LIVE at 100X speaking to 300 Kingdom Business Entrepreneurs! 850 views

Today I’m speaking at the 100x Acceleration conference and I tell them about my first conference talk I gave, called doing business supernaturally. In it, I was talking about the 7 mountains and I realized the 7 mountain message took off way more than doing business supernaturally! From looking at what all of those attendees […]

President Trump said there was spying on his campaign and they mocked. Not now.

It’s been such a great news day if you are tracking with this story. I can’t believe Karl Rove is giving the President such dumb advice that he should just drop the whole Mueller investigation and move on. Have you ever seen the scene in Jason Bourne when the Senate wanted to know about operation […]

The Lance Wallnau Show: Trump Rips “Husband From Hell”

I’ve been told I’m something of a “Trump Whisperer.” Did you know that? It’s as though I interpret or translate comments our President makes, or more often than not, what he’s tweeted from his Twitter account! Let’s take this week’s situation for example. Did you hear about Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George? I mean, he had […]

I Just Left Paradise

I just left paradise and was thinking of you! I want to take you to a place where you can experience the supernatural presence of God in the garden. To a place where you can meet God “in the cool of the day,” as God intended in Genesis. I was doing a word study on […]

After 20 hours of flying to Taiwan, this is the best way to land!

After 20 hours of flying to Taiwan, this is the best way to land! I’m here because the State Department is conducting important meetings that touch the spiritual future of Christians in Asia. Do a google on Ambassador Sam Brownback and his comments in Hong Kong. He is saying some powerful prophetic things about China […]