Spiritual Warfare Dreams, The Divinity Code, Plus God Working in Australia & The US

I want you to meet two people I recently connected with, Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale, who have a ministry called the Divinity code. They specialize in a couple of different things but one thing they are great at is prophetically interpreting dreams. My wife, Annabelle, along with a few others, were moved to tears […]

Trump Impeachment Inquiry All The Latest Updates

What to know about this week… They are coming after Trump because his Attorney General is coming after them. The rogue State Department and intelligence officers who conspired to remove a duly elected President from office are pulling out the stops in the State Department. The so-called “whistleblower” (who didn’t actually even hear the call) […]

It’s a Reformation War

THIS WEEK a Reformation War begins between spiritual realms. In 1516 this realm collided over a humble monk who dared challenge the power structure of the Catholic Church and the crowns of monarchs they controlled. It represented a collusion of religion and politics at its medieval worse. Today the ancient battle resumes. The difference is […]

I just figured Out Why People Are Staring At Me…

I’m having one of those days today! I’m at the airport in Huntsville, Alabama, which is really an airport where nobody goes. My flight’s delayed and I’m stuck in this airport with no heat, spending the time reading about transgenders and stuff like this, trying to get my head around what’s happening with culture. Did […]

Listen To This Spontaneous Worship At Tribe Quantum 2019

I’m at the James Nesbit conference, Tribe Quantum 2019. I stayed an extra day because the presence of the Lord was so delightfully rich. Literally the best kept secret in Florence, Alabama. James Nesbit is both an artist and a musician and the band as a whole are an amazing combination of talent and abilities. […]