Pray With Me Towards The White House

Join with me in prayer towards the White House. Pray Psalm 40 which is what Ashley Kavanaugh, wife of Judge Kavanaugh. She’s a Christian and from Texas, asked for this Psalm prayed over her and her family. Pray for divine intervention, protection, supernatural strength. No matter if I come in contact with protestors, like Senator […]

Pledge To Vote

Have you ever had these thoughts: “Don’t worry about it! Why bother? What’s one little vote?” Collectively, one vote can and does, make a difference! Voting is a privilege, and this year YOU can make your vote count! We have the chance to affect the future of the unborn and the future of our children. […]

As I Predicted!

As I PREDICTED the Democrats and Deep State will work with Media to take Trump out of office over Tax Issues from the past. They will try to wipe out his family and hold hearings to investigate his sons. It will BACKFIRE because after the attempted Kavanaugh media assassination the average disengaged American (who isn’t […]

The Kavanaugh Hearing – What’s To Be Learned

So what is to be learned from the Kavanaugh hearing? For one, no one really cross-examined Christine Blasey Ford. And she also presented herself as a psychologist, but she’s not! (I think this is all part of a “branding ploy” by the left). She is an academician, meaning, her degree work is in the Psychology of […]


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Are men inherently less reliable than women? Should we simply “believe all women”? Ben Shapiro asks the question in this post saying… Some feminists and leftist activists say “yes.” They say that Ford’s credible account is all we require to end Kavanaugh’s professional and personal life. • This week, protesters accosted […]

Justice Must Come For This Judge: Prophet Charlie Shamp

I just read this word from Prophet Charlie Shamp, and it actually makes total sense. We are at war with Leviathan and the spirit behind abortion is seeking to abort this mans destiny. I was candid in broadcasting that unless Brett could produce a Clarence Thomas moment he would not survive. Well, he did produce that […]