Overcoming A Controlling Spirit

3 Insights for Breaking Free from a Spirit of Manipulation

This is an interesting body of information that I encountered years ago from Derek Prince, the Oxford scholar and celebrated deliverance minister.

Derek talked about the difference between works of the flesh and works of the spirit. It is a mistake to think that the soulish realm does not exert a form of psychic energy that has power to influence people. Note that Paul lists “witchcraft” as a work of the flesh. “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, WITCHCRAFT…” (Galatians 5:19-21).

Why is “witchcraft” listed as a work of the flesh? The root of witchcraft is the carnal desire to dominate, manipulate, intimidate, and control. It shouldn’t be a surprise that those who operate in a spirit of control are completely convinced of what they believe God wants to do. They do not walk with an awareness of how to judge their own flesh. When they pray, preach, or prophesy, there is an element of manipulation that flows out of them. People are praying, but they’re praying in a manipulative way rather than praying in the Holy Ghost. These works are “soulish” and under the right circumstances they converge with a counterfeit spirit that makes people think it is the Spirit of God! This becomes a very strange influence indeed, called “religious witchcraft.”

  1. How does this spirit operate? Do you ever wonder what the connection is between Muslim fasting and prayer and the works of Jihad that manifest so intensely during those cycles of time? Or to bring matters closer to home, what happens when you have a number of people that are praying together, joining hands in agreement about what they are convinced God wants to do—but their intention doesn’t at all reflect God’s heart or vision? You can expect that those prayers, thoughts, and agreements go somewhere. I think that these prayers empower demonic attacks that show up in the form of psychic prayers, or you could say, mental bindings. Something comes over you that stifles your freedom and hijacks your joy. Suddenly you have lost all sense of spiritual connection and a whole host of alien thoughts and desires try to take root. When that happens, it might be necessary for you to stop and ask “Where is this coming from?” Realize that everyone has plans for your life—but not everyone truly knows what God wants to do in your life in this season.                                                                                                                                                                             
  2. How does this relate to the season we are in? We are living in a time when we must activate Psalm 91 over our lives, families, and businesses. The blessing of God covers ALL of life, not just the parts we view as spiritual. The political division in the nation is evidence that fragmentation is increasing in nations and in culture, but as this occurs, God's people are called to walk in another realm. This is the focus of our 7m Summit in Dallas, September 9-11.
  3. How can I stay protected? This is one reason why we pray without ceasing. The Bible tells us to “Keep yourself in the love of God” (Jude 1:21). This is possible because of the power of the blood of Jesus. You simply have to declare, “Father, I apply the blood of Jesus now to my mind and to my heart. Show me if there’s anything You need me to deal with, or any forgiveness issues that are in my life. I repent for partnering with a spirit of control, whether consciously or unconsciously.  I ask You for Your peace and I ask You for Your empowerment.  In Jesus’ name.” Pray and pause. The stronghold you wrestle with could be rooted in the soulish, manipulative prayers of others—but this prayer will break it!

Question: What are some areas of your life that need set free from this manipulation? Conversely, have you allowed this controlling spirit to operate through you? Comment below to join the discussion—and check out 7mSummit.com!

As One!


P.S. Pray for “discerning of spirits” more than ever before!

meme Keep yourself in the love of God

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136 thoughts on “Overcoming A Controlling Spirit

  1. I looked up lasciviousness and per Google it means inclined to lustfulness; wanton; lewd: a lascivious, girl-chasing old man. 2. arousing sexual desire: lascivious photographs.
    As a mom of a young man I think it very important to make sure he is not involved with basically pornography which is witchcraft and a manipulating spirit, I would say to the parents out their keep in your kids business because God will hold you accountable not only for your actions but your kids who GOD gave you charge over.

    • Upon doing some word study in the bible regarding lasciviousness (when pertaining to children), I found that it means to incite sexual awareness before they are mentally, spiritually and emotionally able to deal with those feelings. Which in turns ‘can’ cause them to get into experimentation and other sexual sins like pornography. There’s a reason why Jesus said that it will be better for them who harm a child to have a millstone put about their necks and tossed into the sea than to stand before God and answer for their crimes(sins).

    • Hi Heather,
      Having gone through this period of raising children, I basically agree with your post but I feel there is a few things that could be said to clarify your statement “Staying in your kids business”. Such notion is vague and can easily be misunderstood as “taking control”. Therefore, I would add the following:
      a. keep talking to your kids, about everything. They need to know you are interested in them as people and you are ready to invest in them like you are investing in other people.
      b. Love your kids unconditionally. Your children need to know that you are on their side and that you will wage war “for” them, not “against” them.
      c. Offer them your help. For a time, my son allowed me to monitor his online activity through the service of Covenant Eyes: Internet Accountability and Filtering. When he told me he could fly on his own, I trusted him. There were still a few hitches along the way but at least we could talk about them and “trust” turned out to be more important than “monitor” for our future relationship.
      d. Things don’t always go as planned but in all cases, God is our go-to foundation and help. Your kids need to see you depend on Him for them.
      e. Pray with your kids and encourage them. As you believe in them and as they receive God’s love through you, they will eventually believe in it for themselves.

    • Yes, I am a spiritual woman of God. The man I married appeared to be Christian, however the control over everything I did became crippling. I was told I couldn’t serve two masters. I was told to chose between him and my children. I replied “I have one master, His name is God”. My time, mind, health decisions were all under scrutiny. If I softly spoke up, all hell broke loose. June 18, 2016 I was slammed into a marble tile wall for stating I never did anything that warranted the way he treated me. He was not arrested. He lied in court, said he didn’t hit me despite my concussion. I did not recieve a protective order. The state of Florida has not decided to press charges. I was contacted by a woman on Christian Mingle and provided with the letter he sent her describing himself as “one of the good guys”.
      All I can think of are the out cries that wives of killers should have come forward. Right! No one takes you seriously until you are dead anyway. What would be the point. Seriously!

      • That is one of the most Horrific things I have read. Thank you for the enlightenment, now I can pass on this truth.

    • I believe you are right. The Lord has been working with me in these areas for more than 2 years. I definitely identify with high emotions taking us from burden barrier to control freak. Thankfully in the last 6 years of transformation the Lord has brought me from being a screaming control freak to a firm believer in by His Grace. “I only do what I see my Father doing. I only say what I hear my Father saying.” And for this I am most grateful. Being an intercessor for the better part of the last 50 years. I am much more yielded and peaceful.

      • Uh…Idk why the authorities didn’t pursue that….I live in TX and they do not play w/domestice at all… The woman does not even have to press the charges. The state will pick it up and pursue it toally…IIt happened to a friend of mine. I happened to see the whole incident. He pushed his woman out of his face, while he was seated and she was standing over him. She called the police, and stated he punched her in the stomach. Of course she later felt bad and tried to drop charges. The state wouldn’t do it. He had to pay a lot of money to get out of that. Moral of the story is. Move to Texas.

      • From Brother Kenneth.
        Everyday you should say the Lord’s player. As a servant to Christ he gave us this prayer it covers everything. In Heaven and on earth —Our Father who are on heaven Hollowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For those is the Kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever amen.

      • I want freedom over witchcraft and demonic attacks. I need prayer. Help me and my children get our own place that is safe and free of control manipulation and abuse.

    • The area of my life that need to be set free is my mind and body not knowing what was going on I have allowed the controlling spirit to operate though me and I am asking for help. To stop it or how or what can I do

  2. I understand that a controlling spirit is like a jezebel spirit, a religious spirit. I wonder what your thoughts are when the controlling spirit is in a family member who has all the signs you spoke of and thinks God has given him the right to operate in it. What can I do?

    • I discovered some time ago just how controlling and manipulative my mother was and can be. She used fear to control our behavior. The basis for her fear was not to make us adults with good, firm boundaries, but so we wouldn’t do things that would embarrass her. To endure her ire was frightening!
      I can laugh about it now, but in 2008 the Lord took me back to the place of my humble beginnings to deal with the last bastions of the fear of man. Right where it started and taught by my mother. (I love her dearly! She has a heart of gold and would give anyone the shirt off her back) She just doesn’t recognize what she has done and still does, reign in control and manipulation. However, I do believe God, in all His mercy has been showing her the error of her ways. I’ve seen a submission in her and a teachable spirit now. When I left my birth place, I came out a fearless woman of God. We cannot fear man and do the hard things and hard places He takes us to, or will take us to as we fulfill our destinies. God is so good to complete us and equip us for the tasks ahead. (aka: Elijah Tasks).

    • There are such ugly spirts +working the world today. I am married to one of those narcisstic ones..been 30 years..I can’t get out..if I try my pets lives are taken, mine has been threatened more than once. All that one lives with that mess is more than most would oven believe..even been told you eat too much (though underweight) I was on 1/2 a small dinner plate for a days food for about 15 years? He went on a 5-6 meal a day program! Told to sleep on the floor with no heat in a cold house in winter..etc. No way out..pay close attention from the git go…and git out at the very first (If you can!)

      • Hello Josie, my heart aches for you. Your experience with this man, reminds me of the stories my mother told me of her life growing up. Her father was beyond abusive and controlling, just as you’ve described. She went on to marry a man who was just as bad. For her sake, he left her. But only to move on to another victim.

        Thank you for sharing. I will pray for you. God bless you and keep you! Love Casey J

      • Hi Josie,
        If you stay, your pets can still be hurt. At least talk to someone at a women’s shelter. See what your options are. They may be able to help you have the courage to leave when you’re ready. You can even come up with a plan to get your pets and yourself out safely.

  3. Well said. I believe it was the author Sandy Freed that called this “Christian white magic”. If we have any concern of praying amiss, I would opt for praying in the Spirit.

  4. Woohoo! I am pleased you have addressed this. No one believes how much control these people exert over your life. I am delivered but I feel as if I’ve been baptised in deep waters.

  5. I have in the past been very controlled by a spirit of control toward especially my husband and children. It seemed I just could not get the victory over it. As I began to realize it was fear that caused me to embrace control, I began to work with Holy Spirit to rid myself of this. We fear because we don’t trust. As I have realized I could trust God to take care of my husband and children, I have little by little been able to let go of fear and therefore of control. Such a blessed relief! I am still growing in this. But God is so patient and faithful. As I continue to get caught up in the wonder of who He is, I realize these things are easy not hard. He does such a good job of living His life in me! I just let go of what He’s already crucified. And take hold of Him.

    • Ah, that is so wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing your personal experience with a controlling spirit.
      Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

      Your testimony blessed me to tears!

    • So good! There are many men (husbands) who find themselves victims of control, and as such are bound into a state of complete ineffectiveness. They are essentially removed from their leadership role, and in this state, the family becomes spiritually bankrupt, devoid of guidance, and particularly vulnerable to a whole host of calamities. The calamities increase, and in a state of indecisiveness (leadership roles confused with resulting inaction) family dynamics become crippled, relationships within and without the family suffer, and the general direction, purpose, protection and power (to change the world) of the family are essentially and effectively nullified. Bottom line: All hell breaks loose, when a man abdicates, or is forced from his position of leadership. Ask me I know. And it’s not something a man can simply take back. While we can invoke protection, and God in His faithfulness, does do just that, the healing and restoration of the marriage can only happen when the controller abdicates CONTROL, and control being something that even God, our beautiful and glorious Friend and Confidant, our Saviour and Father, NEVER partners with. He NEVER controls us. Even He can’t, won’t, and refuses to partner with! And so neither should we seek to manipulate or control ANY human being.

  6. I got out of a relationship with a controlling husband to step into a higher level of control in another….. I’ve prayed for God to show me were I’m needing healing, fixing if you will. My prayer has been show me first what you want to change in me….. I’m too a point were it’s getting better but I’m not sure if it will ever be great…. I was just praying God what do I do with this controlling person, I opened my email and this was in it 🙂 God knows …..

  7. I am SOOOOO GLAD you’ve written about this and posted it here, Lance!
    I will NEVER FORGET when you talked about this one night on a periscope broadcast a couple months ago. When you prayed I literally felt lighter afterwards. That night I also had the deepest, most peaceful night’s sleep. I remember waking up the next day marveling at how noticeable it was.
    I’m a lot more careful when praying for others now. I also had found that little booklet you’d read from. (Amazing what one can find on the Internet these days).

        • So appreciate this word Lance. My question is if the husband is the head, how can the wife protect herself from the poor choices (alcohol/finances/porn) the husband makes opening up the home to witchcraft and other curses that he opens the door wide to?
          We’ve been married 49 years, I get so discouraged it’s a vicious cycle and at times it’s overwhelming.

          • I would be very careful to focus the cause on your husband. His activities are unacceptable, but many times these are deleterious and protective effects emanating from a root cause that needs to be addressed. You cannot force those changes. They are deep, probably ingrained. But, God in His infinite wisdom is calling you to love your husband. Additionally, He is calling you to address issues you may have that potentially aggravate (not cause) the situation.The question is whether you believe He (Jesus) can do it, and do it through you. Because right now you have all the reason in the world to ditch your husband, as Christ had every right to ditch all of us. So will you choose life. Marriage?Does your husband feel completely and overwhelmingly loved by you, as Christ loves us, his imperfect and filthy Church, or are your actions toward him feeding the SHAME he almost certainly already knows he has?

  8. This is my mother I have battled my whole life when I was trying to start a business my mother was praying I would instead find a job
    Not just for this but I ended up in financial ruin
    Just one example of her witchcraft in my life

  9. I do find myself controlling my kids and manipulating them. I do not want to but f d it hard to know when to intervene and when to simply let go and trust God who I knows cares far more for them. I am struggling to know when to ignore and trust God and when to parent. Where does my responsibility end? I have an 11 year old, a 14 year old and a 17 year old.
    I know I often mani ullage and control thsr around me and I do not want to.

  10. Um, what? I don’t get what you’re talking about. How can anyone who’s led by the Wonderful Holy Spirit be manipulated by any “other spirit”? That’s just not possible, Holy Spirit won’t allow it….

    • Nellie, I believe that too!
      We would have to disregard the Holy Soirit and give weight to the manipulation of the controlling spirit for it to affect us. What do you say?

      • Lance is right on point! As a Spirit-filled believer, it is absolutely possible to be influenced by spirits that are not of God. Conscious decisions have to be made as to what or who we yield to. The new birth gives us the ability to make the RIGHT choice. God gave us His Word, His Spirit, prayer, the power of the blood, etc. to help us overcome things like control and manipulation…and disobedience. And yes, teachers to help us identify issues that we may be blind to.

        • Amen Gwen! Right on! Lance is 100% correct- we are in a war! So tired of my brothers & sisters not operating in discernment. It is after all a gift of the Spirit. We need it! We must pay attention and be aware of our thoughts and what is influencing us! To make sure we are giving expression to the Holy Spirit not the unholy spirit. People do pray their will and not God’s. Prophetic pray is listening to the Spirit for direction! I decree God’s will be done in earth as it is done in heaven! Have Your way today Lord in my life and America!

          • Both my parents were extremely controlling. But, I have had to do battle in the spirit most from my mother’s trying to hold on to control over me, who does have native American ancestors – I am thinking the witchcraft strongholds do not want to give up because even when I obey the Holy Spirit & do what he wants me to do, I sense this like a dark cloud trying to hold me back. I begin praying in the Holy Spirit & overcome by speaking God’s Word in faith. There are psychic & soul force prayers that can even be prayed by Christians & they not even know it. That’s why it’s important to pray God’s Word over our lives & the lives of those we love. Galatians 3:1 talks about how even though you have been filled with God’s Holy Spirit, how you can be influenced negatively by these controlling spirits: “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?”

      • Could be. Discerning of spirits, a spiritual gift, given as the Holy Spirit wills; or the human spirit which is exercised by the Word of God to discern good and evil. God also gave the five-fold ministry for the maturing of the believer. All this falls under the ….”etc.” of the previous post. God has provided several ways to help us walk in freedom. Sometimes it’s as simple as God using someone to bring something to our attention (like this blog) and we experience that Ahah! moment that causes us to seek God for help so that a change can be made.

      • Right on! But not all have it. Paul said to pray for the gifts. There are those who think it is the gift of decernment of others issues and manipulative prayers are its clothing. We called to hate sin and what it is clothed (disguised) in. Confronting all this in love, whether it be recognizing it in ones self or another, while abiding in the gentle meekness of our Lord so that they will know that the Lord is near and abiding in us. Overcoming a controlling spirit can only be done with the Lord and his way.

  11. Lance, Derek Prince, his writings and recorded messages enabled a quantum leap – ongoing – for me. He was the spiritual father I needed so much.
    Also, the amazing result of believing and claiming Ps. 119:163
    changed my life forever. “Great is the peace of those that love thy law, and nothing shall offend them.” KJV In Jesus’ Name,
    May this truth, empowered by Holy Spirit, set free all who read this, as well!

  12. Lance ,
    I’m so grateful for this email ..I have been struggling with control and manipulation in my marriage.
    I want my life back.This is an answer to my prayer

  13. I can say I have not known about manipulate spirits before. But. It does explain my growing up years with my Mother. who was always controlling. It carried over to my marriage to George who was controlling in many ways, like my Mom. Always wondered why I was drawn to these type of people.. Since I know Christ now..He lives in me, but some of the old nature sometimes creeps in. I need prayer to understand more about diserning of Spirits. Need to plead the blood of Jesus everyday and keep the armor on!…

  14. If this can help some in understanding psychic prayers. What Lance has spoken about and others in their posts are saying the same thing just in different ways. As I have already seen, prayers amiss. There are those who are praying things without the Holy Spirit understanding simply because they lack teaching or poor teaching.
    A woman once prayed for me, she picked up correctly loneliness, but she interpreted that to be a spousal loneliness. For intercessors and burden bearers like myself, we are often in our towers and caves praying as the “Lord” leads. But there are only other intercessors to whom we can bounce stuff off of because most believers don’t understand us, or the religious ones think we’re a bit fruity. After she prayed that loneliness thing, I battled spousal loneliness until the Lord showed me where it came from. We can pray stuff on people, not off of them, out of ignorance.
    Then there are those people who think they are prophets by their own assertions, or those who think they ‘know’ the mind of God. Their prayers come with power because it is out of the soulish realm or praying their own mind that is rooted in the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life (spirit of antichrist). People who desire the gifts and to operate in them but for selfish reasons, not to glorify God and to set people free of the things that bother them.
    So witchcraft prayers, psychic prayers, Christian white magic(that’s a good one Sandy!). It’s all the same. But what do we do when someone wants to or is praying over us that doesn’t confirm in our hearts? Or it makes you feel uncomfortable or even scared?
    That’s a tricky one, perhaps Lance could impart some wisdom on that. This is where our shepherds are to be watching over us, if it’s in a church setting, Bible study/prayer group, etc. It depends on from what spirit they are operating in, are they controlling, brow-beating, or known for similar behavior, or is it someone who is honestly making a mistake. I can tell you this, to confront a controlling person in this matter is no easy task, and usually doesn’t end well because they are unteachable. Those who prayer amiss (due to lack of knowledge) are teachable.
    John Bevere has an excellent book on this very subject also and is scripturally sound and a proven man of God too.

    • Hi Cherie McNaul, you nailed it. You truly conveyed the thoughts running in my head as I was reading along, but couldn’t have written it any better than you have. I thank God for you my Sister and I pray the Lord uses you more powerfully in intercession for His glory this end times. You are truly operating in the spirit of discernment with such a gracious and generous heart. I pray God leads you in an area of teaching His church, for we need humble and meek servants like yourself. Bless God. I pray that it’s all believers heart to bring pleasure to our Heavenly Father, thereby operating with a teachable spirit. There is much power available to those who are humble enough to receive correction.

    • Thank you Cherie McNaul for your comments. you are so right about it. Sadly many shepherds are not even aware of this problem. I have exactly the same question on my mind as you posted. I believe such a curse cannot touch us if we are walking in the obedience. But what if we stumble? We repent. But what if the curse continue? Would you please give me a name of the book of John Bevere on this subject? His books enlightened me on many subjects so far. thank you.

  15. This is revelation needed for Now!!! There is much released from the darkness manifesting in many different forms and ideologies. You are right about praying for discernment, we need it! The Word of the Lord proves true, He is our shield and refuge!!! God Bless You and Thank you! Gail Stoddard

  16. I so resonated with the title of this message as soon as I saw it. Do you think non-Christians also exert this type of power over people? Looking back now on this past weekend I believe two different people I barely knew, but had to work with, were trying to control and manipulate me. I could sense something was wrong with the situations but couldn’t see what it was. It was like part of my brain was unable to accept there was a problem with the situation and the other part was struggling to get me out of it. I was struggling so much that I got a horrible migraine.

    But I couldn’t figure out at the time why I was struggling or where the horrible feeling of being trapped was coming from. The people I had to work with were being “so nice” as they kept pushing me to do more and more for them. I now believe there was more going on than just people who were being unreasonable. I am thinking it was a spiritual attack. How do we learn to recognize what is happening before the attack overcomes us, one way or another?

    • Catherine, I suggest you listen to your gut (heart), where the Holy Spirit lives. You’ll feel a twinge and know that things don’t seem right. Be aware, excuse yourself and walk away. I am learning too, and as I’m listening to and heading this little voice inside of me, I become stronger to take that step next time. It will also become easier and you will soon be able to pick up on these foul spirits quicker and leave them in the dust. Make sure you don’t come into agreement with them!

  17. Reading this and listening to the video has really helped me. With a background and a ‘double whammy’ of controlling influences, I am always concerned that I may enter into it as it can be quite insidious. Asking for forgiveness and being released for where I have bowed my knee to this thing is a wonderful miracle- Praise The Lord for The Blood!

  18. What timing, Lance! A very dear friend (it’s a long church story involving an open vision God gave to her several years ago that brought us together in a sweet bond) called me this afternoon to verify if what she was seeing/experiencing/hearing from this church (that my husband and I left a few years ago after having been there for about 18 years) was “real” in how she was perceiving it, or was she just “crazy”. We spoke for hours about the many and gradual things brought about by the leadership to deconstruct that church and bring it under their strict control – even to ridiculous policies that go against scripture. “Controlling spirit” is what kept coming up in the conversation. She read to me some of Chuck Swindoll’s book about grace (which also has sections on legalism and control) that certainly fit the situation. She is an older lady and there are many others of differing ages (but it is the older ones that concern me, because in leaving they could become “church orphans”, not being able to find a church in our area that even entertains or teaches the idea of being led by the Spirit or really learning how to abide in God or seeking His Presence, and not being able to travel long distances back and forth to Dallas, where what they desire is available) that would probably leave if they had another “viable” option or are staying at the church out of loyalty to friends, etc.. My husband and I also find ourselves in the same situation once more – me struggling with health issues and finding it difficult to commit to and become involved in a church far away at retirement age – not to even mention starting over again to find a new church, which we are again in need of. The church she belongs to (where we were members several years ago) used to be a wonderfully mixed church (independent and sort of a Bible type church) with people from many backgrounds and ages and even beliefs concerning theology, as well as how the Holy Spirit works today. But we all loved each other and there was, most of the time, a bond and spirit of unity – a respect for each other’s differences and an ability, with a few exceptions, to get along. Most have enough respect and obedience to biblical precepts to want to walk in an honoring way to the leadership. And so many are staying quiet, but unhappy with what is happening. So, not wanting to belabor the negatives, we are praying for God to lead and intervene according to His wisdom. But I am grieved at the diminishment of freedom and candor in this beloved church where we still have contacts and friends. I believe that it is not by accident that you posted this email today, Lance. Too many in the church have not been taught what you are revealing. They do not recognize either what they are perpetrating, operating under this evil spirit, or do not recognize it (except maybe with a sense of unease) when they are up against this controlling witchcraft spirit. Thank you so very much for your continued teaching! Today’s post is such a confirmation of what we believe God has been revealing to us. By the way, I too (as others have mentioned) grew up with a very controlling mother and came from a very legalistic church background. So I have been asking God to keep stripping me of all the internal “tapes” that would turn me into the same. This subject is so important and is no laughing matter to those of us who have been “under it”.

  19. I love that you mentioned Derek Prince, Lance! Over 40 years ago, I was in grad school at Sweden’s major art school (university level) in Stockholm, to which I had a fellowship/scholarship. Another American friend who lived there and who was a believer, asked me to go to hear Derek speak one evening as he was visiting and preaching in Sweden at the time. I remember feeling like I could literally listen to him for hours upon hours! I had never felt that way before! Having grown up in legalism, his message was truly a breath of very fresh and wonderful Spirit filled air! Thanks for that reminder of a very precious memory!

  20. Wow! Religious witchcraft….this is the spirit that is motivating religious leaders to speak out against Trump. They are trying to control the will of the people and think they speaking the will of God. What are they so afraid of? Aren’t they the same folks who continually tell us, “God is in control”? This spirit of control is what turns off so many unbelievers to Christians. The spirit of Jesus is cleaning house and exposing the lies so that the glory of the Father can be fully manifest in the earth!

  21. Thanks, Lance, for dealing with this oft-neglected part of our walk. TheChildrensBread.com provides access to the Bob & Ruth Cornforth teaching of that title, as well as practical, reliable command language (see the “Clear the Air…” document) that has served my wife and me well for almost 40 years now.

    The Lord is GOOD! I’ve been greatly enjoying discovering the many hidden treasures “lost in the translation” from Aramaic to Greek, comparing the top three Aramaic to English translations for “two or three witnesses” confirmation: Magiera, Lamsa, and Bauscher (w/ Notes, albeit at times tendentious).

    Mike Bickel quoted Paul Cain as hearing the Lord say “To the Church without mixture I will pour out my Spirit without measure” (somewhere on https://archive.org/details/EncounteringJesus): I believe Joseph Prince (Grace Capsule) and Andrew Farley (God Without Religion) are being very helpful in this direction, by their focus on “It is finished” and the gift of righteousness we’ve been given by the abundance of grace.

    God bless your efforts as well!

  22. Good food for thought. Now is the time to make sure we are not hindered by that junk. 🙂
    Will any of the summit sessions be available for live stream?

  23. Thank you, Lance, for this timely word. I am seeing more bruising and bludgeoning going on the inside the local church than I have ever seen before. Those that I see as ‘spiritual giants’ are taking some serious hits and are staggering around like they’ve been shot. I had my own ‘aha’ a few days ago and am gearing up for some corporate warring in prayer. (although I’ll be covering the prayer meeting with prayer because I certainly don’t want to be praying out of the Father’s will!) This is all actually pretty darn exciting, knowing that the Enemy is ticked, but when you’ve got alligators snapping at your hip pockets, it’s easy to lose focus and simply strive for survival.
    God bless you, sir, for the encouragement that you bring to us.

  24. Why is it that “spirit-filled” believers have such a hard time hearing this? My husband and I lead prayer ministry in our church, and some of the most experienced intercessors are unteachable. You can’t tell them anything.

  25. This is so on time. I am a pastor and felt an oppression and heaviness all week long and last night at prayer meeting an attendee who I have had to watch and correct because of multiple incidents of straying in prayer and other services has been injecting their will upon the services, prayer time and ministry events. The Holy Spirit told me that she had been speaking against the leadership of the church. I prayed again witchcraft prayers again the church and leadership. Thanks for identifying what’s going on, it confirms what I have felt.

  26. I was so shocked when several different Pastors prophesied that we would be at their church forever! I wondered how the heck that could happen…. can’t be at more than one church…. then, we didn’t even want to be at their church forever! Felt very controlling!

  27. So relavent each time…very greatful for these emails and videos…thanks again…lots to meditate on…lots of sub tle influences as well as not so subtle.
    Darn that niggly often persistent root of fear….often behind many types of control and manipulation…no wonder so many scriptures saying fear not….we have to persist every way possible…freedom from fear is ours completely thru Christ…no weapon formed against us shall prosper… Where s that bible ref. from?

  28. My son (28) hasn’t spoken to us, his parents, in months. He’s living with a girl who claims to be a good Christian, but who I see as disrespectful, arrogant, and manipulative. She demands he not have anything to do with us, so he hasn’t. We are not bad people. We are regular members of a Bible- belivieving congregation, and love Jesus, and raised our son up in the way he should go. We had an argument, yes, a pretty bad one, but we have always forgiven and moved on before. My husband and I are broken-hearted, to be treated with such silence and disdain. They will not allow us to visit their apartment or his job. She blocks my calls and texts on his phone…. I do not want to sin, but I alternate between intense grief and fury at them. I do not know how to pray, except to beg the Lord to speak to my son of His will….

    • Sweet Anna, my heart goes out to you. We also have a son who has left our home and married a Christian young lady, distancing himself from us after some very difficult encounters.
      Your son, though, you say is living with his “Christian” girlfriend. The prodigal son’s father did not run after him [call, text or scold] or pursue in any way that we know from the scripture, until he turned and repented (but met him on the way back home). Love never fails! Have faith in God. His word does not return void. Declare to God every scripture promise concerning your son–and pray for this young lady–that she will also immerse herself in the reflection of Jesus–the image and likeness we all seek. Try not to take offense at their refusal of visits. Neither of them are your enemy. Your enemy would love to make them your enemies, though. Jesus prayed for those that ripped out his beard, spat on him, and yelled, “Crucify Him!” We must forgive, also.
      Talking to Father about them (and not to them) is acting like the one Jesus was referring to when he said, “There is no greater love than this—that a man should lay down his life for his friends.” You don’t have to die and go to heaven, just die to the fleshly anger and grief and fear of losing someone you love, to rise up to the faith required to love unconditionally (with no time frame or demands) and see the salvation of God.
      I am praying for you as you walk out the “love walk” with these young people. Please pray for me, too.

  29. Dear Lance,

    Thank you for such revelation, its just what i need it at the moment.
    I wonder how to be released from the strong holds/controlling spirit by Parent? I feel being trapped and can’t move an inch from what i want to achieve in life as in this case My mother.

  30. I have experienced soneone elses negative spirit attack me. My nenmentorspirtual mother explained “we need to get prayed up before and sfter being with others we are not sure of their spiritual walk.

  31. I went for a bike ride this morning and my thoughts were steering towards my experience of Christians who I believe pray wrong prayers, and manipulate others (me) with their lack of communication, even in charismatic circles. Really glad I’ve touched base with some great writing and wisdom. It is encouraging me not to give up! Thanks! 🙂

  32. Something like you will really show me is that we practice lawlessness in our driving habits. Everyone knows that you can go 5 to 8 miles over the limit without being pulled over in my opinion this is training and lawlessness and opens the door to witchcraft because it’s Rebellion against the law of the land this is something each and every Christian can do practically and immediately to stop Spirit of rebellion and lawlessness in our land doesn’t take message prayer just takes obeying the law of the land and going the speed limit it’s not a speed suggestion just like the 10 commandments are not ten suggestions we are to obey the law of the land as Christians and that is very easy and effective way that we can affect the atmosphere on the streets and the roads of our nation and I also believe we’ll be able to put an end to road rage as well as release more angels and our atmosphere by not inviting rebellion and our land.

  33. In short, we are careful who we “share” with or ask for prayer. We do not discuss our ‘troubles’ with anyone but one in whom we KNOW abides wisdom. This wisdom is, knowledge of the Word, and one who is constrained in conscience by the love of God. We do not allow prayer of “opinion” in ourselves or others, but only by first seeking and praying in tongues until we ‘hear’ the mind of Christ (and with it direction)and additionally declaring the word, do we move toward decreeing a thing. If we follow the model of Christ, “only do what I see my Father do; only say what I hear my Father say…” we will not fall into the trap of witchcraft/soul control. And the Holy Spirit is willing and able to teach us the HOW. And He is also brilliant at speaking clearly to us.

  34. Unfortunately there are pastors who operate in this spirit. They actually believe that controlling their congregation is Godly. Most become spiritually/emotionally abusive. Thanks for bring this to light. Control in any form is nothing but witchcraft.

  35. Good word, Lance! We often pray, “We cancel all soulish prayers prayed concerning us.” along with cancelling all Retribution, Revenge, Retaliation, Jealousy and Witchcraft off of us and anything associated with us. We usually pray this before we got to bed at night or in times of unusual warfare. I blogged about this and other prayers of spiritual protection here: https://supernaturaldiscernment.com/2013/04/19/protection/
    God bless you!
    Sandy Walker

  36. I have recently started work in a Christian organisation. The previous manager has a very controlling and manipulative spirit and thinks the world owes them. Although they decided to leave the organisation, they keep coming back and the only way I can describe it is ‘niggle’ the managers that are running the place. I believe this to be totally controlling and manipulative.

  37. Having been raised by a father with a critical & controlling spirit, even though I have been saved & spirit filled for 34 yrs, I still see signs of that spirit in my personality! Thank you for this teaching & prayer, I believe I am free in Jesus Name!

  38. Thanks for sharing this message in such a clear concise way. Some areas of my life that were affected by manipulation were my sex life and how I viewed sex. Which in turn caused me to view my relationships with my family completely wrong. My kids, my ex husband, even the way I dated and viewed myself later on in my life was affected by manipulation. And to be honest I had allowed this spirit to operate through me. I know the Holy Spirit has led me to this teaching so that I could be free from it. Thank you for sharing this message. I’m grateful because I want to walk free from this spirit so I can be affective for the kingdom of God.

  39. Dear Lance: Great teaching on dealing with physic prayers…isn’t it interesting how the enemy, can use others who “have their own agendas, in the way that they preach, teach and pray” for things that may or may not be what God wants to manifest himself for that particular time and event. My only daughter is getting married in two months and sadly my ex-wife chooses NOT to forgive me (now for 20 years and we cannot fellowship at all together) she has a huge spirit of Jezabelle on her, which is now manifesting over my daughter. I have felt at “times these physic prayers” trying to be influenced by our daughter over me. My ex-wife believes that the way she has told her story, to my daughter is the “right way.: The only way that I can block this demonic activity is through praying in tongues. Sadly, I won’t have any Father of the Bride duties or influence in this wedding and my new wife and I are only going to just the ceremony!

  40. Wow…I have been listening to Derek Prince off and on for about a year or so…His teachings ring ture in my spirit…And I’ve come to realize that I really don’t know very much…But am eager to learn…Something that Derek Prince was teaching…On the decerning of spirits…I never knew that bad angels were not demons…Can you help me with that..? Were the demons a product of the fallen angels..? Is there a Derek Prince ministries around here…Al Piedmont…Between Gadsden and Anniston…

  41. Please my wife passed away in, 2013, and in 2016 my daughter introduced to me a lady to marry very beautiful lady and honestly love her, I met with the lady we stayed together i promised to marry her and I did engaged with an engagement ring, we had numerous Sex within that period. we then travelled to her own house in different city . there she invited a pastor to pray for me. The pastor came with some bottles of blackcurrant drinks which he pored into a bucket of water also he added some anointing oil, he said i should bath with the water , to cleanse bad luck and evil attachments, I did and he also gave me to drink, after all these travelled back to Europe. But I realised that she has other boyfriends, and each time I confronted her she will denied it, but it was obvious . But my worries now is that any time i wanted to leave the relationship i will not have peace in my mind or soul. My hart will be panting and very heavy until I get to speak with her and since i came back i have not been sleeping in the night. I suppose to see her again at the middle of this month and I have promised her that I will marry when I come back and will pay her bride price. Please what should I do.

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  43. I really don’t know about the control spirit , does anyone know how I can get rid of it if I do infact have it ?

  44. Help me spirit in my father house wants to kill me, it has destroy all my investment and my marriage, still want to kill me ,on less I serve him so they said . But before my parent died they only teached me the ways of the lord. Please help me how do I serve a strange image I don’t know and am not aware of.

  45. Oh my God of Jacob, I apply now the Blood of Jesus Christ to my Mind, to my Heart and to my Body. Please show me if there’s any thing You need me to Deal with, or any forgiveness issues that are in my Life. I repent for Partenering with a spirit of control, whether knowingly, unknowingly, conciously, or unconciously. I ask Your Peace and I ask Your Empowerment. In the Name of Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.

  46. I’m living with a ex boyfriend I’ve been with 15 yrs. He is ungrateful, complaints about everything He had no relationships with God. I’m living for the Lord on a daily basic. I’ve lost my joy. I have no place to live right now. I’ve given God thanks in advance for my own home where I can put Him first at all time and to serve God fully
    I find myself losing control of feelings and emotion because my ex has a demotic spirit I’m not spiritually capable to fight but I do pray for God’s help, I feel stuck… I’m so tired ! I want to get out of here. I’m not mad I just dislike my ex ways he seem to like confusion regardless….i like and want peace

  47. Please pray for me . I’ve been in attach in the areas of witchcraft. This has been confirmed 2xs when I called 2 different times for prayer. The first I called the Potter House the lady that prayer for me and discernment and broke demonic power off of my .
    But now I battling the spirit of hate and spirit of lies to create fear . The lady I called and I asked for prayer tried to break another level of witchcraft and familiar spirits. She could ‘s get through to break it . Some years ago I had a deliverance from a controlling spirit. My mother was a very controlling and Dominate figure in my life. She verbally and physically abusivve towards me . I’ve have forgiven her now but I feel like some how I left the door open and came back even more worst then the first time.
    I live in Dallas , Texas and I am a Christian . I just reestablish My life with Christ. Things got worse then fir me .

    • If you are having problems with demons this self
      deliverance and deliverance from others prayer, is your first step to get rid of
      them. It takes all the legal grounds off real quick that
      satan used to attack you from any source.

      Lord Jesus Christ,
      I believe you are the Son of God. And the only way to God. I believe you died on the Cross for my sins, and rose again from the dead. By your Blood, the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony I have all power to stand against the satan. I apply the Blood of Jesus over myself and everything surrounding me ( and my Children and Wife and Husband ).  I cover my spirit, soul and body, my mind, intellect, consciousness, sub-consciousness, thoughts, will, senses and emotions with the Blood of Jesus.
      I ask you my Father to restore my soul and mind into wholeness in Jesus Christ. Into the mind that is made perfect by the Blood. I proclaim that I have the mind of the Christ.
      Anointed. Set free by the Anointing. Purified and Sanctified by the Word of God and Justified by the Blood of Jesus. Every yoke broken by the Anointing of the Holy Ghost. I proclaim the Victory of Christ and the Power of the Cross in every area I am going to overcome with my testimony and the Blood of the Lamb: In the name of Lord Jesus and by the Blood of the everlasting covenant. Now my Father I ask for forgiveness of every sin which the Holy Spirit had made me recall. I ask forgiveness and forgive any person, living or dead, who has ever dominated or controlled me, or harmed me in any way. I forgive and have received forgivness. In the name of Jesus Christ. I ask for the necessary spiritual gifts and especially the gift of dicernment to break the specific demon bondages. I ask anointing of the Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus Christ. I ask for the legions of angels covering this place for protection, bind the demons, put them under the Cross and ask Jesus to send them where ever He wants to send them. Please Lord command Your angels concerning me to guard me ( my Husband or Wife, Children )  in all my ( our ) ways. I ask you Lord for you Power, the Power of God to be Manifested. I pray healing from the works of the demons. I am calling on the Father for His right hand to save me from the snare of the devil. Guard me surrounding me with the fence of the Blood and Fire as I continue to put the enemy under your authority.
      In the name of Jesus Christ i take authority over all principalities, powers, world-rulers of darkness, kings and princesses and command them to obey and I break and loose the curses and demonic powers from me ( my Wife, Husband, Children )  now under the authority and leadership of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and by the Blood of the Lamb. I break the failure, rebellion, emotional stress and trauma, submission to ungodly cover in my life. I break the inherited curses on the both sides of my family. By the Power of the Death and Resurrection of the Christ and through the Work done in the Cross for our Salvation and Deliverance. I proclaim your Word that You have given me authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing will harm me.
      I break demonic or ungodly soul ties of myself ( and of my Children, Wife, Husband ). I bind, tear down and break any demonic power with the Sword of the Spirit and the Blood of the Lamb. I use love as a weapon. I use tongues of men and angels to expel demons. I bind the dark powers in the air. I apply the Blood of Jesus on the air. I bind the evil forces and their spirits in my life. I ask Lord Jesus to rebuke the devil and evil forces in my life. I confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and I command any dark powers to and leave this place silently without doing any harm. I refuse them to speak or be manifested and command them to go from me ( my Children, Wife, Husband ) now and forever, wherever Jesus sends them.
      I break the demonic influenced dreams. I break the dark presence over me ( Children, Wife, Husband ) in the night. And replace them with the prophetic and good dreams of God imparted from God into our mind. I break evil curses, viruses, bacterial infections, pain, lumbago, back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, eyes weakness, any type of problems in our sense organs, sadness, depression, hopelessness, hatred, witchcraft and bewitchments that has been put upon us. Or my family line. By any person or persons. Or from any occult source. Or psychic source. I command all the curses, demonic holes and powers of the darkness to catch FIRE in the name of Jesus Christ. I break cords, snares, controls and bondages. I command the demons to go to Tartarus with the fallen angels, or wherever Jesus sends them. I use the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and cover myself with the Blood of the Lamb. I agree with The Covenant of the Blood.
      I bind all remaining demons until they can be cast out or leave of their own accord. And I sever and loose myself ( Children, Wife, Husband ) from their hold now and forever. I loose Godly spirits from the Lord to operate in my ( our )  life and relationships. Having made perfect by the Holy Blood of Jesus. I proclaim that my ( our ) body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Redeemed. Cleansed. Sanctified and Justified by the Blood of the Lord Jesus.
      Therefore satan has no place in me ( and my Children, Wife, Husband ) . No more power over me ( us ), because of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ ! 
      In the Mighty and Glorious Name of Jesus Christ, I pray
      Based on Win Worley warfare prayer. Win Worley.

  48. My wife is controling , she fuss and try to run my life as if I am a kid. Do you have to give money for unreasonable event to your church. Then it’s like our relationship not goin no where…I can’t never get ahead cause she won’t help me with nothing…pray for me…that I shall overcome this controling

  49. I’m a woman of God that married a man that seem to be sold out for God, was an ordained deacon an later on in my marriage he became someone I have never encounter before,turn out to be an narcissistic full of all kind of demonic spirits he were entertaining. I was at a very low place but now I’m healing and becoming great again after leaving him.

  50. My daughter-in-law has succeeded in separating my son from his son, his sister and me, his mother. She deals with jealousy and wants my son all to herself. She uses my grandchildren as pawns to get her way. She says very cruel things and laughs when she knows she has hurt me. I am at a loss of what to do.

  51. Thank you for this short but very in pack full message. I have struggled with all of these in my life, marriage and family. I want to be totally free this. I trust in you Lord for your guidance and wisdom.

  52. Very good, thank you.
    I did recognized this spirit in the church in the day that I did refused to put up my hands just because the daughter of pastor wanted, he was really angry, anyway, witchcraft is string in the church, manipulation because they are disobedient to the Word of God, anyway now women teach men in the church 1. Timothy 2 teach us different, Freemasons teaching in the Sunday schools classes, the make Halloween party, just a bit different, Valentine’s day, st Patrick day, etc etc etc !! That’s make me vomiting. Not easy to fight against the rebels in the church or others places !!! God bless you, anyway Derek Prince was the best teacher I have had after God,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. ????

  53. This man I’ve been with for years, we got married then never was together as a couple…for 21 years now. Ive had Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 10 years and he demonstrates a controlling,aggressive,vile spirit constantly. I have my own room but he comes in and cusses me,yells vile things…even spits. He hears my teachings on TV,my Christian music,says its nice then later he’s at it again. Never see he is at fault For Anything,Never will discuss anything to solve it as its me…hasn’t tried to ever kiss me or be near me as a husband for 21 years now. And he doesn’t have that much to do because I push myself to do my own things so he only has a little he has to do. He Always gives me orders and\or will throw a fit real bad. How do I Pray about this?

  54. You nailed it on the head perfectly. I’ve been searching for an answer to my question for about 6 months now. I found a book one day and the title jumped out at me. Itl was “The Gospel according to Spiritism”. I flipped thru it and took what i read out of context and thru the book down and went on my way. But 20 minutes later, all of my focus was on that book. I had to have it. It “dominated” my mind. I went back to pick it up but didn’t read it for a month or so. Once I did, I noticed it was very well written. That book was full of knowledge that I found so enthralling, and I couldn’t put it down…….long story failing to be made short lol…….after reading that book I felt like I had just accumulated such a vast amount of the knowledge of God. But I started noticing that I was looking up videos about “moving things with my mind”……psychic crap. As soon as I saw one person move something, I instantly knew I could do it too. And I could after only a lititle while of focusing hard enough. Then I became interested on how it all worked; if I cold prove it scientifically…..and actually I can. I noticed that I can manipulate things with my mind i.e. water, trees, the weather, even some electronic things. But I began to wonder, if this really was from God? Why would God give me such a curiosity about it so much to where I started looking up verses in the Bible to prove my point. I could………kind of. But I still wasn’t convinced it was from God. The more I kept using my mind to manipulate the weather around me, the more “omens or signs in nature” I would start seeing. Like literally seeing things like Hebrew writing in the sky along with very dark demonic faces in the clouds, or when I was inside during the rain……I would go outside and almost immediately the clouds would open up and the sun would be shining for about 10 square mIles around me but raining everywhere else. I would also get a really ultra high pitched ringing in my ears. Still not convinced it was from God but hoping I just didn’t have it down quite right yet………I still was almost obsessed to find the answer.

    (There’s way more to the story actually), but thru talking with a few people i trusted, I began to notice I was strated to get addicted to it. The more I used this power the more I liked it, and the more I wanted. Until I started watching videos on YouTube about the signs of the end times 2019……….literally scared the “hell” out of me……the whole time this was going on tho, the name “Elijah” kept coming to me and wouldn’t leave. I now know why. The spirit of jezebel is at work in the church and wants nothing more than the prophets of the Living God dead. I was born and raised a christian yet I was led astray for a good minute. I thought that spiritism was from God as well. And I need to add this one very important fact…..not one time did the author(s) of that book of lies (“the gospel according to spiritism”) ever acknowledge that Jesus shed His blood on the cross or acknowledge Jesus Christ as theit Lord and Saviour and that He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.

    Literally……ssssssounds like a ssssssnake……..wrote that book. It was a very cleverly disguised lie. But anything false, no matter how well it tries to imitate the Truth, it will always be…..it will not ever stand against the Voice of Truth which is absolute, and it is the Living Word of God. Quite literally the Word(s) of God is our (s)Word of the Spirit. And even more glory to God because today on my Bible app……the verse of the day was psalms 91:1. I prayed almost the exact prayer you said to pray. And I’ve been able to resist those urges and pray against that garbage. No wonder it was God putting just elijah’s name in my mind that wouldn’t let up….and I’m so thankful.

    The only reason that I can see that elijah was able to call down fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice and the enemies of God is ONLY because he was obedient to the will of the Father and was submitted to Him 100%…..I think Elijah as well as Elisha didn’t do a thing unless God said so. The bible says “elijah prayed to the Lord for the rain to stop”………notice how the bible didn’t say, “and elijah took it upon himself to stop the rain”? In other words, Thy will be done Lord…….not mine.

    He had enough faith to move mountains…..but didn’t unless God told him to do so. Do not ever take your eyes off of Jesus. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight. LITERALLY!

  55. 91 Ps. Is my favorite scripture that my mom give it to me before she passed away and then my dad giving it to me and it shocked me because it was the same scripture that she give them to me I knew it was confirmation that she is watching over me right now with God because I was abused in my marriage for many years I never told anyone not even my parents I hit it from damn only person knew what’s his mother because I confided in her which was the best of friends she did not like what her son did to me she even put him in jail for me and she also told him if you do not want that girl you take her back to her people cuz you are not going to abuse her around me because you have a good wife and she’s so great mother to your children and she loves your children by other women and she takes care of them and she also works three jobs to help you she loves you so much the bottom of her heart you would never find a good wife a woman like her so you better treat her right cuz I love her and you need to love her like you say you do appreciate her take care of your children cuz you look good father so be a good husband to her cuz I raised you right son that’s what she used to tell you all the time. We had been married over 30 some years I thank God but now we are divorced since 2013 he crippled me but I have a forgiving heart I went to Matthew 18 chapter 21-22 verse and it tells you about a forgiving heart if your brother sins against you he falls down 77 times you forgives him guess what I did and I still forgive you and love him too and ask God to forgive you and her that he will I forgive them both and also ask God to give me strength in my body. Courage to keep the faith to move on with my life with him my Lord Savior Jesus Christ because he’s in my head of my life each and every day keeps me and watches over me day and night and cover me which he is blood and I thank you every day and every night when he wakes me up early in the morning to pray for my community and this whole United States and other countries even once in the hospitals nursing homes the shut-ins that cannot get out to go to church and all the pastors evangelist teachers prophetess and bishop and all of his other accommodation and I don’t want to forget his priest God love us all we all belongs to him we all continue to pray for one another I do it every night and every morning and asking God to cover each and every one of us so you do it likewise. And I also asked God the continue to give me his power and keep his Spirit Within Me and also keep me meek and humble like a dove and wise like a serpent and continue to give me his wisdom and understand it and knowledge. please keep me in your prayers and I do likewise I always ask God for favor and I pray for favor over my life and I’m asking you to ask God to bless me with high favor Wherever I Go even in high places because I need it I wouldn’t ask it if I didn’t because I’m still fighting for stuff that I’m going through that I know that God is still working things out in my favor from my divorce and I thank God for the recovering oh my access that he is given to me I claim it in his name Jesus Christ my Lord savior. He said in his word with one or two touch and agree in the midst of it in his name it’s done and I have faith and believe it. That’s out of Matthew the 19th Chapter

  56. When I read this article, in conjunction with the previous article, ‘why can’t we all get along’, I can see that we need discernment as to what we’re dealing with, in any situation.
    My issue is, I have felt manipulated by Christian leadership, and I am losing faith in the church of Christ, locally. Because I sense that people want to use me, where I might ‘fit’ best, there doesn’t appear to be any consideration (from the Holy Ghost), as to what God has for me, now.
    A case in point: recently, I returned full circle to a church that had split over five years ago. On the surface, it has appeared that I am welcomed back; but already the pastor has preached two messages of expectation toward me (how & where to serve, because I should bow to his wishes?), when he should have talked to me, personally. (I believe he was answering an email from me, stating that I was glad to be there, but that God would have me pray for him and the congregation, for now.)
    I question myself, wondering if I’ve heard from God about this, and I believe I have. So, I will get together with him, face to face, and hopefully resolve it. I don’t want to be considered rebellious or that I can’t honor leadership, but this is recurring in a bible study I attend, too. The guy that runs it is playing games (manipulating) with how we all participate in prayer, testimonies and in sharing wisdom. Both of these situations could stem from their past upbringing, and I, myself, could very well be hiding behind a hardened wall that hasn’t been destroyed, yet.
    Indeed, keep me in Your love, God!

  57. I have been guilty of this control issue for years. It’s so selfish and unloving. Iam so ashamed. Thank you for these words and prayers. Thank God for His word. Now I know I must also live by this not just talk it.

  58. I heard the Lord speak to me at one time then I got into astrology and had someone manipulating my mind I also got in to Goss up and I have to keep breaking free of this, and times I had to lie to cover things that were so stupid, but I don’t know which spirit has been attacking me some say probably leviathan, but I just need to know and the prayers I need to say and do I need to fast to get rid of the spirit. I want the Lord in my life and I want the Holy Spirit and I want to know if I’m speaking in tongues correctly have I been baptized in the Holy Spirit.

  59. I’m overwhelmed with everything around me and tired no motivation. Pray for me to be set free my joy restored. In Jesus Name Amen

    • activate Psalm 91 over our lives, families, and businesses. i pray for you
      I’m overwhelmed with everything around me and tired no motivation. i pray for motivation, and focus
      Pray for me to be set free my joy restored. In Jesus Name Amen

  60. I have allowed the spirit of control to operate in my relationship with my partner. At first I thought maybe if I showed more love and more attention that things would change. I’m not knew to knowing the different spirits that can operate through people, I just got blinded by my own desires which cause me not to see. I really don’t no any other way to call it what it is but a controlling minupulation and decietful spirit..The relationship is so toxic and I don’t even know how to walk away. There has been physical abuse but now that they see it’s no win in that department they use words and other things to try and control me. So I ask for your prayers.

    Adneva Brown

  61. Sir, millions thanks for this. I am one of those who are battling spirit of monitoring, delays, accidents, nightmares, mind confusion, voices esp Muslims festival songs and prayers, people talking bad about me etc. I will really appreciate if you may help with more guidance regarding this. Otherwise, thanks for this first help.

    God bless you for saving lives

    Paul Loruba

  62. I’ve been restrained held back ,restricted, confined, deprived
    Feeling I’ve been controlled forced to do things without any though
    Something or someone is has had control over my life and my decisions
    I am so tired of the daily routine how am I letting this happen
    A sudden change happened, suddenly
    I started hearing these voices that I’m hearing today, three years ago
    Like person is talking to me
    Not by using a phone
    Not talking to me face to face or from a distance
    Something beyond this physical world
    supernatural, spirits
    Telepathy extrasensory perception
    Communication by some other power
    But I feel like I’ve been restricted ever since I was a kid
    Like I was controlled but not fully aware that I was
    But now I’m seeing things differently
    Why I was forced to make decisions about my own life
    Why my freedom has been taken away
    Distasteful things that I’m getting
    Like someone is poisoning me
    This controlling spirit has made me
    Forced me to make decisions that has changed the whole course of my life
    Decisions that
    Now what am I suppose to do about that?
    Just accept it
    The reason I’m having difficulties and where I’m at right now
    I’ve read in a book “Often times people are bound by witchcraft but don’t know how to be free”
    I’ve read books prayers scriptures from the Bible
    And discerning spirits

    • I challenge you to Pray the prayer Lance said out loud over very line you just wrote friend. Read each individual expression/idea you wrote – then the prayer.
      That’s 30 prayers
      The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

      Taste and see that the Lord is good.

  63. Thank you for your word that came up on my thread today.
    The simplicity of a Sunday School chorus is my answer to victory!

    Read your Bible, Pray everyday, pray everyday pray every day
    Read your Bible, Pray everyday.
    And you grow, grow grow.

  64. I just pray that me and my ex-wife Karla canuas Ortiz and I Edwin street be set free from confusion witchcraft she says her moms into I noticed alto if changes on my and our life. I pray that anything that is not of Jesus is binded off our lives and our kids and families life . I’ve prayed for months now. But its like it has been fried to my brain please help in Jesus name amen in the blood of Jesus protect our foundation you’ve binded together with u. And our marriage and families protect our health in Jesus name from any words spoken against our health and our minds for control and manipulation and delusions causing and confusions

  65. The area of my life that need to be set free is my mind and body not knowing what was going on I have allowed the controlling spirit to operate though me and I am asking for help. To stop it or how or what can I do

  66. Dear of God, thanks for this and indeed am presently experiencing this. Attacks after attending Sunday service, during fasting, deliverance. I faith, I now believed this prayer is gonna help me in that. Any help from any person of God with additional knowledge for me is welcome. Paul Loruba.

  67. I appreciate your site,
    I am educating myself on controlling spirits so that I may not participate in this as someone accused me of having. Anyway, It hurt me to hear such a thing and in prayer of the situation, I was made aware that I really have been raised in a dysfunctional family With a lot of controlling influences. And then two dysfunctional marriages: one was physical abuse and the other was verbal abuse. I try to over help people.. And I have to learn how to ask if someone wants help and if they don’t want it- to accept that not as a hit to me… I have to learn to keep myself in the love of God without trying to be perfect but just learn that Jesus is the only perfection and Wow! He lives in Us! We in Him!! I really appreciate the insight here and the love of God that I sense through it and would like to say– glory to God for His Salvation through his Word and His blood. I look forward to more Godly insight expressed here on this site.. Thanks a bunch!!!

  68. Great content! I experienced the spirit of witchcraft that was operating in my church through a controlling group of officers and members. I am writing a book about my experience and would to mention your name and this presentation.

  69. The spirit of manipulation and control has been in my family for generations. I grew up under this spirit. When I got married, it didn’t take long to realize I was operating under that. Being it’s all I knew, I have done the same thing in my marriage. I’m so ready to break the curse and heal my life and marriage.

  70. There are a psychic medium couple out of East Chicago, Indiana who call themselves Monique and Lisa. They receive money to cast spells on others to try and cause them problems. What do you suggest be done to stop this evil garbage.

  71. I am a christian but unfortunately, i mistakenly watched a movie in 2003, which brought problem into my life sexually. Since i watched the movie, i have not been able to stay away from pornography and masturbation. I have prayed and fasted but the urge would go for a while and later, it comes back. I am so tired of this problem in my and i don’t to do it again. I need your prayers!

  72. Where are the True Christians? Are they sleeping? WAKE UP AMERICA or you will fall. We are not just here on earth for ourselves. We are here for God.
    Why aren’t the true Christians out praying against the democrats?

    We had a prophecy from God at Church in October, 2020, urging Christians to pray fervently for Donald Trump and America.
    God wants us to forget about ourselves and pray constantly against satan and the demonic spirits.

    God is extremely upset with His people. Don’t they realize that they were chosen by Him to come against the enemy with their prayers? Do you want to be ruled by the Communists? God said that this is a very serious situation.

    Brother William Marrion Branham was your anointed prophet, and he gave up on praying for America because she was lost, but with our prayers God just may be able to save America because He is a miracle working God, but He needs our prayers.

    My prayer in October, 2020:-
    I pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and I bind and gag every spirit of Satan and his hosts of demons, devils, witchcraft and evil angels and I render them powerless, useless, silenced and inoperable in the name of Jesus. Please Lord, cast them out into outer darkness or back to the pit whichever you see fit. What’s bound on earth is bound in heaven and what’s loosed on earth is loosed in heaven.
    I loose and plead the blood of Jesus as protection over and for Donald John Trump and his family and I ask Lord that you build a wall of protection around them with your holy angels, and I plead the blood of Jesus against the enemy. I decree that
    every weapon fired towards Donald Trump and the Republicans will not prosper but will instead be re-directed back onto the enemy to scatter and confuse them and that every pit that they dig for Donald Trump and His followers, they will fall into themselves. I pray that Donald and Ivanka Trump will be completely and miraculously healed of the corona virus.
    Hear my prayer Lord and act upon it in the Mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise and Glory to our wonderful and Almighty God. Amen.




    After I prayed for a Catholic friend, God gave me a vision of a dirty toilet with fecal matter inside and around the bowl and a most beautiful, cutest little lamb standing in it, and he told me that I had to put my hands into the dirty cistern and rescue the little lamb even if I got my hands dirty.
    Being baptized as a baby doesn’t count as a true baptism, because we all need to be at an age of understanding about repentance, and babies can’t repent.
    Being baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost is just a title. We’re told to be baptized “in the name” and the name is Jesus, and his name must be used.
    The word baptize in Greek means to plunge or to dip. A trickle of water on the forehead is not being plunged or dipped under the water.
    Paul the apostle preached two baptisms. John the Baptist’s ACTS 2 38, and Jesus’ baptism of the Fire and Holy Ghost MATHEW 3:11.
    I was baptized both ways, and there is a difference. In the Jesus’ baptism, when I went under the water, in just the time it takes to blink, I felt myself die and immediately come alive again with a new heart. It was a beautiful feeling and I felt young and new.
    While I was under the water, I had an urge to open my hand, so I did, and then I shut my hand again, and when I came up out of the water, I was holding a tongue of fire in my hand, and it went from there down the neckline of my frock and over my heart, There were tongues of fire over my head and over the pastor’s head and down his arm, and each knuckle of his fingers on his right hand had a tongue of fire over them.
    There was a branch hanging down from the tree into the water, and the part that was under the water was on fire but the part above the water wasn’t on fire.
    Behind me in the water (and as if on fire), was a new “born again” baby under the water. There were photos and a video taken of my baptism taken with three different cameras, and the photos showed cloven tongues above in the branches, fire moving across the river, and tongues of fire. Two angels and a bright cross were in the background, and little people sitting on the branches of the bushes above them.
    Where my pastor and I walked into the river, the water turned golden in both places.
    At about 1.00 AM in the morning, I had to go to the toilet, and as I passed by the kitchen, I saw that all around the skylight, there were droplets of blood wavering down to about nine or ten inches in depth and disappearing at the ends as more blood droplets came down, and after I came back again to go back to bed, I noticed that the blood droplets were still coming down thick and fast.
    In the morning when I awoke, I could have kicked myself for not photographing the blood coming down.
    Anyone who calls themselves “Born again” without that Fire and Holy Ghost” is not really born again.
    Brother Branham had the Fire and the Holy Ghost shown in his photos and he is the prophet that I follow.

    If you could only get it into your head.
    The Name has power.
    The Name will take you into glory.
    The Name is the Name of God.
    That the Name scares every demon.
    That the Name heals the sick.
    That the Name does all these things.
    The Name will walk with you.
    The Name will be with you.
    Everything is “in the Name of Jesus.”
    The Name makes the demons flee.
    The Name will drive them away from you.
    If you could only get hold of the fact that “in the Name of Jesus” has great power.
    Grab hold of the Name of Jesus and His Word this day.
    Get that name in your heart and the demons will flee from you saith the LORD GOD.
    You will do My Word in My Name.
    You will have revelation in My Name.
    You will speak the Name of Jesus, and no other name on earth is going to do anything for you but by My Name.
    In the Name of Jesus, you’ll have the victory.