WATCH WORD – Cast Not Away Your Confidence!

WATCH WORD – Cast Not Away Your Confidence!

Do you ever struggle?

10359534_10152546884754936_2646674151706197228_nI am sometimes surprised by the heaviness that casts its shadow across my mind. I wonder if I am somehow too weak or inadequate for the calling on my life. I linger long, recalling my failures and missed opportunities of the past and wonder, frankly, if I am actually going to live long on this earth. I wonder if I have enough of a prayer shield. I can almost hear the words of the accuser against me.

Then somewhere, as my soul descends down this dark shaft of despair, my descent is stopped and a ray of light breaks forth with this thought…”Where does this dark voice come from?” Is it me, simply seeing the truth? No. This is a distortion of the truth! I groan under a heavy burden. But I am not usually depressed. Is it God? No. It is not His nature to depress.

And then THIS thought comes with liberating force… “The voice that is telling you to quit, stop, give up, admit failure, you're too weak, it's too late…” THAT Voice is a harassing devil assigned to you to hinder and block you. It is assigned BECAUSE THE ENEMY FEARS THAT SHOULD YOU PERSIST… YOU WILL SUCCEED. YOU MUST BE DOING DAMAGE TO THE ENEMY or he would not assault your mind so aggressively to discourage you.

Carry on. That voice of doubt and uncertainty is why you know you are on the right track!

You can't out-argue each critic but you can bury him under a pile of evidence as you “out-fruit” him.

What do you say? Am I alone in my private wrestling?

–stay strong

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102 thoughts on “WATCH WORD – Cast Not Away Your Confidence!

    • Boy, did I need to hear that today! Those same devils were visiting me. YHWH told me to fight with my prophetic words and I did. That ran them away, but I also needed to be reminded that they wouldn’t be attacking if they weren’t afraid.
      Lance, you prophesied over me in 1995 when you were in TN with Graham Cooke, and that word has been a major foundational guiding principle in my life ever since. At GOZ at Pentecost, and many other places along the way, your words were the main ones that propelled me to a new place of victory. Thank you. I can testify that you are definitely a threat to the enemy. Don’t believe those voices. Keep leading us with your strategic words of encouragement.

    • You are not alone. I have been wrestling with the same thoughts; experiencing this same battle. Thank you for being transparent. Your words have encouraged me to keep pressing on.

    • Lance, My late response to Thank you for showing to us the thought process from descent to ascend in the midst of a mental assault. It surprised me to read your way of describing the anguish of mind that came upon you from distorted truth. I erroneously thought people like you were not really hit with that. That in itself made me realize wow…i really am on the right track. I came out of agreement with the lie that now was exposed that i must being doing something wrong…or i must be wrong that i am experiencing these things. Thanks for It unraveled a tangled web of lies…now afresh…i hold fast to my confidence !!! God truly uses you as His Liberating Force. Esther

  1. No. You are not alone in this wrestling. These were my thoughts also and now this post has cleared the fog of confusion. Thank you for arming us with this new perspective: “You can’t out-argue each critic but you can bury him under a pile of evidence as you “out-fruit” him” – This was empowering. That powerful quote you used at the beginning. that your original quote? I never thought of this.

  2. Concur! Recommend reading “Crash the Chatterbox” by Steven Furtick — honest, genuine, practical, and loaded with tools to employ as we walk this life daily. We have all been called into this time and this place for specific Kingdom missions — let’s not tarry further with distractions and focusing too much on ourselves, instead magnify Lord Jesus and His way.

  3. No, you are definitely not alone. This was actually encouraging as I’m facing a major giant in my life…..the voice that says I’ll never be provided for.

  4. No Lance, you’re not alone, there is an enemy out there that is geared up with all his arsenal warring against the people of God. But I hear the word of the Lord say the battle is not yours it belongs to the Lord, but even though we know this, the dark hour makes our struggle to keep the faith we have in Him just that a Battle. But our weapons are not carnal but mighty and will pull down the strong hold of this enemy.

    To you be strong and of a good courage. You are doing great damage to the dark kingdom.

  5. Lance,
    I know exactly what you are speaking about! You have a mandate from God, and there is no one who can stop the velocity but you. You have been equipped before the foundation of the world.

    Apparently it certainly is an assault on the people of God who is proclaiming the Kingdom of God, it’s principles and concepts. But God said we are not ignorant of the devil’s devices. I too have had struggles recently in my mind, and dealing with an attack of oppression.

    But God….
    Be encouraged because I received a breakthrough this past Wednesday, with a Word from the Lord reminding me that the “Joy of the Lord is my Strength!” Lance, we draw Joy from the wells of Salvation, that well water inside you is the washing and regeneration of the Word of God.

    Knowing that the enemy is a defeated foe, brings a level of confidence that will continue to grow and begin to overflow as we worship The Lord. The enemy cannot stand our worship. Because he is now unemployed!

    Woo Hoo…


    Keep Standing! I’m praying for you!

    Love Celeste

  6. Thanks for being brave enough to be honest and vulnerable. You are not alone. .Me too. Staying strong with you!

  7. Thanks 4 your transparency Lance. We all hear those lying demons but seldom recognize who’s voice we are hearing. We all need reminders it is not us & it is not natural. Thank U!

  8. This was so timely. I need to read this right at this moment. The enemy always attacks us in the place of our call and right when we are about to breakthrough, that’s when all of Hell launches out against us. Thank God He has given us His Holy Spirit and His angelic forces to overcome.

  9. You Are Right On, i realize the Struggles or Hard tests (usually to see if you quit or continue) Are the Ones That Test you at the greatest depths. sometimes they are the Ones you havent Prepared for or come unexpected. It takes Greater persistence and Love to Overcome. #Resist

  10. This seems to be a common theme lately more so than ever, Lance! Good word, and good description of the internal struggle. Yes, I agree! We must wield our sword of truth and be warriors against this evil. It wants to rob us of our destiny, identity, and rightful place in the kingdom and the world. It never can, but it tries to deceive us into believing it can. Thank you for calling it out, and being vulnerable in front of us all. Love ya! Maryann

  11. You are not alone. Thank you Lance for sharing God’s word through your life experiences, and for making it real and easy to understand. May our gracious God continue to bless your prophetic ministry. You have reminded me to stop, listen, to the truth of my Father’s heart for me, and not rush through life accepting and dealing with what comes. Great word! Thanks, Dan

  12. I just this minute researched bipolar disorder regarding my husbands behaviour. And got very hopeless. Then read this. Timely. Not to say the symptoms are not ” real” but I have “known” for 26 years Jesus healed it all……we have been pushing towards investment possibilities, although debt free for 26 years we have not had income steadily for over a decade and this year came into agreement of purpose and just came home from a month away searching for the right business op… my husband has suddenly fallen into his hole of silence after being happy silly and animated for a solid month. I am also concerned as this diagnosis dawned on me today that my youngest son, his fathers namesake, experiences similar symptoms….. And is pushing hard into his purpose.

      • Dr. Wallnau,

        The enemy is terrified of the 7 Mountain Generation concept. It has the potential of mobilizing the Church “as one.”
        We need you! Keep moving on!

      • The enemy has been quite active in trying to get us to quit… even before we get started. I have not had this kind of warfare to this extent for a very long time. I am thankful to know that I am not alone… but God has been faithful, and He has lifted much from me…. but nearly everyone I know at this point is under the same attack with condemnation leading the way… followed by much discouragement and paralysis from fear… Great post.

    • My heart goes out to you Kathy. I have a 13 year old step grandaughter that is bi-polar , along with ODD. When my daughter is exhausted from dealing with her, she comes to my house for an attitude adjustment and a much needed rest for my daughter. She has times of being moody, angry, depressed and everything is your fault. She is jealous, demanding, sneaky, conning and appears to be a little angle in public but acts like Satan’s child behind closed doors. Then she has times where she is happy, joyful, too talkative, excited and high on life. I have spent many hours studying and testing her behavior to the point that I have learned how to deal with her to bring her back to a place of peace. Her being young is on my side and your husband being an adult may complicate things for you. But you also had said your son was showing signs of bi-polar. The first thing you need to understand is that they know what they are doing and yes they can control their own behavior but they do need your help doing it. They need your strength, courage and confidence to lean upon. They need clear boundries set for them and a 0 tolerance for bad behavior. I have applied these techniques with her and as long as she is in my home she does very well and life is pretty normal. I also need to say that the right medication helps tremendously. May Yahshua’s peace be release from within!

  13. Thankyou for that encouragement! Not only does the voice take over but even dreams are not of God I have to pray before I sleep for protection there too! God is faithful and rest has come so your word was a good one for the day .Please keep it coming we all can’t go to hear these things in far away places but we need to hear daily in the everyday working world Thankyou again !

  14. Thank you so much….I was so blessed and liberated, because I thought this was just me and that it was exactly as you said, times of weariness, questioning and wondering if I should and wrestling with “why” because I felt as though I would be defeated, over and over again. So, I am relieved to know that even you (one that I look toward as a mentor), experiences this – then I am on the right track. Thanks again for being transparent as well as for a “timely Word”.

    • Ditto! Lately I’ve been struggling with a similar experience. I’m not sure why, albeit I had my reasons. However, the post confirms what the Spirit deposited in me. This depression, as if I’m wrestling with self and for no apparent cause, is the voice of torment from the enemy.

      This heaviness of soul and weariness of mind escalated the more I went deeper into morning worship with my family, consistently rousing early in the morning modeling the actions of Psalm 63 for the past 2 weeks. The last 2 nights, around 2 am, I was waken by the Spirit to go into additional worship and plead the Blood over my home. I’ve even been experiencing night tremors! Surely the enemy is angry; But greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world!!!

      Thanks for the confirming word.

  15. You are not alone! I hear the accuser roar all the time. Thankfully Jehovah finds no fault. The Bible says in the parable of the seed, trouble and persecution will arise (will arise!), BECAUSE of the Word. The devil is hoping that the saints will not have any depth to them during this time and let go of the seed before it takes root. He is petrified it will take root so he sends trouble and persecution “because of the Word, (which is represented here as the seed). This is shown in Mark’s account of the parable in Chatper 4. Once it takes root and we stay strong and confident during the contradiction, and as long as we peservere the fruit will come! Once the fruit is manifested the battle is won! Fruit never tasted so sweet!

  16. No, you are not alone. I constantly, lately, stand in faith & tell the enemy to “SHUT UP & GO AWAY!” I KNOW I am headed in a God direction. The Lord recently, last month, downloaded 6 to 10 pages of strategy & instructions on how to launch & advertise the pre-launch of an online business. I am in agreement with God & now the enemy is in great fear. I know that the Lord will bless this business. I’ve had an incognito ministry website since March this year & people are still registering on it before I can upgrade it.
    So, yes Dr Lance, I am experiencing the same attacks. We are ALL headed for GREATNESS IN THE LORD! Hallelujah! Amen! So be it! All the Glory to the Lord!

  17. i really hope so. things look so bleak and have been looking bleaker n bleaker…

    but my trust is in Jesus Finished Work…despite all the outward evidences and voices in my head replaying re-analysing history and outcomes in my life as well as missed opportunities and current situation over me.

  18. First of all Lance, kudos to you for being transparent. It is so easy to look at someone who is in a high stratosphere and think that they are immune to the same struggles that you go through. I was feeling similar things just myself yesterday and then I read this.

    It is so encouraging to see how God moves through his Body. Thank you very much for this message.

  19. amazing!
    what great timing, I was clearing my emails and preparing for my first one day seminar– an event that I know is my next step in the journey — and little voices were whispering–LOL– what great timing to remind me of where the voices come from — thanks God– you are amazing

  20. I thought when I read this that you must be speaking directly yo me! LoL

    Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. (‭1 Peter‬ ‭4‬:‭12-14‬ KJV)

    God bless!

  21. Your message is getting through to many whose hearts have been prepared, consequently demonic assignments to stop the message are sent forth. Because transparency has been chosen the assignment is thwarted and people are further strengthened to take more territory. Again, darkness is expelled and truth prevailed. Keep pressing on Lance, you are speaking to thousands of Daniels, Josephs and Davids.

  22. ~ That was a GOOD Word!!!! I love it when someone’s been reading my mail … there’s a strange yet comforting feeling in the discovery that I am not alone as I deal with the controversy within.

  23. Wow Lance , This is exactly what has been happening to me. I was beginning to wonder if I was even saved . I have never been so sad in all of my life. I have been sitting under Glory of Zion and Bill Winston both are teaching about the supernatural life style. Check out Bill’s Sunday sermon tomorrow and you will understand the warfare . Powerful word , and a game changer . Be Blessed ! P.S. Enjoyed your message at Pentecost .

  24. We are so inclined to look at ones that we view as “spiritual giants” and believe that they do not fight the battles that we fight. The past few days have been exactly the same fight for me that you speak of. Thank you for allowing the rest of us to have a view into your life and your struggles.
    We all may struggle……..BUT WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERERS! Of course the enemy will use all the forces of hell to bring us down. In the words of someone(?) I have heard….we will fight AS ONE!

  25. Alone? Hardly! 🙂 That’s precisely what keeps happening to me as I’m one of those “Josephs”, sequestered, shunned, ignored . . . BUT – I know it will be worth it in the end, and I will NOT give up! Many thanks Lance for this transparent, apt, and encouraging word . . . AS ONE! Shalom. 🙂

  26. Your hair is meant to grow back no matter how many trims, hair cuts or even a shaved head.
    The Glory of God is demonstrated through Jesus
    That while we were uncovered (bald) He covered us (while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. .. in our stead) with His Glory. .. the trickery from the beginning was to convince Adam & Eve they were uncovered from the Glory they possessed ( naked)
    So remember we are fully clothed He has granted His Permission to have the mind that is in Christ.
    God’s got you covered. LITERALLY!

    • Sampson’s hair grew even after his short sighted life betrayed him , he was uncovered and put on display as a mockery….. God’s mercy and empowering grace gave Sampson space in his lifetime to execute partnership with God and His hair grew back. …… the hair is growing back! !

  27. Wow…so on time. I’ve often heard it said the enemy is only attracted to moving targets. Thank you for your transparency. It’s necessary. Your sharing is not only serving as confirmation, it’s a reminder that His word is true. I know it’s highlighted and underlined in my Bible but I gotta remember to actually remember…ya know?

    “Be sober and alert. Your enemy the devil, like a roaring lion, is on the prowl looking for someone to devour. Resist him, strong in your faith, because you know that your brothers and sisters throughout the world are enduring the same kinds of suffering.” 1 Peter 5:8-9

    Yep…WE are not alone. Thank you Lord.

  28. I can so relate to that. It is something I have to fight on a regular basis. We are also seeing our 9 1/2 yr. old granddaughter go through this already. She has a very strong prophetic gifting and she struggles with self-abasement already at this age. When the enemy is working this hard, you know God has big things ahead. Praying for you, Lance, that you will quickly recognize the enemies schemes and tactics and rise above them.

  29. No Lance you are not alone! And I am convinced you are right! Thank you for this encouraging, timely, prophetic word!
    I receive this truth and walk in its strength, victory and freedom!

  30. Wow!! what a timely message for me too! Thank you Lance. You are truly a blessing. Thank you for the free messages on YouTube. I listen to them over and over.

  31. A harrassing devil- very insiteful. I too have had unusual heaviness, as never before.No doubt because fullfillment of destiny is closer than ever before! God gave my wife a word for me in regard to this heaviness-Albatross: a psychological burden that feels like a curse. Recognizing the thoughts are from a devil and not me was the key (the ray of light) for me, because when I realized those thoughts were not my thoughts, I didn’t have to feel burdened anymore. As a man thinketh, so is he, so when you realize your own thinking is good, the thoughts the enemy is putting in are the bad ones, it is hugely liberating. It allows me to walk blamelessly with God, fully expectant of all that he has for me! Thanks Lance.

  32. Talk about right on time.. Thank God you wrote this Lance… I’m on the verge of giving up! Self hatred and voices of doom everywhere! What the ???

  33. SUPER!
    It is so encouraging to know we are all walking with the Lord in our strengths,
    weakness, and self doubts on which the enemy tries to prey. No matter how much
    we honor the flag that another is carrying into battle, the common denominator
    is who we are in HIM and that He has called us to win. We will always need to
    remember His love for us and remember who the enemy is A liar,
    Thanks Lance for continuing to light the way forward.
    AS ONE

  34. Dr. Wallnau,

    The enemy is terrified of the 7 Mountain Generation concept. It has the potential of mobilizing much of the committed Church to move “as one.” We need you! Keep on moving on!

  35. Amen! You are not alone Lance. And your gracious openness to share this word in such a personal way was very timely. Just in this last hour the accuser sent an attack. I just kept praying and praising, pressing in yet feeling little evidence of change within or in the atmosphere. But after reading this word there is a breakthrough, my joy returned immediately. And I was able to release some fresh declarations. Thanks for sharing with us.

  36. Timely word for the body of Christ, Lance. There’s no telling how many people are held back by the accuser or talked out of blessing and their rightful seat in heavenly places. When I realized I could not move forward spiritually, nor hear God very well, being constantly reminded of my failures, I decided it must not be God. So, one day I shut that voice up. Glory to God! The Lord always leads us to victory. …He always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus… (II Cor 2:14).

  37. Thanks for sharing! I have been calling light forth from within my heart!! It seems a dark cloud keeps trying to gather BUT, I ask Holy Spirit to come and hover around me. I speak into the atmosphere that love reigns. We have a distressing situation going on but I refuse to allow my mind to be weakened. The devil is a liar and I refuse to sit and feast a his table! I sometimes wonder if I am just weak and am often afraid to express it so thank you for showing us that we all have those moments while pressing through!!! Blessings on your journey. …

  38. Thank you, Lance. I was feeling exactly as you described when my wife, Diane, who receives your posts, read this to me. I was as excited about the timing as your word. I was just looking out the window thinking this and she walked in with your word. God is always “on time!” Indeed, “stay strong!”

  39. You are not alone! I was just feeling the same thing you describe when I ran across your post. Thanks for being honest and for sharing your thoughts on this topic. These type of attacks have increased in the last three months to a level I’ve not encountered before. Don’t know if the timing is significant or not. I’m curious to hear if anyone has thoughts on that. Thanks Lance for the encouragement that I AM on the right track.

  40. The devil will never tell you anything that will benefit or advance the Kingdom of God. I was struggling paying tithes and offerings and the amounts that we’re being told to me to give was very large at first I thought Satan was trying to bankrupt me so I was reluctant and that’s when God told me Satan will never tell you to give to my Kingdom

  41. The Lord has been teaching me…when in need…pray in the Holy Spirit. Also pray the scripture aloud. When we are tired or know not what to pray…He knows what to pray. As we rest in Him and pray in the Spirit…the Spirit makes intercession for us and also gives devine strategies. He shows us the enemy’s devices to bind..or brings a word of comfort. Let the Lord fight your battles. ‘Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord.’

  42. WOW, WOW, WOW, PERFECT TIMING! What a TREMENDOUS BLESSING YOU ALWAYS ARE. THANK YOU SOOOOOO VERY MUCH. YOU ARE A VERY BLESSED MAN BECAUSE YOU ARE SOOOOO WILLING TO Be a blessing to others. May Almighty God increase your wisdom and anointing even MORE. I was there at Chuck Pierce Pentecost celebration when you spoke; what a humble man you truly are; & what great blessings of HIS [PRESENCE WAS UPON YOU as you aligned with Glory of Zion. I will move there shortly to align myself with the Apostle, & there begin to fulfill my calling, Glory, Glory , Glory into our God FOREVER & FOREVER AMEN!!!

  43. Hi:
    I’ve been blessed by your insight since I first heard you talk about those 7 areas (or spheres) of influence. There is indeed a NEED to get the church out of her four walls, there is just not enough room for everyone’s destiny there. Never was. Not everyone can or should be in pulpit ministry, including some who are PRESENTLY. Lance, the church is way too shallow. Stay the course my friend, for men like yourself are going to cause a real stir. STAY TRUE to the message. Sick of vanilla gospel.

  44. You’ve been reading my mail. Just this week I was raked over the coals, and in the ensuing days, I remembered every thing I’ve done wrong, wanted to quit, and dissolve my company. Hmmm.

  45. Yes i hear you clearly. but to add to this, I do feel a heavy call on my life. and we know satin knows these things. but the other thing i find is that when i talk to God about bringing others along side in the work i find satin starts giving them problems and i feel bad for them because they don’t have any idea whats going on.

  46. Beautifully written. This past year I developed a strategy for coping with this–the enemy’s assault on our minds. As you’ve described it may start with a heaviness prior to descending the shaft of despair. I now see that heaviness as the initial phase of “temptation,” so when I sense that, without further analysis, I pray “Lord I’m being tempted into despair. Please deliver me from this temptation.”

    Doing this has helped immensely.

  47. Lance did you read my mind this week. Thanks for sharing your true thoughts. I am surprised how much I have put up with these type of thoughts before recognizing the voice they are coming from.

  48. Lance, once again you have hit the nail right on the hand. Those voices have been taunting me all week. Your honesty is liberating! I do know that the pressure is a tip off that we must press towards the fulfillment of purpose. The enemy would not work so hard to dissuade and discourage if he was not threatened…

  49. Yes, confirmation that I am on the right track. Right where God wants me. Loved your coaching video and watching the breakthrough your audience member had as she saw her value but most of all the switch from her judging her choice to be a journalist. Your words at the end about who she was and what she could do were spot on!

  50. You are not alone, Lance!! Thank you for sharing. We will take down the enemy, subdue his advances and claim our victory, through our Lord Jesus. I have found my self in the same situation, but then I try and stop, and start praising God. The enemy is tricky and sneaky, but we will be on the look out.

  51. No Lance your not alone. What a great way to share the enemies effort to t assail us in our daily lives. When that begins in my own life I began to find something to thank the Lord for. Something that happened to me or someone close. It turns the tide around. but also when that happens, I stop what I am doing and ask what is it I am not seeing in this? Many times I see an area in me that I need to repent for or deal with. I deal with it and move on. No more getting stuck for me. Thanks for sharing your world with us. Vickie

  52. You are not alone my friend. Timely word. A “due season” word. Your willingness to be transparent about your own struggles is both encouraging and edifying.
    “He who (is faithful) began a good work in you will (be faithful to) complete it into the day of Jesus Christ.” ~ Philippians 1:6.

  53. Good morning dear Lance
    Isn’t it good to know that we are not alone in the battle – as ONE we fight and therefore as ONE we are attacked.
    Which means that you are not alone, we stand together in the final battle of our minds.
    I am in the building of my business and just can’t get it of the ground and the last weeks I am in the same struggle.
    This morning while sitting with the Lord I felt HIM saying to me:
    if you look at you – you will be depressed
    if you look at the world – you will be distressed
    look at ME and you will be at REST!
    Shalom shalom

  54. Just last night, i was asking, ‘am i depressed’ having this foggy annoyance over my mind. The answer then, an absolute, no! I am just kicking ( excuse the word) some enemy ass!

    Love your timely in season word Lance!

  55. Lance,
    As a pastor I have faced this type of attack from the enemy many times and just got over one last week.But God is gracious and He usually sends a servant of God to me who prays over me to break this assignment of the enemy.God can use different methods for different people.Praying for victory.

  56. What an on-time word. I was journaling this morning and felt such failure, but I must believe what the Father says “this is My beloved daughter, in whom I am well pleased.” I cast my care on Him because He cares for me. Thanks Lance for being so real and transparent. The enemy wants to beat us up alone. Blessings to you and all who are reading this word and being fed by all the feedback. As One.

  57. I fall down.. You pick me up..This messenger business you’re in.. rewarding? I thank God for your obedience and pray to find a way for my own. What impeccable timing. I want to know how you block distractions to focus on the higher purpose.. because those come pretty hard. Is there something you repeat to yourself for clarity and strength? Thank you. You are a tuning fork.

  58. This is EXACTLY what has been happening in my life! It is good to hear that I am not alone in my struggle and that I can overcome. I will not throw away my confidence…

  59. Thanks for expressing my heart. It is a constant battle to fight off condemnation that when exposed has no merit. Thanks for the encouragement to stay the course and do what is right despite our past and our failures. God is for us not against us…

  60. As I was out for a run yesterday and I was praying to take my mind off the heat and pain when a thought popped into my head: why are you afraid to succeed? It is a great question as God is known to ask sometimes. After flipping it over and considering it, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t me that was afraid to succeed, but the accuser that was casting doubt.

    With that perspective, I’m ready to continue ascending into the promises of God.

  61. My life & thinking changed dramatically…..from suicidal to tenacious for life… when I discovered that God loved me, was rooting for my success, and had created me with the ability to overcome. Overcame abandonment, orphanhood, and the regular everyday “stuff”. Peter had to adjust his thinking about gentiles and think as God thinks….look what happened! We have to do the same….we are what God says we are! If someone gives you grief….they are the ones who can’t see as God sees. I was part of an organization which practiced seeing by the Spirit and not the flesh…..there were very few fleshly disagreements or arguments and much grace because we chose to see as God sees….

  62. 1. No you are not alone. I’ve been attacked in my mind in a way that I’ve not seen in a decade. Anxiety, fear, depression, analysis paralysis… you name it.

    2. You’ve touched a “nerve” in the kingdom of darkness. You got somebody’s attention. And not just any ‘ol body. You’ve got a general’s attention. He’s caught glimpses of the strategies God is preparing to give to you. And even though this general in the kingdom of darkness does not fully comprehend what he’s seen, he knows enough that it terrifies him; because he knows that its BRILLIANT strategy and that its HIS TERRITORY that you are about to OCCUPY. And that scares this general to death. So he didn’t send his best to take you down… he is personally attacking you with his arsenal of fear, unbelief, doubt, discouragement, depression… but he can’t take you down. Do you know who you are? You’re Dr. Lance Wallnau. The one God has personally chosen to lead the charge with His message of TERRITORIAL OCCUPATION of the 7 Mountains.
    The kingdom of darkness was only Annoyed by the revelations of “saved by faith through grace”, healing, baptism in the spirit / gifts of the spirit, prosperity, and so on. But this last revelation of occupation has got the enemy so far beyond scared.

    Run Dr. Lance… run TOWARDS your enemy!!! The gates of hell WILL NOT be able to stand up against the onslaught of the Kingdom of Light. AS ONE!!!!!!

  63. Such a powerful, in-time word for me and my husband as we’re processing through the same heaviness/depression
    for no specific reason! I agree! Let’s not cast away our confidence! Let’s CHOOSE REST in His goodness for our life, destiny and circumstances.

  64. When the 15 year old young lady testified at Cedar Creek after 7M camp, I can only imagine how hostile the forces of darkness are towards you and your team for empowering that generation with the revelation of He who is in them is greater! I was prompted to pray for you as I read you thought your prayer shield may be lacking. Then The Lord said you needed prayer Friday night, did I remember how tired you looked. Forgive me for not interceding then. May the One and Only voice be the one you hear loud and clear. Lance who has an ear will hear what The Spirit is saying. Harry and I thank our God upon every remembrance of you dear brother. Much love and joy and strength in our Jesus!

  65. “Joshua made war a long time with all those kings…For it was of the Lord to harden their hearts, that they should come against Israel in battle, that he might destroy them utterly, and that they might have no favor, but that he might destroy them, as the Lord commanded Moses.”

    Joshua 11:18 and 20

    Dr. Wallnau,

    You are among those whom the Lord has chosen to lead us in battle! We appreciate you and your family!
    Education Mountain Clmber

  66. Carry on! – Yep! …You hit it right on brother …this is a Word from the Lord for this hour! Shake off the “not from God mental thoughts” – Take the position of victory and…Carry On!

  67. Wow! Hope, it’s not just me. Thanks For your candour Lance. If you hadn’t written this I would still be half convinced that I might not succeed in seeing everything God put in my heart fulfilled. These barrages hit the greatest and the best and don’t mean you won’t succeed. Awesome!

  68. No, you are not alone…your post reflects my own “all-too-familiar experience and feelings. I respect your courageous authenticity. Thanks for keeping it real.

  69. He knows He only made you with 2 legs and so only expects one foot in front of another at any one time. Can you do that?

  70. Seems like this post hit a HUGE nerve with folks….74 comments to date…make that 75! What perfect timing. YES….we are opposed. Lots stirring in my world and will spare the details. Was in a MAJOR down mode (rare for me) all day on SAT. Went to church at our former fellowship (you know it well, Christ Community in Camp Hill, PA) and was blessed. We went to lunch and I should not have spoken some words that I did (did not think of how they might be interpreted) and caused some relational backlash they put me in a tailspin so much so that I went to bed at the time a 3 year old might….which had its own domino effect.

    Could not shake the HEAVINESS….simply prayed in the Spirit a lot. I have been seeing “11’s” multiple times a day consistently since JAN 1……transition has been my by-word. Have a mandate to make a difference in the area of helping folks overcome in specific area of their lives. Like a war zone…..this word was VERY, VERY timely! Thank you!

  71. THANK YOU LANCE, THANK YOU!!! The questions posed have also posed themselves in my life in the last 24 hrs! It’s been intense especially that heavenly acceleration & alignments are taking place for the breakthroughs & FULFILLMENT’S of HIS purposes. May we refine the art of strengthing ourself IN HIM & recieved divine strategy to upgrade! We choose to abide in love!

  72. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful and timely word watch.

    I have been commissioned by our city’s local pastors and leaders from various churches (they meet on a monthly basis) to begin gathering the intercessors (prophetic intercessors) and mobilising them for our city, our community and local church leadership and for city-wide revival.

    Since then (approximately 2 months) I have had what feels like a cloud of heaviness come around me and i struggle to go to work, my confidence is waning, I feel weak and my mind has questioned as did your’s Lance but this timely word has given me strength to walk through this with courage and to know that I’m not depressed or emotionally crazy because this is not who I normally am anyway and that ‘ I can bury satan under a pile of evidence as I “out-fruit” him.

    Thanks again Dr Wallnau, you are a CHAMPION in the good race….


  73. Dr. Lance, this just hit my spirit. The next time you are infiltrated by the enemy’s thoughts, throw your head back and laugh. We were created by the spirit to be intercessors. Intercessors stand in the gap for others. When we are personally attacked, we can laugh at the enemy. Laughter breaks the intensity of the attack. Laughter helps to shift our focus. Laugh out loud. The laughter may turn to tears; laugh some more. Then begin speaking in tongues. Then go into praise and worship. What the enemy intended for harm, confusion and torture, we can turn it around and use it to become stronger in our spirit and in our mind, and glorify our Father. Father will get the glory from the situation. The enemy will NEVER trump the Holy Spirit. And, the enemy cannot defeat us. 1 John 4:4. Laughter is a spiritual weapon and a spiritual force. I call it “self intercession.” Laugh. Then, say out loud to the enemy, “No, devil. That’s not gonna work anymore. THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS STILL WORKING!” Love you bunches. One of these days when we meet, we will have to share a good laugh together. God bless. 🙂

  74. I was in a really awesome place in my walk about 3 years ago, blissed out, flyn’ high, then a death in my husband’s family, his mid life crisis, my world and very foundation shakin to it’s core. lol. I can laugh now only because I am on my way back up, it was a hellish 2 and a half years of self doubt, feeling lost, beating myself up , losing faith, gaining faith, questioning my sanity, every fiery arrow pointing and hitting me directly in the right spot repeatedly, oh but when all seemed completely undone, the Lord said “I will never leave you nor forsake you” , “you are perfect in my sight” , “in you I am well pleased my beloved”….me, doubter, crier, whiner even..but nothing could separate me from the love of God. I’m still a little shaken, I still wonder if I’m headed in the right direction sometimes, still feel inadequate and pathetic at times lol, He doesn’t care, just wants me to lean and love on Him and He just delights in surprising me with His unconditional love and acceptance. Nothing I can do about it no matter how messed up I feel which is every few days : ) but I keep on keepin on……

  75. No, my Brother, you are not alone. When one member suffers we all suffer. I lift you up to the Throne Of God that He may attend to all your needs and questions!
    We are given only 2 commands by Jesus: Love God and love others. ONLY TWO COMMANDS!!
    He loves the WORKER more than the WORK!!
    Remember the ONE Thing Mary found–sitting at Jesus’ feet.
    Poor Martha was ANXIOUS n WORRIED n DISTRACTED by MANY things.
    Jesus would have been happy with a peanut butter sandwich just to have Martha close by–
    Rest yourself a spell upon His breast.
    He will make everything ok.

  76. Thank you for this post. You have always ministered to me in such a timely manner but this post by far is the most on point. Thanks for being help on my new path to Kingdom advancement and prosperity. May the Lord continue to bless you richly.

  77. I have had those days. Knowing that God was there to protect me through all the failings and all the wrong turns, gave me the courage to continue. His voice tells me He accepts me just the way I am and that allows me to be who He made me to be.

  78. Thanks Dr. Lance! I echo what everyone else has said – thank you for the timely word – for sharing the burdens and doubts that plague all of us. I met you in Florida at Tamara Lowe’s event in February 2013 and was one of the beta test group with your online learning earlier this year. After returning from about 10 days doing work that is actually fun – I was hit in the gut with what looked like “failure” on the front that means the most to me so, of course, it frightens me the most. After “doing it afraid” (like Joyce Meyer says) and doing everything I was instructed by the Spirit to do, “nothing” happened (to my way of thinking). So immediately my mind started down the dark alleyways of doubt, fear, tears, and anger – only to hear the Spirit say that it was nothing I did – that He will correct and use the situation. But nevertheless, it has been a tough few days and so your message is important – and confirms that I am on the brink of breakthrough. I will keep you in my prayers.

  79. Hi, Guy!
    If I didn’t know that you already know, I’d say you have no idea just what warfare is transpiring in my neck of the woods,too! I wake up in a crossfire and have to declare GOD to get myself awake just to get a handle on the new day! The battle is fierce, and I am TIRED, and I think I have a clue as to why, but doggone it, the darkness seems to be gathering an intent to do real damage. Thank God for the blood! I am getting so angry that I refuse to quit just because I’m tired of being lied to, robbed, and aggravated to the nth degree on a perpetual basis. Pray without ceasing; that is all I know to do, because my fuse is growing shorter by the DAY……….Forward, comrades! On we go! Light to us all!

  80. Dear Lance and friends,
    How well I know those feelings of fear and inadequacy. So lonely. Such despair.
    The child within my heart cries out for attention: hear me, see me, love me, show me who I really am, know me, set my feet on the path to Glory!
    And, with your help, I am learning to hear, to respond, to receive, to re-member, to be led, to share, to be, to belong, to become!
    There is a River, the streams of which make glad the city of God! Psalm46:4
    I love you!

  81. Dear Lance, The feelings that you described in your recent post are such important feelings. There are so many ways to address feelings. In my understanding they are the feelings of the abandoned child, the abandoned “real self”. These “abandoned parts” of the self are desperate to be understood, loved, integrated.

    Wherever a child has been left alone with overwhelming feelings (either from Type A abandonment or Type B abuse trauma), the “real self” or the heart will be unable to process those feelings without mature caring help. The feelings (and beliefs) will be suppressed or locked inside and the child will believe that “I am bad” (worthless, a failure) whenever these beliefs are triggered by circumstances later in life.

    This little “abandoned self” (a part of our spirit) needs to be heard, embraced and brought out into the open to the Lord in order to receive the Truth and comfort about who we really are – accepted, beloved.

    The devil loves to push the buttons of our negative beliefs, but the Lord’s love casts out the fear. If we will embrace the child within that holds these beliefs because of what we have experienced when we were little and helpless, Jesus will love us into wholeness.

    Respectfully submitted, Susan Austin