I freely admit that I’m not the kind of guy who runs to the Sports section to keep up with what is happening in Football, Baseball and Soccer. Its a throw back to my 3 years in a Military Academy where I was disconnected from sports, followed by my conversion to Christ and early mentoring by Pentecostals who had no time for “worldly” affairs like movies, sports, politics and Wall Street.

Needless to say I’ve come around as I preached on 7 Mountains to see that Gods people, while being citizens of a heavenly city, are none the less called to take ground in Nations. I now watch for the signs of the times revealed in all the spheres that shape culture. Being “in the world” but “not of the world” means we need to find new meaning in our work in the world and to read what God is doing and saying in all 7 mountains.

When I think of Kansas City I think of my friend Mike Bickel in Kansas City. I think of IHOP which is his life message about building a house of prayer. IHOP- that stands for an “International House Of Prayer” for all nations.

Which leads me to the Royals. We need an advance of a ROYAL Priesthood of believers in America.

On November 1st- 11/1 something happened. I saw it in this HEADLINE… “Kansas City Royals rally to win World Series.”

It’s the 111th World Series. Kansas City was behind going into the 9th inning but had a strange history – Kansas City played 11 post season games and came back from behind 8 times out of 11 games. The pitcher they were up against from the Mets, Matt Harvey — was simply on fire, pitching into the ninth inning and throwing 111 pitches, giving up two runs and five hits.

Then things changed. The Royals scored 5 runs…in overtime..in the TWELTH inning. Could this be a transition leading to the hour of government by grace alone?

I’d like to think that this 111th World Series and the shift after 111 pitches on 11/1 says that INTERCESSION is going to shift the power of KINGS in the United States so that Gods Kings and Priests – His people- are crossing over now into possession of territory, even dare say “governments” and “High Places” in the land promised.

Those believers who are competent and prepared can now align with intercession and find the enemy not able to keep them out of the land promised to their fathers – previous generations that have prayed for America.

In the military a campaign is a SERIES of battles. Whoever wins this next election is going to impact the WORLD. Our present government is destroying the promise. The debt has doubled. Traditional guard rails in marriage, civility, race relations and gender have been removed. Our foreign policy is a wreck. It began to show in the 111th United States Congress in 2009 and culminated with this present Congress which according to a Gallup has the highest disapproval rating of any Congress since data first started being collected: 83% of Americans surveyed said that they disapproved of the job Congress was doing.

This year the HOUSE on Capital Hill has been SHAKING!

Why? Because we are careening over a cliff and the only thing that can stop it is the INTERCESSION OF KINGS AND PRIESTS- a ROYAL Priesthood of believers praying and advancing and occupying the Gates Of Influence.

I am not looking for Christians, I am looking for Kings to arise who will be like Cyrus – men and women who are not enemies of Gods people and the interests of Christ.

Maybe I’m wrong…but this battle is going to be so close we will need to come from behind. 5 runs…the grace of God alone can save us.

Mark 11:11 Jesus is inspecting His House. He is looking around al all things. Lets get our house in order because the advance has already begun.

“Eleven” or 1/11 or 11:11 or 1111 or 11 is a transition number. Pray Gods divine order, 12, meaning twelve Gates, 12 Apostles, or Apostolic government breaks us out of the chaos of transition and into the taking and occupying of crucial territory. Its may be almost 12 PM the midnight hour for America.

But today…I am encouraged!



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One thought on “11 is a number of TRANSITION

  1. Wow. This is no coincidence. Good read, right after I had seen 11:11 on my phone screen.

    I’m called to a nation in September and to take back the land. Jesus is King.

    If you feel led to give on my journey to advance the kingdom, you can contact me: 214-704-1398