Understanding God’s Ways!

Contrary to the saying, “God works in mysterious ways.’ God actually wants you to understand His ways. He does not want you to jump off the potter’s wheel at the very times He is shaping you for the future. Many people can understand God’s acts, but they do not understand His ways. They do not […]

Lance pottery

Do You Know What Time It Is?

Years ago I began hearing experienced revivalists talk about “thin places” or certain geography where breakthrough was easier. By “thin” they were talking about the ability to break through something. It made sense. I’ve traveled the world and can tell you that some places are an “open heaven” while others are a battle the moment […]

It’s time for you to find your micro church!

As the world moves more toward a Babylonian culture, we need to move more into a position like Daniel and his three friends. They formed a supernatural micro church group right in the shadow of Nebuchadnezzar’s gates that influenced all of society. Imagine, strong believers moving together, as one, advancing up every mountain! These micro […]



47 Christians killed by radical Muslims in ISIS and news says “47 people killed in church blasts.” By targeting the Christian minority (10% of population) the radical Muslims hope to unify Muslims behind ISIS. Someone should just say – Here’s a really politically incorrect moment … Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world. […]