[FREE Training] You’re invited! 3 Steps to get your message out and in front of the right audience!

Get raised up by Pete Vargas and I as we tell you the testimonies we’re getting from people who have been working with Pete to get their message out. We’re offering a dedicated one-hour training this Monday, to help you get your own message out on stages: onehourlaunchworkshop.com/lance-live

If you’ve seen my last few emails you’re probably aware of Pete’s One Hour Launch series that we are releasing to you.

Pete’s been hearing the MANY epiphanies people are having once hearing how valuable stages can be to speakers, coaches, and businesses regardless of the niche they belong to.

To tell you the truth – Pete has only scratched the surface in explaining what’s possible with stages and maximizing your message.

So here is what we are doing! We are going to host a LIVE webinar this Monday called, “The 3 Steps to Reliably Grow a 6 to 7-Figure Business” – and this is the place Pete is going more in depth, this is something you won’t want to miss!

Get the details and register for this free webinar here >>

Here’s just a taste of what you’re going to discover at this online training event:

How to “gold mine” and win the most suitable stages for you in order to grow your business

Exact Step-By-Step “Template” for Crafting a Signature Talk That Rocks (Pete has seen hundreds of speakers and 9 out of 10 are NOT aware of this)

The power of scale: learn how to leverage stages to grow your message and sell your Products and Services without being a road warrior who only relies on keynote fees

How to Tell Your Story in a compelling way that allows your customers to go deeper with you

The 5 types of revenue generating stages

The 5 marketing mediums you can utilize and how to combine them to create what Pete calls “The Unstoppable Stage Campaign”

How to 10x the Revenues of EVERY Stage You Are On– And much more…

Get the details and register for this free training here >>>

Whether you’ve been following along with the first three training videos or not, Pete says this is also for those of you who are new to him and haven’t heard anything yet – so not to worry if you’re late to the party.

PLUS, there will be 2 BONUSES I am giving away to those of you who attend, so take advantage of this opportunity. After all, who DOESN’T want to grow their message?

I am looking forward to seeing you there! onehourlaunchworkshop.com/lance-live

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