Talent Returned to God

What will we do without Rush? Who would have thought a year ago we would be without Donald Trump in office or Rush on the air? And I’m sure you, much like me, prayed earnestly for both of them. What’s happening? What’s the message? I could not help but spontaneously share my heart here with you and as I did I came to a surprising and optimistic conclusion. Let me know what you think.

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13 thoughts on “Talent Returned to God

  1. Thank you Lance. Several years ago I heard Rush tell of how America isn’t in a tail spin that leads to our own demise. It seems that as we move away from our God, families, and founding principles stated so brilliantly in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, a new generation arises and takes hold once again.
    So I have great hope, and the evidence that God will turn us around is found in the faith of millions praying in one accord.

    • Thank you Lance, I listen to your news and updates I am asking God what to swing at as well. I want to know his purpose and calling in this hour. Thank you for faithfully bringing us your updates, and encouraging us in this battle. I appreciate what you bring in this season

  2. I come to your website daily to hear you speak and get inspired. Thank you for putting your videos here as I no longer have Facebook or Twitter.

  3. Lance, you are on fire! I absolutely love your broadcasts, especially this recent one. You do have a great way with words, awesome!
    Rush L was a great man, so sorry he is gone from our scene, you told us more about him than I have ever known. I pray that God will use him and his great knowledge to help us here to victory.
    Prayers for our country, our loyal President Trump, that all people will awake and realize the truth, because evil cannot win! Keep on keeping on Lance, we love you! I hope you will have all the comforts of your home asap. Love, love love

  4. Dr. Lance,

    Another great message — rise up a rush of wind — Ruach. Rush will be missed. He infused our culture with rare insight, wisdom and optimism with a dash of witty repartee (even when alone on the air). His humility was to say the least admirable. And the good Lord has His purposes for Rush and each of us. Like Rush said we need to treasure this one day and tell the people we love that we do love them. His exemplary kindness and willingness to be vulnerable, even to own a mistake (the greatest mark of humility) make it hard to let go of our friend. But he has moved on to the best destination: home with Jesus.

  5. Most inspirational message to date. Thank you Lance for nailing it again. I have likely logged as many hours as any individual listening to Rush in the entirety of his broadcasting career, as could be done. I was a truck driver for those 30 years, never listening to music always had to informational. Well there was nothing to compare to Rush ever!! Fortunately there are now many conservative broadcasters to air these same views, but never like the one of a kind, with talent now given back to God. Selah… I can’t even add to this at the moment.

    Steve S.

  6. Lance, thank you for putting these videos on your website. I have left the Big Tech Tyrants of FB and Twitter and I am now on Gab and MeWe. I host a podcast and just did one on Christian Nationalism. I came across this article and would really love to hear you address this. I believe this Professor Miller has a very dangerous ideology on how he is defining Christian Nationalism, saying people like you and me, who love our Founding, should be “deprogrammed” in the church.
    Thank you for all you do!! God Bless!
    Michelle Jinnette

    • Wow, I just glanced through the Christianity Today article about Christian nationalism that Michelle shared. A huge dose of leftist political mumbo jumbo, and evil and misleading. What bible is he reading, and where does this professor Miller get his statistics because he couldn’t be more wrong about who evangelicals are.
      Thanks Lance for your faithfulness. The content you put out is awesome and much appreciated!

  7. Hi Lance,
    Thank you for putting up your ‘Facebook’ broadcasts on your web page. This week, in Australia, Facebook has de-platformed all news and related pages. Unfortunately, I can no longer view anything on your Facebook page. I have been ‘following’ you for the last couple of years and enjoy both your formal teaching and the informal broadcasts that you share. I have family in America (my father was American), so I am always very interested in your perspective on what is happening. My husband and I have been listening to Rush on the i-heart radio for some time, and will really miss his daily perspective on the times. We pray for your ministry, and your family. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, here in Australia. Blessings. Decima

  8. Thank you for your messages. I am in agreement with all you have said. I’ll miss Rush – Lost Carmen also. It appears we are moving into a new era with new faces and voices. Covid is/has killed off a targeted piece of society…the last of a demographic who understood the sacrifices for the very freedoms 50% of the population are oblivious to appreciate. On the one hand, I am excited that God is revealing more corruption than I could ever imagine, but on the other hand, I am sad that our beloved Nation is going through the crap it’s going through. God has a plan! Waiting for more shakings!!!!

  9. Lance, Praise God for you! Loved Rush from the beginning! So grateful to have come across you on Flash Point. You’re one of the few I trust along with Mario Murillo, Trump and Jesus. (Girl’s gotta have her standards). It’s not over, God founded this Country for His purpose, the devil can’t have her or this generation of children. Never stop!