What Rudy Is Up To

You know why Giuliani is under so much heat?

He's in Ukraine doing what he did when he busted up mobsters and criminal enterprises in New York. He's a former district attorney, a prosecutor, and he's feeding data back to William Barr and John Durham about the Deep State criminal case they are preparing.


Horowitz delivers his findings Monday but explains his findings on Wednesday. That’s when Trump's team starts counterpunching. I’m told that he is a warm-up act for John Durham, another Giuliani type. That’s when the Trump team starts going full-tilt Mike Tyson.

I used to think the impeachment hearings are designed to distract us. I'm not sure of that anymore. I think we're witnessing the gradual spiritual possession of a political party.

Trump is the exorcist.


Rudy just tweeted something the news isn't covering.

Here's what he posted…

“Shocking disclosure…

Much of the $5.3B in U.S. Aid Ukraine reported as misused was given to the embassy’s favored NGO’s.

At the time, Yovanovitch, a witness for the Witch hunt, was the Ambassador. That embassy directed the police not to investigate.

The Accounts Chamber in Ukraine found an alleged misuse of $5.3B in U.S. funds during the Obama administration while Biden was “Point Man.”

Obama embassy urged Ukrainian police NOT to investigate!

Stay tuned to find out why.”

LANCE: Rudy is being attacked because he is urging an investigation into all his findings. He forecasted what was coming in a bombshell headline nobody saw back in September…”GIULIANI TIES HUNTER BIDEN CONSPIRACY TO OBAMA, SOROS, VOWS TO RELEASE DETAILS DAY-BY-DAY”


Speaking with Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo, Giuliani vowed to continue releasing information he'd allegedly uncovered on a daily basis. “There's a lot more evidence I'm going to put out. I put one out for today, money laundering. I've got a bigger one for tomorrow and the day after,” he said.


Who were those NGOs? Why does Soros name come up? Where has he been involved in Ukraine? What NGO's of Soros “Open Society Foundation” received money? For what? Hunter Biden's million does not bother me. (I think John Kerry's son was a business partner of Hunters, but the news blocked that story fast.) Rich well-connected D.C. elites and their children are no different than other elites in America. Do you think their kids get into Harvard because they are smart or better connected?


What is bothersome to me (and should be to you) is why Joe Biden pulled the prosecutor off the corruption case when his son's employer was under investigation. What's up with that? Young Biden was small potatoes compared to that $5.3B Giuliani is talking about. What else was that prosecutor about to expose? And what else did Trump say in that transcript that freaked them out?


The real panic attack is over the President mentioning “CrowdStrike” and the Ukraine corruption connection to the coup that attempted to take him out.

Trump and Giuliani and Durham and Barr are going to pull the pin on a grenade that will even make Chris Cuomo dive under his desk.


Evidence may point to Ukraine and Crowdstrike working together with Brennan's intelligence service at the CIA to cook up the Russia narrative. This plot to wiretap Trump's campaign (a Brennan and Clapper caper) while getting a Steele dossier cooked up on the other burner (by intelligence contacts in the U.K.) was needed to set up an innocent young Trump aid (Papadopoulos) to go to jail.


Carter Page had his career destroyed with false information trying to tie him to Russia. When the truth came out, Donald Trump did the unthinkable and exposed the players. He said specifically that the “Department of Justice and FBI misled the courts” so they could do a “surveillance operation” against Trump's campaign. William Barr, the AG, agrees. And there's the panic attack.

Impeachment is a desperate effort to distract, disrupt, and destroy the story AG William Barr and John Durham are going to tell even as Rudy is making sure they have all the data they need. Need for what? The need to piece the crime scene together and launch the full government probe.


My question is… how many people (esp. Christians) understand what has happened so far? And how many good lives were ruthlessly destroyed by this lust for power and indifference to deception? Poor Mike Flynn. Will the rogue intelligence community and its agents be exposed? Will Republicans have the courage? Will Brennan forever gloat and Comey grin? Will the cosmic bug zapper meet Clapper?

Do we know what is about to go down? Friend, you and I will need some prayer calls together over this. Agreed? Please comment below.

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3 thoughts on “What Rudy Is Up To

  1. This is what Mr John O Brennan posted on Twitter today, Dec 9th. I don’t do Twitter or FB. Copied from The Gateway Pundit website:
    “The damage being inflicted by “me” on our national conscience & our government is tragic.
    Members of Congress & staffers who defend & misrepresent “my” indefensible actions are telling Americans it’s ok to be dishonest, unethical, & corrupt.
    How far we have fallen.”

    P.S. I have edited in “ME” for ‘@real DonaldTrump’ and “MY” for ‘his’. Amazing how blinded the members of the anti-Trump Cabal are. They don’t seem to understand what they have done and are trying to do, which is “killing, stealing and destroying”.
    4:08 PM – Dec 9, 2019

  2. If this country is still, REALLY, under the “Rule of Law,” a LOT of people need to go to jail! “Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap.”