News Update – What is Really Happening With Iran?

I’ve been thinking about the Iran situation and I’ve just got back from the evangelical coalition launch in Miami. Right now the situation with Iran is more important in understanding how to pray. Now, I believe that Donald Trump is being used by God, he’s a modern day Cyrus which is interesting since Pastor Guillermo […]

Trump Taking Out Soleimani Just Made The World A Better, Safer Place.

I was at the President’s rally tonight in Miami. He tells a different perspective than the one being told by American media. He has taken out the leader who has been the terror mastermind behind 600 American fatalities. The press refers to the latest missile attack that killed one and seriously injured 4 Americans as […]

Christianity Today Promotes Trump Impeachment, The Grahams Disagree

Christianity Today promotes impeachment and invokes the name of their founder, Billy Graham. Franklin Graham responds and shocks the world with the disclosure that Billy Graham voted for President Trump in 2016 and believed he was an answer to prayer. Then Franklin labeled the magazine as a publication “off track for a while” and “influenced […]

What Rudy Is Up To

You know why Giuliani is under so much heat? He’s in Ukraine doing what he did when he busted up mobsters and criminal enterprises in New York. He’s a former district attorney, a prosecutor, and he’s feeding data back to William Barr and John Durham about the Deep State criminal case they are preparing. HOW […]

Trump Impeachment Inquiry All The Latest Updates

What to know about this week… They are coming after Trump because his Attorney General is coming after them. The rogue State Department and intelligence officers who conspired to remove a duly elected President from office are pulling out the stops in the State Department. The so-called “whistleblower” (who didn’t actually even hear the call) […]

Capstone Legacy Foundation: The Great Experiment


God has given us a Sovereign call…

to create a Holy Convocation (gathering) of leaders to come to Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, to REPENT of our turning from His leadership over our Nation and call on God to forgive us and reestablish and renew our commitment to God as the Sovereign leader of our Nation.

Our annual Capstone fundraising gala takes place on Thursday evening, November 7, with Mike Huckabee. It is the kickoff of our Great Experiment: Faith to Freedom event. Attend just Thursday evening or consider joining us for the entire event.
On Friday we continue our consideration on the ideals and principles that our nation was founded on. However, on this day we begin to focus on how we have strayed from these values and guiding principles.
If you are concerned about the direction of our nation than this is an event you do not want to miss. By participating, you are joining Capstone in the calling that has been placed on us by God.

Click the link to register!

It’s a Reformation War

THIS WEEK a Reformation War begins between spiritual realms. In 1516 this realm collided over a humble monk who dared challenge the power structure of the Catholic Church and the crowns of monarchs they controlled. It represented a collusion of religion and politics at its medieval worse. Today the ancient battle resumes. The difference is […]

Witches Do Curses, Trump Hunts ISIS & The State Dept. Conspires…

I am increasingly shocked by how uninformed Christians are about their own protection and survival. It’s frequently a conversation starter wherever I go – people ask about the President and the impeachment. They’re not asking because they’re upset about it, they’re asking because they’re concerned he might have done something and what he might have […]

Important Word On President Trump, Turkey, Syria And The Kurds

A lot of you have been wondering what’s happening with the President and Turkey and I’ve got a very important update for you. I just flew home from Tel Aviv, Israel, Brazil, and San Diego. Just when I arrived in Jerusalem in Israel for the Feast Of Tabernacles, I actually edified myself about God’s faithfulness […]