This Is The 155th Anniversary Of A Highly Prophetic – Post Midterm Event

155th aniversary of a very prophetic date and with the most recent midterms, it shows that we truly are a house divided. The Gettysburg address was delivered 155 years ago by Abraham Lincoln and why that is prophetic is because the outcome of the war was going to be determined by an event that could seemingly go either way but God intervened.

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One thought on “This Is The 155th Anniversary Of A Highly Prophetic – Post Midterm Event

  1. I had a dream app. 2 or 3 weeks ago and it woke me up. I saw Netanyahu in my dream. He wore a light grey suit and matching tie. He was smiling and looking great, but I saw a man walking behind him that looked like the walking dead which I sensed was an evil spirit. I immediately woke up and pleaded the blood of Jesus over him. Ever since that dream I have been praying for him. I thought of the weapons of our warfare which are all frontal but the Lord gave me this scripture “and the glory of the Lord shall be your rearguard” and that is how I am praying. I still don’t know the whole meaning but believe their is something he can’t see because it’s from behind. I am praying that it will be revealed.