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6 thoughts on “Unlocking Your Story Bible Study Part 1

  1. Where do you download the book? This comes at such a timely moment as the Lord has been impressing upon me to track His movements in my life but while I kind of understood what He meant, I really didn’t because of not quite understanding what He was really after. So thank you.

  2. Lance thank you so so much. I will be 70 years young in March and I feel like I’m just now starting to see some things. I am so hungry to learn and get this. I have had such awesome visitations visions even had a trance… I have literally (in the spirit) had Elijah’s mantle wrap itself around me and I still am learning what that means; how to steward it etc. I have raised 4 children almost alone, one daughter went to heaven early at 44 but have 10 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren so lots of trauma, drama, etc. I am now taking care of my 91 year old mother at her home. A woman of faith and prayer broke no bones just moving slow…. so I’m like , Wow! I have really missed it! But you have given me hope. I do love to pray. I am an Intercessor, Seer. Love praying for our President, the US, my State of Missouri and city and surrounding cities; Praise God for that but i have had an awesome vision I’ve been carrying since 1981 … and I was beginning to get a little discouraged… so thank you, thank you thank you !!!!!

  3. I’m very excited about this teaching that I just found. You are so clear and make spiritual learning easier. Thank you so much for the drawings that help to get the concept even better. How can I get the book?