The Unknown Jesus About To Be Manifest

1907929_10152992474214936_1671604423810374595_nThe Unknown Jesus About To Be Manifest.

Years ago Mike Bickel made a comment I can't forget. He wrote it into an outline I found online. I cherry picked a few items. Check this out.

1. The Lord visited me in Cairo, Egypt, in September 1982, and said: “I will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in the earth in one generation.”

2. Changing the understanding: speaks of the way unbelievers will perceive the Church. Today, many unbelievers see the Church as irrelevant (Acts 5:11-13).

3. Changing the expression: speaks of the way the Church expresses its life together as a people of prayer and intimacy with God, walking out the Sermon on the Mount in the power of the Spirit.

4. It has forerunner messengers: Forerunners will proclaim Jesus as Bridegroom, King, and Judge and declare what the Scriptures say about the unique dynamics related to His end-time plan as He transitions the earth to the age to come. Forerunners will equip God’s people so that they are not offended at Jesus’ leadership, deceived by the enemy, or fearful of the future. Forerunners are messengers—some are preachers, artists (singers, musicians, actors, etc.), writers (Internet), media, marketplace, intercessors, or those who disciple people one-on-one in the Church, on campus, or at home. (Moms are some of the most important forerunners.)

Lance: The whole set of mikes notes can be available here. Copy and paste this link….

The point I want to make is that there are some aspects of Jesus personality we have not embraced. There is an edge to Him. A shrewdness and power in his person that made him a dangerous figure in the eyes of his human enemies. EXPECT history to repeat itself as the body of Christ takes on more of the genuine image and expression and MANIFESTATION of the Son of God!

Anyone else see this the same way?



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One thought on “The Unknown Jesus About To Be Manifest

  1. YES, YES, YES!
    It is wildly wonderful to embrace both His tenderness and His fierceness. Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb!
    Some say I’m like Jack Bauer on 24 when I pray and am on assignment. Some say I’m a tender rose, a gentle bride. That is the aspect of the Lion and the Lamb!
    I agree we need to embrace all of His nature and let Him be all He is in us and through us!