11227552_10153483134449936_5229085855373248921_nTHE HOLY SPIRIT IS PROPHETICALLY WARNING HIS PEOPLE…

…the only way to thwart a coming dark spiritual season is to heed Christ's warning and apply His prescribed solutions. Here in the United States the winds are blowing with such hostility and contempt toward Christians that things are said against believers that would never be said against a Muslim, or Minority.

Even notice the rooster on the weather vain? It is there because Pope Nicholas I decreed in the 9th century that all churches must show the symbol of a Rooster on its dome or steeple, as a symbol of Jesus' prophecy of Peter's betrayal (Luke 22:34). It was a reminder that the fixed laws of North, South, East and West will not change or move even when the winds of persecution can cause us to bend with the times.

When the church has no affixed, absolute, biblical truth on which it stands – when it has no “line in the sand” truths, it has ceased to be the force withstanding the gates of Hell on earth. The danger is this – with this mindset the church is reduced to a good will, humanitarian organization with only a weak Christian philosophy.

Rick Renner says: “It is no secret that the spiritual environment in the world is undergoing a radical change and a great gulf is beginning to divide those who are moving away from established truth and those who see what is happening and are responding by making personal re-commitments to absolute truth. The winds of change are blowing and it is producing a sifting, a dividing — a separation of wheat from chaff. The rift has become so severe that who is wheat and who is chaff may be looked upon differently depending on which group to whom you belong.”

Our job is to recognize these truths, then re-calibrate and upgrade our own lives so to honor Godly principles. A changed Church must start with us.

Chime in. Thoughts?

– Lance

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  1. This exact evaluation has left myself and my kids bored with Sunday morning gatherings. You and others may be annoyed with this, but it is so “religious” and scripted that I cannot do it. Thank you for your encouraging leadership.

    • Exactly Jennifer! I was just telling G-d about this tonight. I.e., I understand my assignment at this particular church i am currently serving in, yet I am bored, annoyed and getting rather frustrated with the religious program and ritual Sunday after Sunday! I cannot do this any longer!! Lord help us!! Be encouraged as we encourage one another in the LOrD!! 🙂
      It is time!…time for GREAT CHANGE!! Amen.

  2. This is fantastic! After the supreme court hearing on same sex marriage, Me and my parents were just discussing exactly what Rick Renner said! I noticed that many Christians knew were in favour of it. And that’s what i would call leaving away from biblical truths

  3. Very true. And my experience is that the more I began to be more absolute in my convictions and to vocalize it, the more of an outcast I was among church-goers. Invitations ceased, my phone stopped ringing, and people just kind of politely moved away from me. For example, I always felt a deep discomfort with the idea of abortion long before I really actually knew what it was and my position was, “I would never do it, but I can’t stop others if that’s what they want to do”. But I just began to research it and really discover the truth for myself and I was horrified, so much so that I didn’t see an alternative to speaking out against it; how could I be saved and NOT hate it?! And I naturally expected all the other professing Christians I knew to, once they realized the truth, be just as horrified. But not so. Even at the mention of the fact that I was now boycotting certain businesses that supported abortion, people would change the subject, censor me, or just kind of end the conversation and avoid me from then on. And for the few who I encountered who hated it too, they were quiet about it and would NEVER mention or discuss it openly. The same is generally true for any moral stance that runs counter to culturally held views, like the whole same-sex marriage debate. So I’ve found that if a believer really wants to live a godly life and be unmoving, unyielding in their convictions, they’ll be doing it alone, and they will have to learn how to endure the brutal, silent winds of persecution from every angle.