Wisdom Cometh!


CluesWe live in an age that exalts anything NEW but this is a fallacy of a generation that confuses innovation in technology with wisdom of the ages.

“Beware of any new fundamentals. 2+2=4, always has and always will. If somebody comes up with a new formula, go ahead and enjoy the lecture but don't let themoperate your cash register.” – Lance Wallnau

WISDOM is the first order of Gods creation. “I, wisdom, was with the Lord when he began his work, long before he made anything else. I was created in the very beginning, even before the world began.” (Proverbs 8:22-23)

FOR SOMETHING TO BE TRULY NEW IS HAS TO START ANCIENT. It has to align with the eternal fundamental structure of reality beneath the universe. 

Wisdom began in the Spirit and is revealed in the natural. In the beginning was the Word. The Word was the Son of God. In the beginning the Son of God spoke into being that which the Father showed Him. Jesus said: “For the Father loves the son and shows Him all things that He is doing.” (John 5:20)

This suggests something every mystic and spiritual seeker of all the ages would love to discover.

These five rules of creation can change the visible world for you. 

Rule #1 Spirit created all things. Spirit controls matter. Gods Word continues to create.

Rule #2 Lesser Authority Must Yield To Greater Authority. The Word of God revealed to you is the ultimate authority.

Rule #3 The Father reveals what He is wanting sons and daughters to bring into existence. He shows you a potential future the Word can create.

Rule #4 This revelation comes to those in a “love” relationship with the Father. ” For the Father LOVES the Son and shows him all things He is doing.” 

Rule #5 God can do anything but chooses to limit Himself to create through those who love Him….those who do what the Father shows them. This sometimes involves sacrifice of what we want to do.

All the wisdom needed to execute the blueprint of the Father will come to you. It may show up in the form of someone else who knows what needs to be done for a phase of your destiny.

All progress in mankind has come to men and women who teased to the surface the hidden architecture of Gods created universe: Edison, Ford, Einstein, Steve Jobs succeeded by discovering what the hidden design of the Creator created. They could build from Gods design – they could not create the design.

But that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of Spirit is spirit. The keys of the kingdom are entrusted to other hands. Only you can advance against the forces of darkness.

If the vision varies it may be that God is forming Christ in you. As the character and disposition of the Son of God is formed in you an acceleration will come into the manifestation of what He planned.

His ultimate plan is to reveal His wisdom through the one authorized agent He ordained to reveal His wisdom – the body of Christ on earth. 

Only the church – the body of the anointed one has power to reveal the kingdom.

All creation is longing for this ultimate manifestation of the sons of God. Thus the Apostle Paul said that Gods ultimate plan: “So that THROUGH THE CHURCH the manifold wisdom of God might now be MADE KNOWN to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.”
(Eph 3:10)

Do you see how the worlds problems are setting the stage for wisdom to be revealed before the end comes? Are we not feeling the pressure to begin to manifest solutions to unsolvable problems? This is your finest hour.

What do you think? Maybe your calling is taking you into territory that does not seem so spiritual simply because a Joseph or a Daniel is needed where the darkness is strongest?

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One thought on “Wisdom Cometh!

  1. James 1 … no Godly wisdom is given to a “Double Beating Heart”…there are some things meant not to be “double”… The heart that is to be the container of the wisdom must be single/one, a stable beat…I have a old friend who was young, where in the natural this devastated him physically head to toe. wd