Finally Got This Wild Mario Murillo Interview Recording

Finally got this wild Mario Murillo interview recording for you. We went down some incendiary paths on that call. Catch it while it’s available. I pinned it to the top of my “Lance Wallnau” Facebook page. Also, I’m so mad at this fake social security scam I’m getting calls about. I’m half ready to prank […]

Activists are dismantling American culture

The truth is that activists are dismantling American culture – and they know what they are doing. It starts by identifying which progressive Marxist issue is most marketable to the public under the guise of compassion. LGBT activists have 4 letters to work with. Once the issue, like Transgender rights, is marketed under the guise […]

The Leftist media takeover and sleeping Christians.

Friends, we need to see this. The moment the free press stops speaking as a voice to power and becomes the voice for a powerful political party, America is doomed. They are poisoning the minds of the masses and at some point will train their guns on you, the hate mongering radical right-wing deplorable. I […]

Verbal Media Brawl In The Rose Garden

A brawl nearly broke out at White House as fake news accused true news of demonic possession. I will be interested to see if Facebook suppresses the distribution of this Breitbart post. Left-wing Soros-funded Media Matters, targeted and took out Breitbart from access to the White House press pool while complete Bozo’s in the fake […]