Understand The Results!

To understand the results of the midterms, we need to have a better ground game!

There was no red wave, and the prophets who prophesied that there would be, are delusional. They are listening to Q drops, and they are delirious.

As I forecast in my book, God's Chaos Candidate, Trump is a Lincoln during the American unraveling. Christians will determine the future of America, but it's not going to happen unless intercession is coupled with electoral action. A better ground game is necessary, along with a “sustained pattern of public persuasion.”


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4 thoughts on “Understand The Results!

  1. That’s correct. Lance. In fact the left uses the end game of “The power of influence is more powerful than position”. In other words if your car maker Ford, and sell more cars than anyone else, I can change that by having a reputable magazine (Consumer Reports) tell all kinds of bad things about your cars; therefore changing peoples buying habits and rendering less cars sold.

    Likewise to your point, persuasion is their tactic. They know perception is as strong as anything and can change peoples minds through emotion.

  2. Did not like what you said about Nikki Haley and her being a politician and leaving her position as US Ambassador before the midterms to gain attention or the lime light. Do you know her better than me? Why would you disrespect our US hero? Israel’s hero? I am with you, Lance, but please explain you remarks concerning Nikki Haley.

  3. Mr. Wallanu, if you follow Mark Taylor prophecy, He is saying that red wave is going to happen when most of the corrupt folks are indicted and there will be special elections to fill those seats. Just because it has not happened during the mid term election does not mean it will not happen. You say that prophets who predict that are delusional. So is Mark Taylor delusional? And Then who is right?