Multi-Nation Tour

Want to Go?

Momentary Jet Lag… back from HongKong and in LAX. May do some work with God TV next. Gonna hit several nations in a tour. Want to go? What do you think of God TV? Also, I’ve got some things I want to talk about but my wife is cautioning me from saying anything. Not about […]

long flight

God wants nations!

God wants nations! Why? Because He who gets the nation’s gets the harvest – you can have your harvest and keep it if you’ve got nations. You can’t keep your harvest even after you’ve fought for it and won if you don’t have the high places. The Last Days is a battle of kingdoms contending […]

sheep nations


He Disrupts!

TRUMP and the GLOBAL ORDER he disrupts! I’m surprised I didn’t see this before… it’s the Corporate Money Changers, the merchants of Mammon who are the real sinister powers behind the fake news and activist funding in the extreme Left. These are the traitors to America’s social, moral and fiscal survival. It’s time we named […]

trump end globalist

Trump Addresses Poland

Describes Warsaw Uprising

Watching Donald Trump give a great speech to Poland and reminding them that their desire for God was a key to their recovery as an independent  nation.  They were the first ones to break out of the Soviet grip. He warns that Russia is a nation whose meddling and agenda with regard to Poland and […]

trump poland

4th of July Spontaneous Prayer Meeting

Lance's Protagonist Journalist Response to the CNN Tweet

We just had a spontaneous prayer meeting.  I pray over you as I was prophesying over them, you know John Adams and Jefferson both passed away years after the July 4th Independence Day celebration and they both died on July 4th.  The final of the patriarchs as though God sealed the day with the passing of […]

Spontaneous Prayer meeting

Dangerous Person?

I have been in Singapore and have asked to make my posts discreet. I have seen some pictures here of angels. I know it may sound weird to you, but angels that show up on film in certain places where we meet. But clearly, these are portals of divine shafts of light on these photographs. […]

angels on film

Don’t Kick

Remember Saul? He kept persecuting Gods people till it ended up in a divine confrontation that knocked him down. “And he said, Who are you, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom you persecute: it is HARD FOR YOU TO KICK AGAINST THE PRICKS.” (Acts 9:5) Meaghan Kelly kicked and has been in […]

don't kick