Prophetic Update: Will God Intervene To Save America By Passover?

A new prophetic twist to the story unfolding before our eyes. We are nearing a prophetic tipping point. Did Vice President Pence just send a coded message to Christians? He said these words “heal our land.” A hint to us from 2 Chronicles that when trouble or plague comes: “If My people who are called by my name within humble themselves and pray… THEN I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and HEAL THEIR LAND.”

What does the Bible say about the cause of the plague that Aaron stopped by intercession in Numbers 16:46-50?

Was it national strife? Did God ever send economic shaking to bring awakening to His people? How is this a battle in the spirit between Chinese communism and the United States?



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67 thoughts on “Prophetic Update: Will God Intervene To Save America By Passover?

  1. Will America get it? Will they know what to humble your self and and cry to God means? Are our doctrinal education more potent that God’s open book test of what is required to “Pass”? 2 Chronicles 7:14 has been a theme even from the start of this administration. A united church and body and spirit can intercede for our lost brothers and sisters.

    • Thank you I prayed with you and agree with all your comments please keep me up to date on your prophetic words Lord heal America help us to yield to Your plans Lord and to concern ourselves with your house and forgive us for putting ourselves ahead of You I pray we would return to You our first love Lord

      • PRAISE GOD !!!! Holy Spirit called me to become a MEDIA INTERCESSOR in 1999, knowing great deception was coming upon our great nation, people, Christianity, education, health, fear…an evil destruction…massive economy hits….media lies…..WAG The DOG productions ….DISINFORMATION…..dumbing down the kids….REWRITING HISTORY …..GLOBALIST EVIL DESIGN……Political Insanity…..create such confusion and chaos (Our MIGHTY GOD is not the author of confusion!) that would make the people throw their arms up and give into APATHY!!!!——-Holy Spirit showed me Almighty God would not let it happen……not then……NOT NOW!….I Believe that our Lord…has risen up many such as myself——alone in our little bedrooms ….interceding in the middle of the night…..declaring the opposite would happen toward the Globalist evil plans… to bring down our GOD DIRECTED GOD CREATED nation. THE FATHER told me that we (USA) SPIRIT-FILLED CHRISTIANS were the only force on earth holding back the GODLESS GLOBALIST. ..from taking over the planet ….and would not stop from doing ANYTHING to achieve their plans!!!! WELL, after 22 Years ……I’ve come out of my little prayer closet bedroom … share with you……MEGA DITTOS!!!!! On every heart felt SPIRIT lead word you spoke and prayed!!!! Your words and prayers you speak are very similar to my own!!! I have said all this, to say this….JUST AS THE VIRUS WILL COLLAPSE ON IT’S OWN “EVIL” DESIGN to try to break the US economy and prevent the re-election of our God appointed President Trump (and yes I was one of many the Holy Spirit showed back in 2014 Donald John Trump would become President…..for TWO TERMS…..Our very own precious and courageous and calm ….”Cyrus”….would rock the mighty Globalist Titanic PLOT to seize the world using China, “the Soros’s” etc, etc , Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi’s. Brennens, Comey’s Crappers, etc etc etc ). REMEMBER….. THE WEALTH OF THE “wicked”…..HAS BEEN LAID UP, STORED UP FOR THE “RIGHTEOUS”!!!!!! FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!!!! To support Our Fathers Ministries for the remaining SOULS the “MOST HIGH GOD” has chosen yet to be saved!!!! Yes, this is going to be the greatest transference of wealth in the History of Mankind!!!! Just like no one could believe that Donald J. Trump would or could ever be elected President of These United States of America ……..THE MOST HIGH GOD…… had other plans!!!! HIS WAYS are not OUR WAYS!!! Watch and see THE LORD stand STRONG on our behalf!!! Watch HIS “GRACE” and “SALVATION” to perform !!! This shaking is only to wake us up out of an unholy apathy…..and we gray haired Boomers are rejoicing…..”For This IS THE “DAY” THE “LORD” Has MADE,, let us “REJOICE” In It!!!!! Decree and Declare….Decree and Declare…….OUR LORD has given us the power of EITHER. “Life. Or. death…..with our Tongues…..therefore….CHOOSE…..”LIFE”!!
        HE has given us the power to tread on scorpions…Etc….. Over ALL the power of the enemy!! THE VERY SAME “POWER” that RAISED “CHRIST” from the DEAD…….DWELLS IN YOU!!!! ….. DWELLS in. Me!!!! GLORY. BE. TO. THE. FATHER. And TO. HIS. SON. and TO HIS. HOLY. GHOST!!!!!!!! In all CHRISTIAN love. AGAPE! Kathrine Peckham Marshall. (a 16 generational patriot)

        • Thank you for your post. It was a great tag-on to Lance’s video. We are at war for our country. The media has become a “thing”, a “being” with an ungodly mind operating in America to do the work of their father the devil. That this plague comes at the time of Passover and the Crucifiction and Ressurection of our Lord Jesus. I join my prayers with you and wait with expectation for the salvation of our God and the reformation of our Country.

  2. The best condition to save America is for Christians to unite and repent, and recapture the spirit of the Upper room and the Pentecost. It is on that foundation of unity that God will come to us, hence:

    Mt 18:19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

    Lance, what you are teaching is true, and you and your ‘loved ones in Christ’ must come together, and go into ‘the upper room’ and pray to “Seek first God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness” and save the nation. America must repent, and then a Pentecost will fill the land, but only on the foundation of unity and repentance.

    There must be a movement of renewal and preparation to re-build God’s House in preparation for the Second Coming. The prepared and purified people, are like dirty water that has been purified through evaporation, that being the clouds that Christ comes upon, that is a prepared people. Compare:

    Heb 12:1 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great ‘cloud of witnesses’, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”.

    It’s clear, Christians have to take responsibility for what is happening in America, as God prepared and entrusted this land foremostly to his people to steward, care for and build up. For what? For the same assignment the First Israel had. To welcome the Messiah.

    This is evidenced by the arrival of the Mayflower, the equivalent of the Ark or the Exodus, to cross the ‘sea of tribulation’ and bring God’s people to a new land, with the Founding Father’s penning the ‘Declaration of Independence’ along with the Constitution, which are comparable to the Ten Commandments, as they too were written on two separate ‘tablets of stone’.

    American Christians and around the world, have the same mission and responsibility as the Israelites, to prepare their country to receive the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent.

    Therefore it is our actions that God is watching and responding to most closely. If Christians wrote the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and the Constitution, and essentially founded America forming the first government and Republic, doesn’t that suggest that Christians should still be involved today in Government, and in fact, that is their civic duty and responsibility, as also the prophets guided the Kings of Israel. You can guide them by also voting for them, and becoming more politically involved.

    There is no excuse, Christians who should understand the Will and Providence of God should be the first to ensure that what is happening in their nation is aligned with God’s teachings, His Commandments and Statutes, as this is the nation God gave foremostly to you and for you. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand anything.

    This is your ‘birthright’, and you are showing little regard for it, selling it off like Esau for a pottage of mammon (lentils), as Judas sold out mankind’s birthright, Jesus, for thirty pieces of silver. What have you sold out for the so called American Dream? “For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but forfeits his soul”?

    American Christians must unite, come together and repent, to save their nation as did Nineveh.

    What could have been a relatively short journey through the wilderness into Canaan became a 40 year course where all the first generation Israelites died save Joshua and Caleb, the only two who gave faithful reports in the initial spying out of Canaan.

    1500 years later Jesus came, but still the people were not sufficiently prepared to accept Jesus. Even with such a long preparation period including the admonishment of the prophets, being taken into captivity and exile, and finally returning to Israel and building the temple, then still with Malachi a further prophet and reformer preparing the people, they still messed up, rejecting Christ and having him put to death. That truly was the great and terrible day of the Lord.
    Not to mention what followed for the Jewish people.

    Given that Christians are walking a parallel course as the first Israel, do you think you are faring any better, and will account for yourself any better than those who died in the Wilderness, and then after all they went through following their arrival in Canaan (now today’s America) still rejected Jesus.

    Nothing is a done deal and as simple as we may like to think or hope it will be, as man always has his portion of responsibility to fulfil, and things never quite happen the same or as we may expect them to happen. That is where the element of ‘faith’ comes in. We have to have faith, and pray to God for understanding.

    As Lance said in his video, “Lance Wallnau Speaks on the 7 Mountains”, 17 January 2020 ‘Curt Landry Ministries’ at 2:10:15

    ” …If you know anything about God, He always does what you don’t expect, so whatever you people are expecting, then I can promise you it’s not going to look like that”.

    That’s the problem we all face, so we have to be praying unceasingly to see from God’s viewpoint, and not be caught out, being the equivalent of not having oil in our lamps.

  3. Father bless Lance and Family. Keep them healthy and safe. Thank you for his voice, his ear for you and his robust humor! Father make Lance’s path easy and bind the strongman who comes against him. In Jesus name.


  4. Thanks! Good message. I noticed that YOU, like others, left out TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS in the introduction.
    You mentioned how one man was able to stop the plague in Numbers.
    It may well be that this present plague may be stopped by one or a few people,
    But that will not stop the things that will still be coming, food shortages (famine), etc.

    God can not HEAL our land until his people TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS.
    Dwight Bennett

    • ‘ Will turn from their wicked ways’. Very important. Christians (My people) or the people of God don’t seem to feel that they are not practicing holiness. They argue God’s Grace protects them. Hogwash!!! God is a holy God! We are to be a holy people! We must repent and turn back!

  5. Lance,
    I have worked in the abortion healing, recovery and life coaching world since 2003, after my own healing journey after an abortion I had chosen many years before.
    There was a period of time between about 2005 – 2008 that I tried to pretty much run from it out of fear of what people would think and that it would be too hard.
    And then God….
    …reminded me of Jonah, Nineveh and the whale. I like fish and all, but not THAT much! 🙂
    In 2008, I was driving and praying one particular day and I heard a gentle whisper into my spirit, “I will heal the nations through the healing of abortion, are you with me?” I had to pull the car over to the side of the road to weep!
    Days of walking to the point of surrender ensued.
    Over the course of the next 7 years God was forming in me a strength and courage to carry the message of S.M.A.R.T. Women’s Healthcare – Science Matters in Abortion Related Trauma. I have spoken to you and Mercedes at Hub Nation, and Culture Shaper Summit events.
    GOD is doing a mighty work in the area of abortion and putting leaders in place, like President Trump, VP Pence, the Supreme Court to bring justice, righteousness and truth to America.
    I believe that this battle is so fierce right now because of the Jezebel spirit, alive and well, in Speaker Pelosi, the Squad, Senator Kamala Harris and so many other women leaders…in the Democratic party. They are minions of satan himself. They are using nothing but lies, denial and coverup to preserve their barbaric demands for abortion on demand as a women’s reproductive right at all costs….We are seeing a turn around in the hearts and minds of so many Americans. The enemy HATES life, abortion is a direct ASSAULT on the image of God and everything good. Those same people are pushing casual sex, gender confusion (another assault on God’s image) and casual abortions on our youth in unprecedented fashion….we are dealing with an unprecedented and invisible enemy in our world. What a parallel to the physical and spiritual world around us. Let God Arise, Let His Enemies Be Scattered!

  6. I agree this is what is needed for this time. America shall be saved! Many Christians fasted and prayed for the President in the last election. President Trump was selected. Because there is strife in our Nation between unbelievers, weak believers and believers, our Nation definately needs to fast and pray. We need to repent for our Nation, acting as intercessors, humbling ourselves before God and he shall save our land. Unified prayer among Christians in this country can save this Country. But at the end all will be seperated. Nations and people are beginning to show who they are more and more. Unbelievers are full of anxiety and fear while believers are pretty calm. It’s easy to see the difference right now.

    • A day or so before the election I was on the prayer call with Sammy Rodriquez and with so many others I lived in PA then. About 15 minutes later I received a call from then Gov. Mike Pence at first I didn’t realize it was him I was surprised, but when I realized it I became very excited and told him how much my wife and I were praying for him and President Trump. I mentioned the lawn signs and how I saw TRUMPETS as a sign, I wasn’t sure of how radical a Christian he was, but I was on fire and energized for their cause. God was all over that election & the enemy tried to steal it, but when God’s people pray and repent He hears! We have to put our faith to work by taking action, radical God fearing action. God loves His children and I love Him.

  7. When I heard Vice President Pence said the words “heal our land”. I knew he was talking directly to Christians, I quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. All believers must unit together, humble themselves and pray. Thank you some much.

  8. Praise God AND HIS/YOUR WORD!!!!

    Lance tell the people, IF they want healing, to STOP eating and killing HIS creations,
    the beautiful animals where the infections start!!! Then to STOP smoking which hurts your lungs and they can not stand up to the virus as they are weakened and then #3 stop drinking Alcohol which debilitates your liver and kidneys which need to be strong to filter OUT this virus!!! People will listen as they want to LIVE and KNOW GOD!!!!

  9. I stand in prayer with my brothers and sisters for the miracle in Rush’s body now as
    he sleeps. Lord deliver him from pain, make him new in you, yes Lord new, I can
    say that with peace and a smile! Our prayers are being heard and your results will be
    seen in him.
    Give strength to his wife and family draw all to you my Lord!!!

  10. Thank God for you.
    You are waking up the church to see it’s Anerica God wants to save on His terms not ours.
    May we all humble our selves and repent and God will heal our land then we will see and the harvest He wants to bring in.
    I pray God’s protection over you and His precious blood cover you and your family. Elyce

  11. Wonderful insight from Lance, I pray God truly pours out His spirit upon you in a greater way. Many of the areas of the country will probably be experiencing their highest death tolls around Good Friday to Easter. A time where the church can get this right and realign with heaven. We have to repent! I see what Lance has been seeing for a long time, but nobody paid attention to me. We’ve been doing church with Jesus outside wanting to come in. Revelation 3:20, says just that. Jesus is a footnote in many church sermons. What a tragedy, because He is the author of it all, and the finisher of our faith.

  12. Wonderful insight from Lance, I pray God truly pours out His spirit upon you in a greater way. Many of the areas of the country will probably be experiencing their highest death tolls around Good Friday to Easter. A time where the church can get this right and realign with heaven. We have to repent! I see what Lance has been seeing for a long time, but nobody paid attention to me. We’ve been doing church with Jesus outside wanting to come in. Revelation 3:20, says just that. Jesus is a footnote in many church sermons. What a tragedy, because He is the author of it all, and the finisher of our faith.

  13. Thanks Lance. Indeed it’s all hands on deck to pray for the House which is America and Trump, not just our church or ministry .

  14. Thank you for all you do
    May God lay his protective hands over His people and keep them safe through this plague.

  15. Wooowwww Lord Jesus ????did you just speak through Lance????????I pray that you safe this nation , all those suffering and that your love and word would penetrate us all so deeply – we are so grateful for your grace your love and your word -, In Jesus name I pray, AMEN

  16. Agreeing in prayer, that Rush Limbaugh would live, and not die. Mark Levin, have grace and peace upon him. Pray for Thompson household, that spirit of infirmity would leave, in the name of Jesus. The health and peace would preside.

  17. I shared the stories of Aaron with the censor and Moses and snake on a pole in church March 15th and said one must precede the other. Blessings Lance.

  18. Very good, Lance. I think this video was probably your finest! Please keep up the good work. We’re on your side, and pray with you at this hour for God’s mercy to fully manifest over America, and for His glory and righteous cause to cover our land… and eventually the whole world! We also pray for God’s supernatural protection and favor over you and yours…

  19. WOW. I found you on Truth and Liberty. I asked the Lord to show me truth last year. I am born again from 1982 backslid, came back 1984 – 1991 backslide until July 2018 after my husband died of cancer. Now here I am being used by GOD to tell people what you said. Not usually what I do. Oh boy they think I am nuts, these are the Christians! It’s to political they tell me. HELLO! I love your boldness. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY now living in Colorado. I am going to still preach on. We had several bible study comments, well I brought up voting. Told them well I am going out on this and told them what BILLY GRAHAM said: bad people get in because good people don’t vote! Interesting I get no comment back. We need to talk Jesus and Politics is right!
    have a blessed night. thank you for letting me join your prayer tonight.

  20. Thank you, Lance, for sharing what God is giving you! Praise God for His message of hope in this shaking of nations! I am standing with you in prayer for Rush and for the United States of America!


  22. Have Faith In God. Don’t let that phrase spoken by Jesus be too simple or over-familiar to you. We, and I’m speaking on every level between the individual to The Body of Christ, are not big enough in ourselves or collectively to carry the care of this thing. So what do we do? What did Jesus do? He heard from God, He believed and did what God said, and MIRACLES happened. MIRACLES. MIRACLES. MIRACLES. MIRACLES. MIRACLES. MIRACLES! I appreciate your ministry and insight—but as your brother and with my humbled, love-filled heart, I would say to you—calm down. Cast the care on The Lord. Rely on Him and not your own understanding. And stand and see the salvation of Jehovah. Until we meet face to face—PEACE be to you in JESUS NAME.

  23. Thank you. Perhaps more importantly to those of us who live in America, do we see this as a spiritual battle within our OWN nation? Do we recognize the spirit of Jezebel and other demonic spirits and forces at work here? (Power, greed, death, evil…?) What about the fake news, the purposeful lies, the corruption, etc … the caronavirus, fear, being sequestered & isolated?
    ‘Humble yourself and pray’ doesn’t mean to just pray for our country or pray against any of those things, it means to humble OURSELVES. And often it requires getting still and quiet before the Lord so that we can hear his voice speaking to us, or bubbling up in us the areas WE need to confess, receive forgiveness, and cleansing. It is then, that God will hear and answer from heaven and heal our land!
    It is also our clean and pure living, staying righteous, choosing his way… Life… And making time everyday, as often as possible, to be thankful, grateful, praise love and ADORE him. We are HIS people, our ONLY answer, the One who LOVES us, lavishly… and is GREATER than ANTHYING we are facing!! Let’s ADORE & LOVE UP on Him, CELEBRATE & WORSHIP Him.
    Our personal worship is also a powerful powerful weapon against the enemy. Even more so, when it is corporate! When we join together with others. Let’s use all the technology available to us to gather together and race him up!
    Thank you all at Blessings!

  24. God always used pagan nations to judge his people alouse that nation to increase then brings His judgements then because his people are broken the shoe then goes on the other foot (the story of gideon)
    But the warnings were not heeded before hand,let me be clear our nations have been passing laws that are a stench to him,the latest InUK is full turm Abortion, the blood of the innocent is crying out of the ground, do you think we will get away with it a legalised hulacorst .this is judgement,but if we turn he will turn his hand and China will full on it’s own sword. But can we turn?

  25. Thank YOU Lance
    I honor the gifts and Holy Spirit in you.
    I thank God for the His spirit so mighty upon you which is vital to the nations for such a time as this.
    I pray that your prophetic declarations penetrate every heart and the empowering grace of God quicken individuals to unify with Gods plans and purposes in the earth. Amen Amen

  26. David Graham from Quebec. Had this prophetic word out of Haggai last summer for 4MY CANADA meeting july 2019. Wrote it down and submitted foe review at the prophets table, never heard back from Faytene or anybody.
    Lance, read RICK JOINER VISION from 1993 ‘WAR AND GLORY’ we are now entering that phase…..
    I had similar vision in 1998 when visiting a church in Winnipeg, God was going to level (destroy) individual church pursuits because of this Haggai prophecy. He is now doing that. WE HAD BETTER REPENT, and begin to obey or else The Lord will take it all away in an instant

  27. During the night of January 9th 2020, the LORD spoke to me about the Valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37 V 1-14 Amplified Bible. The remnants of His people are very dry can they rise up. You know LORD. They become a mighty army. God’s people will become a mighty if we come together as ONE in UNITY.
    You were just mentioning. “If My people who are called by My Name…….”
    Sorry this is vague I have not done this before but I have tried to reach you with this since January. Hope it makes sense to you and confirms your direction. God bless you

  28. I believe God is already intervening everyday. We as Christians, are hearing a voice in our ears saying: God is in control. He is also saying, remind the world of what happened in Sodium and Gomorrah. Remind them of Noah and the ark. Remind them of the Israelite’s wondering around the desert for 40 years.

    Then, as our administration (President Trump and Vice President Pence) have declared that we all follow the instructions in 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    The world is starting to realize we can do without the idols (little gods) of Sports, Celebrities, Hollywood and materialism. These are being taken from us. We are now spending more time with our families.

    Lance, we appreciate your telecast via the internet. You are like a voice in the desert proclaiming God’s truth. He is using you.

    God Bless you and all of the like minded viewers of you.

  29. You said Aaron rushed out…….in a vision i had, GOD said to run at this evil wave of tyranny , with His Authority and shut it down. There is a new wave of His favor coming but we must stand in Him. Unity is the key. This unity however must be of GOD’S people being willing to lay down their lives and fight for the Kingdom. I have instructions on what needs done. It is a reaching out as never before to the broken and All Nations but not in our Strength or wisdom. So far, people shut me down. They only hear half of what I’m saying or tell me to be quiet. God needs us to be shaken. To get rid of our religious ways. Our ways don’t work. His way does. I seen what God wants to do. God give us a huge shove. God’s blueprint for the Nations is complete but GOD’S Children need to PAY ATTENTION AMD WAKE UP..GOD BLESS YOU

  30. Dear Lance,

    Thank you for your teaching. The Lord says you are spot on in what you have said here. He says “Rush IS healed and will soon be speaking LOUDLY once again with the Fire of the Almighty! He says to you, Lance,
    “Keep going, keep seeking, keep finding for My Plans are forthcoming for you and others like you! The Fire of the Almighty is coming. Look carefully at Passover..
    this coming Passover. Take heart! Even now, tell those who celebrate Passover, to put blood on their door posts and the lintel above, for the time of Egypt has come once again! I came and died for all. You denied Me then and you deny Me now. I came that you might live. I come NOW as Judge! Hear what I say! REPENT!”

    Message given 4-4-20 1:38 p.m.

  31. Good word Lance. Reformation or literally a straightening out in the NT Greek needs to occur badly. Believers need to believe which sounds oxymoronic. I have been doing a verse by verse study of Acts and i was reminded of the nature and wonder that the Church was born out of. Hebrews and Gentiles alike were amazed at their authority and the demonstrated power of the Holy Spirit. Currently not much if at all…

    Putting feet to prayers as they say takes faith and boldness two fruit not all congruent with modern church leadership or practice.

    We will learn the easy or hard way but the purposes and prophecies of the Lord will be established regardless. Man thinks in his arrogance that they can preempt or oppose it… Directly or indirectly in and outside the Church. Laziness and fear are never gonna stop the Word but it can hinder it greatly until God moves in a way that shakes things up…

  32. I had just heard a video on G5 causing cell death being the plague and not Covid. When you prayed you mentioned “toxic poison in the airwaves”. Were you praying against G5 o CNN?

  33. April 1, 2020 The bees are coming over the world, do not fear, they bring honey, healing, health and wealth in the Spirit. The Spirit will awaken God’s people, the church must wake up to false teaching and cleanse it’s self through Christ to imitate HIM, in HIS glorious suffering. Be set apart as a peculiar people. Stop aligning with the world and your half-heartedness is not in HIM! Some Christians lie, kill and destroy in word and deed. Who are you aligned with? Jesus? the World? or the devil? Ask yourself who is first, self or God? Get right with the great I AM, get your heart in alignment with ME, time is short. The bees are coming, you will hear the buzzing are they false bees,? killer bees?or bees with honey? Who are the bees? Examine the fruit, what is this fruit, does it taste of honey or is it bitter fruit that destroys? The bees honey I give will bring life and wholeness! Examine the bees with revelation in CHRIST, STAY IN HIM, MY sheep know my voice, and I know MY sheep. Be aware of the buzzing and discern who to draw honey from. Bring the honey in as harvest, pure honey, sweet to the of taste of Truth. Awaken MY people Awaken. The buzzing is coming! next wave? says the Lord to me early morning April 1, 2020. Agreeing with you Lance, its time for the church to seek God!

  34. Great message. I highly respect you. I do believe that we are not supposed to pray mamsie pamsie prayers about evil wicked people. Pray for the spirit behind them to be taken down. We have been given the authority to tread on scorpions and over come all the power of the enemy. Why are we sorry to call a demon a demon. David didn’t do that. people listen to you. Tell them to take devils down. God be with you a million ways God bless you for standing up for so many amazing kingdom things. I am doing my best with all my might.

  35. I really appreciate your broadcasts, but try not to take yourself so seriously. Perhaps your wife knew not to interrupt you, but as a married man I have had God speak to me numerous times through my co-heir. Plus, love and courtesy demand a gentler response. I personally wouldn’t have minded you taking a second to address her concern (it would have been more like being in the room with you-all). And I hope that you will forgive a critique, but you do take a long time to get to the point sometimes. Lastly, whenever I lose my train of thought, I simply ask the Lord, “Where was I Lord?” and he shows me every time. So chill a little; if He really wants you to share something important, he’ll make sure it gets done. Just ask Jonah… Thanks again for your encouragement. -Charles Wesley

  36. I pray that people will return to the Lord Jesus Christ and return to the path that God has paved for us!!! God bless you greatly for sharing this with us! GOD bless President Trump and staff. In Jesus name Amen????❣️

  37. I also have been praying for supernatural healing of the virus and we can back to meet on Easter, the day we celebrate Jesus sacrificial death and His resurrection! What a good timing for the Lord’s glory, but it’s gonna have to be a miracle as the pandemic, but our God is God of miracle, may His will be done! Peace belong to us believers on earth, glory to Him in heaven!

  38. Such good stuff, Lance – even here three days later, I’m on my knees praying with the recording, on my face at the couch praying along with you weeping along with you. God, do this — eagle soar, lion roar — bring it to pass in Jesus name. Please have mercy on America and please unite Your church in the building of the house project of God.
    in Jesus name amen
    I personally remember experiencing the anointing of Jim Lafoon decades ago, here in Richmond Virginia, now revealed to the world for such a time as this, but all sola Gloria Deo : all to the glory of You, God

  39. Lance,
    God does not do anything without first telling His prophets. The next dominant rat’s nest that the angels and God Himself are taking out is the FED. The FED must fall, the servants of Satan guiding it must fail. The military servants, commissioned to do that job are about to carry it out, under the competent leadership of POTUS. The best way for the rest of us to support that ‘terrible, swift sword’ is to stay off the streets and enjoy fellowship with family and friends and quiet our concerns. Or, as Q has repeated over and over, “Enjoy the show.” The servants of satan are about to be perp-walked. Get out the popcorn.
    The driving of the FED into insolvency is a vital part of moving from a debt-based money system to an asset-based monetary policy. That phase of messing with our financial structure is intentional. Trump would disagree with you that it is a judgment from God. The economic transformation for us will ripple throughout the world. If successful, there is a genius in this transformation that only direct intervention from God can provide.
    Remember Kim’s “simple stone?” The legal construct that enforces that monetary system must resist all technical challenges to its validity. Its language must be simple. It will be the rational, cohesive legal construct that will spread in its importance until all the nations of the world come under its influence.
    A simple stone.

  40. 2 Weeks ago, God told me to follow the C-1-9 in Scripture –
    1 corinthians 1:9 – God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His son Jesus Christ our Lord (we have to know we are his)
    2 corinthians 1:9 – Yes we had a death sentence in ourselves that we should not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead. (a time of repentance for doing things on our own, and putting our trust in God(
    Colossian 1:9 – For this reason, we also since the day we heard…do not ease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding (when we know we are his, repented for doing it on our own, we begin to pray for others)
    I am convinced this is exactly what you said – a time to reset our prayer lives – aligning with the Word! Micro church!

  41. I think the is another dynamic involved in what is happening around the world with the coronavirus. This is a battle between the corona (“crown”) virus and the crown of the Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom. The enemy wants to establish his crown over the nations. God has been speaking through the prophets for a very long time about the Great Awakening coming to the earth. The enemy’s strategy is the new buzzword “social distancing” which the media is telling us will be the “new normal” after the virus is winding down. Social distancing…keep your distance…protect yourself…stay in your homes…shut down the churches and gatherings. They will try to convince us that our world has changed and we must do these things if we are to be good citizens. We must pray that the isolation walls the enemy is building will crumble and the church will deliberately and whole-heartedly press forward with God’s kingdom agenda.

  42. Thank you for praying powerfully in the videos…It gives me an opportunity to pray and agree with you for God to do mighty things in the land and for His people.

  43. Powerful word today on our economy Haggai, and If my people will pray …? Oh GOD help me to be more engaged then ever before. Pray Pray Pray liKe never before. I am so proud of my President Donald Trump.

  44. In such agreement with what you say, I have to watch this since few churches even talk about government much less encourage engagement in government. I have led a team at the TN State Capitol for 17 years for targeted prayer, releasing the arrows of intercession for God’s plans in government to be fulfilled.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  45. We could (and probably should) start a petition in the White House website, to condemn this article as religious persecution.
    Then you can ask your followers to sign the petition.
    That is a centralized way to get the word out, and get some results.
    For way too long we (the church) have remained quiet while being dogged in public by the minorities.
    Time to do something about it.
    What do you think?