You Don’t Need to Fear the Future

You don’t need to fear the future, ever, because you've already been there.

You are not called to STRATEGIZE your future; you are called to DISCOVER it. God prepared works for you to do before you were born. He has your tomorrow scripted. Even martyrdom is no random event. Jesus gave Peter details about his death years in advance and told him that this was how he would glorify God. Still, Christians are nervous, and a whole armada of end time teaching is feeding believers who fear the continuing collapse of culture and emergence of an end time Babylon.

Consider if the opposite may be true:

  1. What if you were built to excel in Babylon? If as we believe “darkness shall cover the earth” then the second part is true as well – “But the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.” (Isa 60:2) What if the problems of the last days are actually the platform for your promotion?
  2.  You have a call on your life and a work to do. You glorify God by “finishing the work” He called you to do. (John 17:2)  The level of complexity in the problem that you solve shapes the degree of glory you demonstrate.
  3. Joseph, David and Daniel all entered their circle of greatest influence when they solved the greatest problem in the sphere they were called to occupy. Think about that. It is that way for you as well.

The key to everything is YOUR ASSIGNMENT.

  • Your assignment is an invitation to push your capacity to a new peak. Your assignment is a problem waiting for you to show up to solve it.
  • Caleb was in his 80’s when he said these memorable words, “Give me my mountain.” How did he see giants? “They shall be bread for us.” The giant problem you solve is how you get your bread. The same spirit of faith that was in Caleb is in you.
  • Fear by its very nature will paralyze you and cause you to hesitate and hold out at your present level. However, when you stop going up you stop growing up to full stature, in fact the root meaning of the word “mediocre” is “half way up” the mountain.

You can do better, no matter what level of success you have achieved because there are invisible leverage points that enable you to earn more and accomplish more with less sweat. These are called “spiritual force multipliers.” You don’t build a brilliant future by fixing your faults, but by investing time, money and training in the area of your gifts. That’s where you excel, and as a believer the place of your assignment is where the excellent spirit operates through you.



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176 thoughts on “You Don’t Need to Fear the Future

  1. This is an AWESOME word…. I am so living this right now. My Spiritual eyes are being opened more and more and this word gave me even more confirmation!

  2. Excel-lent!!! 🙂
    Keep me posted of other similar clips of Holy Ghost genius material! 🙂
    You are on to something that excites my spirit brother… Bring it on !!! 🙂

  3. this word is absolutly helpful. in fact it is more than helpful it is inspiring!

    may the Lord continue to give you supernatural wisdom and an excellent spirit!

    Praise the Lord for His anointing! Lord I desire Your supernatural wisdom create in me an excellent spirit!!!

  4. i run a small business group with other believers locally. We share and discuss your teaching regularly. We find it encouraging, edifying and challenging. Thank you.

  5. This is exactly what has been stirring in my spirit. This is why my family and I moved across the country to pursue the call of God.

  6. This is awesome. Just got what i needed. Called to solve problems. Was actually asking God about what next to do in our business and was looking at registering a fund focused investing in African opportunities………this message just gave me the nitro gas push to move. Thanks Dr. Lance. ShairinNG this with. My partners.

  7. Perfect timing for this word considering what has taken place in Boston today. I will not forget what you said in your teaching this past weekend. That has things are being shaken to a great degree, we Gods people need to be ready to go in and be the light or problem solver when the world is looking for answers. This has changed my perspective on the times we are living in

  8. This blog was really helpful. I would like to learn more about the difference of spiritual gifts from natural gifts and similarities.

  9. I would like to see more about help for christians in the form of mentoring to take their mountain. I have to counquer fear as I go and need this encouragement. Thank you

  10. Very timely message. It is an encouragement to be reminded that we have the potential to do great things with and for The Lord to change culture for the Kingdom regardless of our sphere of influence.

  11. Dear Mr Wallnau, thank you for sharing your revelation and insight. I enjoy your thought-provoking articles & teaching, as always. I agree & believe that as Christians in the marketplace, we should ‘occupy’ places of influence with the aim of ‘culturizing’ them with kingdom values. I would like to learn more from you and hope to be part of the end-time Daniels and Esthers in the marketplace. God bless you richly, Nira.

  12. Very helpful, thanks Lance. It’s this sort of holy optimism that I believe God has for us in these days. I love your work!

  13. Your words are what I’ve known in my spirit for a long time, but always felt guilty because I was not being more overt regarding my faith. I work as a counselor in a secular agency and have learned to teach Kingdom principals to my clients. I get “downloads” from the Lord and put it in a context that is not overtly religious. Over and over again my clients come and tell me that they are “going back to church,” or “I’ve turned my life back to God.” I’ve gotten terrible flack from a local Christian organization that is trying to bring churches together in our city. So your talk here really helped validate what I’ve been feeling and seeing the Lord do beyond my ability to evangelize. Thanks so much.

  14. What a powerful website, thank you so much for sharing! There is a real lack of understanding in the church about the need to be covert (and its power) in the marketplace, so I appreciate your encouragement and support. Am a problem solver for my CEO (God has AMAZING ideas I would never think of!) and I’m stepping into my convergence zone in the Arts mountain, it’s exciting 🙂 Thank you, Lance, for sharing your gifts with us, please know how much it’s appreciated!

  15. I wanted to let you know that my 15 month grandson is full agreement with your video clip! He listened, “talked back” and seemed generally excited about the content! I asked him if he agreed with what you said, he shook his head yes, and said “thank you”. I thought you would enjoy reading that you reach audiences of all ages! Blessings!

  16. Wow thank you Lance. It is awesome to see how God is using your ministry to speak into my life and what I am going through. Your messages are an encouragement and motivation to keep on pushing ahead and staying ahead. Thank you for showing me that I am on the right path and right in the middle of my convergence.

  17. Thank you ,Lance.My mountain is Arts&Entrtainment.Show me more.
    Lord BLESS you as you bless so many others.
    Don’t forget who you are(2Cor.5:21) BJP

  18. MOST EXCELLENT Blog! It is like the iPhone: a 5th Grader can master it! I love the big video’s with big green play button and then having the written transcript right under it – EXCELLENT modeling of what you are teaching: accessibility to ALL! Become like a child to enter the Kingdom! Thank you for breaking it down and making complex issues so understandable and relateable! You are my absolute favorite! I bought a bunch of your DVD’s from Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose,Cali, where I saw you in person and had my pic taken with you! You are THE BEST! I still use concepts you taught at Jubilee!

  19. Thanks Lance, I’d love to hear more about climbing your Mt. Our church is going through a series called reclaiming the seven Mts.

  20. Awesome clarity! The Holy Spirit had also shown me, about the time people realize we are still here [not taken out] the people will be seeking the remnant & accepting the answers!

  21. Lance , I sell Health Insurance, and thought with Obamacare I’d be out of business.
    Just the opposite! With EVERYONE having to sign up I’ve found a plan that has better benefits and rates PLUS awesome commissions-and a contract that allows me to build a big agency! What I thought was over is now launching to the greatest opportunity in my entire career and life!

    • In insurance business myself in Indiana. Please share via email the health contract opportunity u have discovered . Thanks Jan

  22. Amen! Absolutely! Unfortunately when your focus is on what is going on in the world and what kind of persecution am I going to have to endure…and so on and so on….the enemy is trying to drench you in FEAR not LOVE and Victorious living….Jesus gave me a vision and said you are protected in that tower as the dragon is flying around you….focus on me…remember what I promised and said to you…remember whose you are and speak out and trample him!! Thank you Lance…lets stand united in His truth about whose we are and watch what He spoke and did!!

  23. Message of Divine timing for a Divine Purpose. Working with a few believers, as “micro-church”, in the spirit of excellence to be a solution to a small community in Manila next month. Thank you Dr Lance. Blessings.

  24. You have my attention … I am ready to grow wherever God leads me and excel in all areas of my journey. You are magnificient. May God continue to bless you in every area of your life ministry. I have been blessed with your words of truth and insight.

  25. what a breath of fresh clean air amid the world system…which is populated by those our God loves..thank you Lance I love these visuals that come into my inbox ..cant wait to absorb the NOW word..and my friends are excited too…micro church /passion clusters YES !! We have benefited greatly on running passion tests and dream interpretation workshops developed out of the inspiration bouncing off you Lance. would love more on training these supernatural leaders on the covert stealth of affecting those in the ‘new age’ realm and world system today.

  26. Great this, its confirms what i always new. When i was 12 years old i told my mother don’t worry God has a plan for me for this life. Sometimes not to understand and other moments above all expectations. like an old Beatles song Its getting better all the time. Bless you all.

  27. I feel so excited every time I hear what you have to say, Lance! I can feel the Spirit of God stirring within me. Awesome teaching! Thank you so much.

  28. I’m at a place in my life where I feel I’ve hit a brick wall to due to a range of unforeseen circumstances, now I realize that it is not the “end of the world” but merely a problem

  29. A problem I need to solve supernaturally, you make me realize I’m not going through a negative situation, God is preparing me, I’m in training! Thanks Lance

  30. This is awesome! I love everything you put out. I have a question: How can I find more information in discovering your assignment?

  31. This blog was the very thing that I had been praying about. Going in stealth to establish community within my community.

  32. “What if the problems of the last days are actually the platform for your promotion?” HAhahhaa………. Score! I’ve never looked at it that way! I’ve been hungry to find out what I’m here for and what my destiny is. So many things spark my passion that I feel as though I’m spinning and getting nowhere, esecially the thought of “missing” my opportunites. This statement is powerful and has helped me to change my perspective! Going into discovery with different eyes! thanks!

  33. Thanks Lance I would love to know more information. You said if I wanted to know more you could put me in contact with other people that are at the top of their mountain. What books do you suggest? I am a senior leader of a church but feel there is so much more I should be doing to equip and train the people. I burn with this message but just need a vein to get in and strengthen my gift area. Thanks for all you are doing. I want to know more, more, more!!!!

  34. Love this! I teach at a University in South Koreaand I totally agree with what you had to say about covert/overt ops. I haven’t watched Tv shows for maybe the past 15 years…don’t own a tv. i am surrounded by mostly non believers. One of my coworkers suggested ad even downloaded a tv show about Covert ops. I really liked tthe show and the Lord began to speak to me about it. He told me that I was in his CIA and a covert operative for the Kingdom. He told me CIA…stood for Christ In Action! How cool. I have kept tat in my mind and over the past year meditated and thought and prayed about it. Also the Lrod had given me a word one day while I was sitting in Starbucks in Korea. He told me that the Shad rachs, Mesachs, and Abednegos were being raised up in Korea. He kept saying ..thy’re coming! I again marvelled at that word and Like I was taught by my mentor , Rick joyner, I prayed about it and put it on a shelf. Today , when i heard this short spirit leaped!!! Thanks so much! It was right on time! Just when it seems all hell is breaking loose on you and the rabshakah comes to whisper and the accuser rises up against you…God Speaks ! The voice of the Lord shatters the enemy! I am sure that this was how it must have been for Daniel in babylon and Joseph in the prison, and even Ester when she was facing the wicked Haman. Glory to God for ressurection power and life!!!!

  35. This is outstanding and is giving me insight already. Thanks. It makes me think of the amazing impact that one man (Greg Mortenson) and then the great group formed from him (Central Aisa Institute) and drawn to him in his sphere of influence have made in Afghanistan and Pakistan and worldwide.. Wow I’m guessing we all have the potential to radically effect the world system from the inside out. (as in Greg’s peace through education, not bombs!)

  36. The Lord just spoke Ecclesiastes 3:11 to me this morning “He has put eternity/destiny in the hearts of men.” I believe this is why so many people , including Christians are dissatisfied. They have not discovered nor are they fulfilling that destiny that God put in their hearts before time even began.

  37. I love your insights and teachings. I am definitely a Caleb and want my mountain. I will soon be starting up a business for His glory but will have to be Spirit lead ’cause I don’t have a clue on how to do it.
    Your short teaching really resonated with me. Thank you

  38. Wow. Great word!! What an encouragement to walk in excellence. Looking forward to hearing more this weekend in Dallas.

  39. Add Luke 10 here and pray, send, find people of peace, make disciples, etc. in every “oikos”, communhity, which is no longer purely geographic, but where you spend time, school, work, have a heart, etc…

  40. Excellent, we can invade at all levels of vocation without being a “flamer”. The question that came to me several years ago after certain mid-term/national elections was this: “Will we prove to be as faithful to the purposes of God while serving in a house ruled by those that believe otherwise as Joseph was serving the house of Pharaoh or will we fold and retreat into obscurity because we don’t have an overt Christian at the helm?”

  41. What a TIMELY WORD! I am considering a MAJOR opportunity, and part of me wants to turn and run (fear). BUT MAYBE IT’S MY ASSIGNMENT!? Maybe it’s the exact thing I was designed for to bring glory to GOD?! Give me my mountain!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS EXCELLENT TEACHING.

  42. You’re not even scratching the surface of Isaiah 60! What a powerful message the Lord is proclaiming to those who will hear today! Truly global events are setting the chess board for the Father to pour out His Spirit like never before – for His glory.

  43. I just recently have come to the Conclusion that what the LORD has for me and my Family Did not Coincide with what I was taught concerning Eschatology we were taught,I simply surrendered some more to the LORD my Future!!!I I just said “LORD I TRUST YOUR WILL AND YOUR WAYS TO DO WHAT YOU PROMISED”IT is THAT EZ!!!Thank you for this not only ENCOURAGING WORD,but also a witness of the HOLY SPIRIT!!!Shalom

  44. I look forward to these. I am always inspired and enlarged by your teachings. So thankful for men of God who teach about the culture and custom of God’s Kingdom. Phenomenal!!!

  45. This is awesome Lance,thanks a lot…Hallelujah!. Yes the key has been given to us to unlock doors, solve problems, invade- occupy- and influence!!! wow, praise God!

  46. I found it wonderfully ministering to me where I’m at as what He had you share greatly confirmed where I am and where I believe He is taking me! I just finished exclaiming to my husband (after reading it), “Isn’t God wonderful in that He continues to minister to us through His Body so as to enable us to take “the next step?” Thank you so much! You are appreciated!

  47. Thank you for being Lance. This is another really good piece. I will be forwarding it to some people. Love how you articulate this truth. Funny I keep hearing the word Antidote. We have the antidote to the worlds mess!

  48. I had an awesome opportunity to hear this gentleman speak in Chicago this year at Living Word Christian Center. This man is a fortified tank in the kingdom of our Lord. God bless you and your endeavors Dr. Wallnau. And on another note I’m an aspiring independent animator (self-taught) working from home. I would love to network and learn from more seasoned animators. If you’re looking to impact the world with positive original cutting edge cartoons then please feel free to contact me via email:
    Kind regards,
    Seneca Bankston

  49. I’m retired 🙂 I am fully involved in using my artistic and creative talents. I’m amazed at what the Lord is doing. I want to thank you Lance for the E-Book. It is such a blessing. I have been hearing from the Lord daily and I love it.

  50. I will pass this on to others. This is actually what I am hearing from HIM in this day. It is done…Believe and move accordingly.

  51. My spirit jumps up and down when I read these things!! I connect with it. I seem to be at a stale mate right now in my life but i know there’s another move. i just don’t want to move too quickly (learned a hard lesson on that one) I sense “stuff” is happening in the unseen – God is moving; His Word is working and these emails from Lance shine light from a different angle. It helps me to focus on the big picture. i need more of this to pull me up and out of narrow, small, limited vision!

  52. Have applied for Corporate IT Mgr, with a six-figure income, to a Fortune 1000 company that invited me to apply because of my professional career history, which they already verified. I worked as a Fortune 300 IT Consultant with Fortune 500 clients, AND, President Reagan, when in office, wanted me to consolidate the whole country’s data processing, but I was too young to have the confidence to know that I really could pull it off with the Lord’s help. This company is specifically looking for WOMEN to fill their corporate ranks–WHY? Good Question! I don’t know the answer to that yet as the Lord hasn’t let me in on the secret. However, they are planning on expanding into the middle East. I did not get to where I was in my career by being a submissive female either. The Lord has been giving me dreams & visions about what to do on this job–He’s already told me the company will hire me. The Lord told me in a prophetic word that He was preparing their hearts to receive me. This would be a 7-fold restoration as in Proverbs 6:30-31 for all I’ve lost since being disabled & now healed by the Lord. I’ll just have to wait & see what the Lord has in store, I guess. Does this sound like “an Excellent Spirit.” The Lord has also told me three years ago that I was a “problem solver.” Do you have any insight from Holy Spirit on this or suggestions? Anything will help as confirmations.

  53. Last night the Holy Spirit wakened me repeatedly and each time he said the same thing 2 times: “Not one stone will be left upon another.” This is a quote from Matthew 24:2. I believe God is speaking to His people. We will do well to draw near to His Tree of Life and not fill our head with the knowledge of good and evil. Stay close to his heart, hear his voice, obey. He loves us utterly.

  54. Love your insights and wisdom in this hour. I believe that you are one of the ones The Lord is using to empower the church for the days ahead. Thank you very much for this.

  55. I once had a dream job (or so I thought it was) and it was lost. Now I feel like such a wanderer and so disappointed and so frustrated. I’ve been told several times that I am highly intelligent and G-d has me for the end time. Also been told that G-d is waiting for me though I don’t know (at least consciously) what that means? I’m open for G-dly feedback as to what steps I should be taking right now.

  56. The idea of “Micro Church” is interesting – 2 or 3 like-minded kingdom believers ‘excel’ in the Mountains of their Assignment.

  57. Finding your assignment is the most important thing any believer has to do other than walking into it. Just like finding a Million Dollars, if you never spend it, its just another burden. God smiles on us when we dare to step into our purpose or assignment, because it is what we were created for. No more feeling unfulfilled, incomplete, or as though you are a failure. I am here now, because God arranged it and more alive than ever. Thanks Lance.

  58. This is a mind blowing overview of the reason why we are here on Earth. I totally go for it! Thanks for sharing this and thanks for the nexts post! 😉
    Showers of blessings, Lance!

  59. Yes, we have found all that we have read and listened to of your work helpful, inspiring and challenging. Richard and I have particularly appreciated the challenge to step outside of the square of our previously accepted thought patterns and to step into God’s creative plans for all that lies ahead. Surely in these incredible and unprecedented days he will do many new things through many of his servants who are willing to step out into new beginnings and new levels of unlimited potential with God. Richard and I are currently making moves towards the next part of the journey of faith and continue to apprciate your challenges to our thinking and thought patterns. Bless you in your amazing work to inspire and challenge us all.

  60. I just finished watching your video which included conversation on the MicroChurch and God placing believers on the “mountains”. Just last week I attended a fundraising dinner for CRU (Campus Crusade For Christ/College focus) and the CRU Communications Specialist for the Northeast Region of the US, Bret Ogburn, mentioned in his talk that for hundreds of years, more leaders in various fields (“mountains”) have attended or graduated from colleges in the Northeast (many of them prestigious colleges that were initially Christian schools) and have gone on to be leaders in their fields. He also asked the same question: What if these leaders had been Believers who lived out their beliefs?–what would those various mountains-media, education, politics, family, business, law, etc.-look like today? He was making a case for financially supporting CRU to help raise up these kinds of leaders today from the college population; but it was a similar call that God is and has been preparing His people to reach the top. Such inspiration– thanks, Lance for a wonderful message.

  61. I feel like your meesages speak supernaturally to my “calling” and situation! I feel it is heavenly confirmation to continue the path I am chosen to do! Thank you for the reassurance. I am in education working for an international School. recently somewhat supernaturally I was promoted to Government Affairs Coordinator (because I was literally the only one in a Company of 200+ employees who had the knowledge, spoke the host country language fluently and have built up a local network in the Region over the 26 years I have lived here. I have had all kinds of challenges from the heathen administration, but am successful ..yattiyring in the outside community at superintendant and state governement Levels! It’s been a process, but your 7 mountain message gave me the spark. Please continue to preach such inspiring Messages.

  62. Dr. Lance,
    I am in a Master’s Mind Marketing group that is currently reading through Change Agent, by Os Hillman. I will definitely forward this piece to them because it is excellent in breaking down the concepts that we are looking at. As always, you’ve hit another home run.

    As One,

  63. Great message! I would be interested in understanding how to access people at the top of my mountain. I am not seeing any favor in this regard. Suggestions are welcomed! Be blessed!

  64. Lance – your blogs are like a breath of fresh air! I just became familiar with your website recently when I stumbled across one your videos on youtube. Interestingly enough God had spoken to me “out of the blue” recently about needing to learn about the 7 mountains…something I had only heard of once awhile ago in passing. I then “out of the blue” stumbled across your videos and website…hmmm. 🙂 I am very excited to see where God’s leading with all this. My spirit comes alive when I watch these videos – thank you!!!

  65. When in Babylon, look like an Egyptian but think like a Jew. Great teaching. Fresh start ahead of me–using integrity, experience and excellence to create the sphere of influence for problem solving. Then Jesus

  66. These are so full of thought-provoking insight that I have to keep coming back to pick out new pieces.

  67. I would like more informing on how to become a spirit of excellence. I have been called to the mountain of Government but i’m only volunteering on the Conservative Party’s Board for my riding at the moment. I see the call of Joseph on me, on creating systems for nations.

  68. It’s only in shifting that things change. God gives us the power to shape paradigms – why not one that glorifies Him through his hands on this Earth!! If we believe it we WILL achieve it!!

  69. Hello Lance. I attended your teaching in Surfers Paradise Queensland.Great and thanks. Im 71,retired Pharmacist of 45 years called to use my gifts etc to help people. But there is more.I,ve invested time and learning for 3 years-to build expertise and understanding-despite negatives from some people..Invisible leverage, convergence, I have been looking out for without knowing. I am encouraged and blessed. Despite my age-married-father of 7. I knew within me that God was wanting my wife and I to function as a team along these lines. I see no insurmountable barriers working with the Lord-only success. Rog Drummond

  70. Okay, so I know that I am a problem solver as answers come to me in many different ways. However I spent years trying to solve any and every problem that crossed my path because I rationalized that if I was indeed a problem solver, then I should go about my days solving problems. Where I ran into trouble was attempting to solve numerous problems when in fact those problems had nothing to do at all with my assignment. So when I asked the Lord for guidance and for help, He told me 4 words over and over again, which were “stay on the path.” I still didn’t get it until one day I finally saw the movie, The Book Of Eli. And then everything made perfect sense. I realized that I need to stay on the path. I need to solve the problems that are “on” the path and not try and solve the problems that “cross” the (my) path. Something else the Lord helped me to realize is that the problems that are not on the path are distractions. A distraction can come in many shapes, forms and sizes, nevertheless the Lord told me that a distraction is still a distraction. Thank you for this post Dr. Lance as it has been very helpful.

  71. This explains a lot of things concerning God’s plan for delays of my gifting. Your article gives me valuable fuel to fire at the enemy when temptation confronts progress in front of my future occupation and explains my failure in past attempts to restructure plans to move into God’s best use of my gifting. God bless you and all who read this information.

    • My question is, are “past attempts” and “past failures” really always failures? I don’t think so. I believe the Lord sometimes sends us crucial messages as well as sets up our futures through some of those events that we may perceive as past failures. It’s happened to me more than once. That’s why it’s important to lean and to wait on the Lord. For example, I had a joint venture with a company than ran into very serious trouble during 2009. We had a burn rate of $250-300K a month. We prayed more in those years than I ever remember praying in the past. Nevertheless, the problems in that company taught us how to turn a company around during it’s more terrible of times first of all. Secondly, although the company started succeeding my ex-business partner sold off all of the assets ($38M) which left many of us without anything but experiences. So I was left with experiences and a company history. To make a long story short, I ended up with intangible assets and no tangible assets. But then I realized that everything that happened was programmed to happen. The true value I received from that whole experience was the owership of a company that had a very strong past history that I could capitalize upon, experience of turning a multimillion dollar company around regardless of the fact that my ex-partner unexpectedly sold off the assets, credibility that I could turn a failing company around and finally that unlikely experience introduced me to a very rich investor who represents numerous billion-dollar funds. Here’s the really neat thing, all of those past employees received very good jobs once they were downsized, as the state government stepped in to help us place those folks into good jobs. So the failure of the old company that everyone abandoned but me, completely set up the future of my new company to include the financiers. Through the Lord’s instruction, I now own the old company’s name and past performance history. The old company was started in 1960, the year in which I was born. The old company and I are both 53 yrs old. So for the past 2 years, I have been rebranding, reorganizing and restructuring that old company and on July 1st, we turn everything over to the investors to raise our capital. Everything that happened went according to the Lord’s plan. Everytime I asked the Lord for help He instructed me to stay on the path…… For the past 2 years surprisingly the investors have taken me under their wing and have been instructing, leading and guiding me as to how to restructure, reorganize and rebrand the company. I specifically ended up with everything for the Glory of God.

  72. Thanks for the encouragement! So grateful for your voice of wisdom. I think you intended John 17:4, not verse 2.

  73. I think one of the best things I appreciate about Dr. Lance is his gift in helping you see things differently. He’s able to see the toal picture which helps me tremendously.

  74. I am 68 yrs. young. I met you briefly at the MSN partners conference. My passion is to bless the Kingdom of God through finances. My heart is for orphans, and the sexually abused and the poor. I am an investor but am not sure whether I should move forward in this arena. I desire to be an influence in the business mountain. I also teach Spanish in a Christian school. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Julie, I hope this isn’t inappropriate to respond to you this way, but I am looking for help in a project specifically aimed a marginalized group of young people – the physically disabled over 18 years of age. I have formed a 501(c)(3), the business plan has been sent to a few key people, but fund raising is not my expertise at this time. My own son has outlived his prognosis by at least 17 years (he is now 27 with muscular dystrophy), so this very dear to my heart. If you are comfortable talking to me, I could use some advice as how best to reach those who may be moved by the story we have to share, and can help us financially. The original vision is published on Eden’s Wellspring’s website.

  75. I so love your humor!! Raised in the church – then out of the church for many, many years (still loved God) – now sort of back into the church – you are a breath of fresh air.

  76. Great post,and helpful,it makes me think. I am not in any of the 7 Mountain arenas,but I am in a very interesting place , in the Equestrian world, developing a property management business. No idea what I am there for,I feel a little lost.

  77. Right here is the perfect blog for anyone who wishes to find out about this topic.

    You know a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a new spin on a subject that has
    been written about for years. Great stuff, just wonderful!

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    Worse yet is that there is a Haribo product for you. Ten percent of the dasily water usage in an average diet be no more than 1-2 teaspoons of sugar is often
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  82. Just noticed your show on can. Can’t wait to see the next. Please keep talking because we are listening and agreeing with your voice.
    Thank you for blessing us.

  83. Since I have been housebound due to physical problems and partly due to age, I doubted if God could use me to further His kingdom and glorify His name any longer. But He is still in the miracle working business and has continued to prove me wrong. I thank Him so much for the opportunities He has given me to share Jesus, and these are only the ones that I know of.

  84. Hello Lance,

    I’m really hoping you will answer this email. I have been subscribing to your 7M website for awhile now and listening to your videos. I appreciate your deep insight into political matters and prophetic voice to the saints in these uncertain times. Thank you.

    Recently I have listened to a teaching and exposing of the newer movement called New Apostolic Reformation, from a respected teacher about this subject. This NAR movement seems way off base. The “7 Mountains” was a buzz word that we are told to listen for. Of course my association with this term is you and your teachings. Can you please clarify to me what your doctrinal beliefs are, especially in light of NAR. I do not want to base my discernment upon false representation nor false information. Please do a teaching about this, because I’m sure I’m not the only one confused.

    Thank you so much for all that you do for the Kingdom of Christ.


    -Ginger Larcom