Strange things are happening in Utah

6 State Senators from Utah of unsound mind, protest ultrasound bill.

And then there’s this…
Reuters reports – The Utah state Senate voted unanimously on Tuesday effectively to decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults, reducing penalties for a practice with deep religious roots in the predominantly Mormon state.
The bill, which would treat the offense of plural marriage as a simple infraction on par with a parking ticket, now moves to the Utah House of Representatives, where it is likely to face greater resistance.

Let’s see what these lawmakers do next. Strange things are happening in Utah these days.

Source: 6 female Utah state senators walk off floor to protest abortion ultrasound bill | Fox News

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One thought on “Strange things are happening in Utah

  1. Brother Lance! I am hurt for and confused by the news of jim Bakker having legal problems over SILVER SOLUTION products!!! We need truth and I trust you!!!