Airline Sabotage and Political Saboteurs

An American Airlines mechanic was accused of sabotaging a navigation system on a Miami flight with 150 passengers aboard. He confessed Wednesday to attempting to destroy the aircraft in a plea agreement that reduced his sentence to just three years. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, doesn’t speak English well enough to talk without a translator. […]

Current News: Impeachment, Brexit, And So Much More!

Have you been tracking what’s happening in the capital as the impeachment proceedings have gone full-tilt crazy? Did you know that Nadler, Pelosi, and Schiff are all from sanctuary cities? It’s been a nonstop assault on sixty million Americans who voted for Trump, to undo what they voted for, and make sure it never happens […]

What Rudy Is Up To

You know why Giuliani is under so much heat? He’s in Ukraine doing what he did when he busted up mobsters and criminal enterprises in New York. He’s a former district attorney, a prosecutor, and he’s feeding data back to William Barr and John Durham about the Deep State criminal case they are preparing. HOW […]


It will not succeed. POINT ONE: Impeachment proceedings are so PAINFUL to look at. BUT I am encouraged by this Word… You and I are watching this Bible verse in action “deceived and being deceived.” Notice how people who sell a lie start to believe the lie! All the Democrats started off their resistance knowing […]

Three Keys to Becoming Unstoppable – As God Wants You!

God wants you unstoppable! Don’t back down and don’t retreat. In this broadcast, I share three keys to becoming unstoppable! LEARN MORE: Unstoppable “Be steadfast and immovable” 2 Cor 15: 58 Now is the time for you to push into the unstoppable zone – it’s the season for not backing down, and living with the […]