This Is The 155th Anniversary Of A Highly Prophetic – Post Midterm Event

155th aniversary of a very prophetic date and with the most recent midterms, it shows that we truly are a house divided. The Gettysburg address was delivered 155 years ago by Abraham Lincoln and why that is prophetic is because the outcome of the war was going to be determined by an event that could […]

Lane Update: Red Wave Blues, Why Prophets Are Confused, Acosta Sozo, And Florida Rip Off

Now that we have passed the midterms, we have a house divided. On the one side, we had the prophetically proposed “red wave” which never made it to Florida’s shores.  On the other, we had the left’s grand illusion of a massive “blue wave” which resulted in merely a tinkle! I had people telling me […]

Understand The Results!

To understand the results of the midterms, we need to have a better ground game! There was no red wave, and the prophets who prophesied that there would be, are delusional. They are listening to Q drops, and they are delirious. As I forecast in my book, God’s Chaos Candidate, Trump is a Lincoln during […]

Aglow 2018 U.S. National Conference

2018 is the right time to walk in the fullness of all that Jesus died to give us.
Spokane, Washington, is the right place to experience that fullness.

Place: Spokane Convention Center, Spokane, WA
Dates: November 1 – 4, 2018
Theme: The Right Time
Speakers: Jane Hansen Hoyt, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau, Graham Cooke
Praise & Worship Leader: Christy Browning
Mark your calendars and plan on joining us in Spokane!

See these headlines?

HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET THIS “BOMB” THING IS THE LEFT TRYING TO MAKE THE RIGHT LOOK BAD? This is a huge media manipulated onslaught to affect the public before midterms. It’s all about gaining power by manipulating the easily swayed masses. Bet you didn’t hear about the two Republicans who were attacked while campaigning? […]

So I Walked Into An Elevator And Ran Into This…

Check out my encounter in the elevator and let’s talk about those 4000 people heading for the US Border going through Honduras & Guatemala. President Trump has told them if they don’t stop them, he will cut off aid to their countries. We’re giving $66m dollars to Honduras per year, that’s $16000 per person that […]