The Secret To Becoming A Highly Paid and In Demand Public Speaker

Dream Trip starts this weekend! Today I have one of our speakers, Pete Vargas from Advance Your Reach, on the line giving you a sneak peek of what you are going to see at Dream Trip this year. If you couldn't make it in person, why not join me online?

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4 thoughts on “The Secret To Becoming A Highly Paid and In Demand Public Speaker

  1. No doubt the motive of the title is pure; I trust the source. My heart sinks, however, when I read “The Secret to Becoming a Highly Paid in Demand Speaker,” not because I want to be the tail and not the head, but because, sadly, “highly paid” and “in demand” is what many believe is “arrival” and seek. Few are passionate about speaking only the “oracles of God.” Lord, let me be content to live unnoticed; if the words you give me bring me notoriety or prosperity, let me not to forget from whence I’ve come; if your words should bring me suffering, help me not to retain one jot or tittle, but give me grace to joyfully endure.

    • Hello Pete, I would like to know more about your program. I met Lance at Shekinah Church with Barbara J Yoder. I gave him my book entitled legally blind to the child in the room. It’s about pro-life and how the law Roe v Wade has made people blind to the fact that a live child exist in the womb. Who has the right to life. However because it’s a law in the nation people say it’s a law so it’s got to be okay. However slavery was a law and that was not moral or righteous.
      Today there exists a hidden Health crisis which has resulted from women aborting so many babies that has affected now they’re emotional mental and physical health.
      You hear the cry from pro-abortionist it’s my body. They are right and it is their body now that is being harmed by using abortion as birth control.
      The true message has to get out so that women will begin to protect not only their bodies but the body of the child in the womb