Cultural Moments

All around us, questions are being stirred up and people are looking for answers, but more than that, they are craving a deeper truth. As Jesus Followers, now is the time for us to lean into Him more than ever. As we seek to understand the cultural moments around us and partner with God’s presence, we will see powerful transformation in every sphere of influence. Get ready for 3 days of seeking God, encountering His presence, and experiencing deeper life with Him!

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Capstone Legacy Foundation: The Great Experiment


God has given us a Sovereign call…

to create a Holy Convocation (gathering) of leaders to come to Philadelphia, the birthplace of America, to REPENT of our turning from His leadership over our Nation and call on God to forgive us and reestablish and renew our commitment to God as the Sovereign leader of our Nation.

Our annual Capstone fundraising gala takes place on Thursday evening, November 7, with Mike Huckabee. It is the kickoff of our Great Experiment: Faith to Freedom event. Attend just Thursday evening or consider joining us for the entire event.
On Friday we continue our consideration on the ideals and principles that our nation was founded on. However, on this day we begin to focus on how we have strayed from these values and guiding principles.
If you are concerned about the direction of our nation than this is an event you do not want to miss. By participating, you are joining Capstone in the calling that has been placed on us by God.

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ICAL Annual Congress

The General Congress is 3 full days with over 40 strategic MasterBuilders sharing wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from decades of EXPERIENCE Plus testimonies of changing cities, nations, prophetic proclamations, prayer, worship, fellowship with like-mind leaders, and much more! Special meetings for National Convenors and Ambassadors and new members and guests on Monday, Oct. 28 No Live Streaming

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Supernatural Life 2019

Breakthrough into your next season!
We’re living in one of the most important times in modern history and the Lord wants to engage you in His heavenly blueprint for this generation. Join us for incredible worship with Amanda Cook and Life Center Worship.
We’ll hear from long-time friends and special guests like Heidi Baker, Michael Koulianos, David Hogan, Patricia King, Georgian and Winnie Banov, Charles and Anne Stock, Lance Wallnau, Tony Brazelton, Jim Baker and more. It will be an incredible gathering as we go deep in Him together. Get ready, God has a love encounter waiting just for you.


Extreme Dream Trip

We’re taking Dream Trip to the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. again this year!

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Hub Nation Conference 2018

Hub Nation is a city transformation movement designed to network powerful people that can develop and implement seven mountain strategies to fuel cultural reformation. We are partnering with Apostolic Resource Centers and marketplace leaders worldwide for the purpose of establishing model cities around the globe.
Join us this year for Reformation Strategies!
June 21 – 24, 2018
Bend, Oregon

Are your children prepared?

Lately I’ve felt the burden of the Lord for the next generation. They will face challenges that are greater than anything we have faced. But with those challenges is a grace and anointing unlike anything we’ve seen. The book of Acts is starting a new chapter. Are your children prepared? Reading about Jesus’ final hours […]

Forget the language for a moment!

Forget the language for a moment. All politicians are hypocrites when it comes to condemning language. I remember Biden caught telling Obama “this is f’n huge” when affordable healthcare got passed. Trump is a regular business man who looks at the immigration plan the Dems are pushing and says, “Why in the world…? Why in […]