Celebrate Purim With Me

The month of March is the last or 12th month of the Hebrew calendar. In Israel there is a sacred calendar and a secular calendar. We look at the last month—Adar—as the completion of a full cycle. This is also the time of the feast of Purim. This is when Esther emerged, ushered in just […]

Host The Presence Of God

You know, every time the team and I talk about whether or not we’re going to do another Dream Trip event, it seems that’s the time when people start calling in asking about it. Originally, it was designed as a sort of getaway with the tribe so we could all have some in-person, face to […]

The Mountains Are Calling… Can You Hear Them?

It’s time to go deep into who you really are! Write the vision for your future! The vision calls you to become someone you have never been. Your new you is connected to your assignment. Your calling literally shapes your character and everything about you. Your calling calls forth your BEST self. Prophetically you should […]

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Releases the Anointing of Recognition

There are no random or meaningless details in the Bible. That’s what makes studying the Word so rewarding. What am I talking about? It’s a thing called the Mount Zion Mantle. It’s the ability to adjust yourself to different levels of anointing and operate at higher spheres. All mastery comes down to distinctions. The distinctions […]

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Don’t Bow Your Knee To Witchcraft

I have been watching, with great amusement, the beginning of Donald Trump’s administration. Most people miss the sequence that set up this monumental shift. Two things happened prior to Cyrus emerging in Babylon: Jeremiah prophesied and Daniel prayed to birth the breakthrough. As we have seen in the first few weeks Trump’s anointing as God’s […]

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Rule In The Midst Of Your Enemies

Do you ever say to yourself,  “I’ve been here before”? Like you are running around in circles? The truth is, you’re not going in circles—you’re going in cycles. There’s a big difference. You see, you’re climbing the hill of the Lord. As you hit a point of transition or promotion in the Kingdom, the cycles […]

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Do You Know How to Ask?

Improve your spiritual batting average

I remember years ago a great teacher named Bob Mumford said something interesting about prayer and petition. He said, “If you want to increase your batting average, you have to stop swinging at every pitch that comes over the plate.” A baseball player watches for that perfect pitch. Apply the same strategy to your prayer […]

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