Lance The Trump Whisperer Decodes Latest Press Briefing

TRUMP WHISPERER Lance Wallnau goes behind the scenes of the latest White House press briefing!

We're going to tune in to the President's press briefing from Sunday, have you been watching them? These Press events are a hoot – if you know what to look for. Love this President. He’s the perfect captain for this storm. He sees the country like it was his Company and a perfect year of record profits just got wasted. And the proof is the Freudian slip he makes – live! And watch him have to deal with the face mask issue and Melania’s tweets.

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68 thoughts on “Lance The Trump Whisperer Decodes Latest Press Briefing

  1. In regards to attacks on Trump, that is why Christians must now step up and visibly support President Trump via rallies, public events, once the ‘all clear’ is given, re the virus.

    This is a case of the ‘people’ now calling for Trump, not Barabbas. That is the historical precedent required so we don’t repeat history’s failures, and so that Christians can also redeem themselves by supporting the very person who is supporting them.

    Cyrus liberated the people so they could re-build the temple, the nation and prepare for the Messiah. God wanted a nation to welcome and protect Jesus, so he could then also claim the world for God. “For God so loved the world”.

    If you do not support this President, you will be signing your own death warrant. Learn from history.

    Lance, you have to organise this so it will happen. As the ‘Lance’, you must ‘spearhead’ this for Heaven’s side, restoring the Lance that pierced Jesus’ side.

    • How can I get a copy of your statement to Lance, it’s very Prophetic and revelatory! I would love to share it on Facebook if I have your permission.

      • I understand that Lance does take the time to read comments, otherwise there is a Contact section under ‘ABOUT’, in the title line at the top of the page

        Please feel free to share it on Facebook. – Stephen

  2. Discovering your site thru Andrew Wommack is an answer to prayer. Beyond words regarding your insight and faith. A true oasis during these unprecedented times. Jesus – our ONLY hope. Many blessings and prayers for your protection.

    • Awesome 45 minutes….so true! Trump was born for such a time as this….true conflict between good and evil. The future of our country is at stake!

    • Lance there those of us who are asking how we can join you live tonight on Passover service? Where can we find it ? I really do not want to miss being with the body on this very critical time. Could you address it someway today? Thank you Judy Spaun
      711 Plum St
      Joshua, Tx

  3. Thank you Lance,
    I too enjoy Pres. Trump at the briefings.
    Dr. Foucci is on the board of Bill, and Malinda Gates foundation. Gates wants vaccination for all because his aim is depopulation. Foucci is holding out for vaccinations, but the ingredients can cause death, or cause the person to “shed” the disease for weeks, continuing to infect others.
    Dr. Birx, and Foucci both receive money for their organizations. this is deeply deceptive.

    • I would love to have a copy of your reply to Lance. I would like to place it on Facebook! It is very revelatory and prophetic. If I have your permission. Thank you

  4. Thanks Lance for your informative programs . I watch them as soon as I get the notification. Praying we all ban together for our nation and all nations to get beyond these crises situations. Thanks so very much for your program. God bless you richly .

  5. We agree with you, we love this President! We love the God that has put President Trump in charge! The President opens his mouth and God will fill it!

  6. Thank you for sharing your helpful insights! And thank you for the timely word from Lamentations. God bless you as you continue to seek Him and share with the Body of Christ what we need to hear so that we know how to intercede. Be encouraged! You’re encouraging me and others in my local church family to seek the Lord and stand in the gap for our nation and the nations of the world. Jesus, not some virus, is truly the King who wears the only eternal crown. Glory to His Name!

  7. I would love to worship with you in your worship room. This is my thumbs up. I really enjoyed the communion time late at night too! That was anointed! What if we included a Daniel 9 repentance prayer time too for America???

  8. Hey Lance: Good idea about having worship with vertical music going. I do it every morning. Much better with thousands together in prayer.
    God bless you brother. David

  9. Lance. I feel so blessed to be on your email list. Thank you. I always feel so much better after listening to you.
    Sharon Martin

  10. I am so grateful that through Jesus and the CLM Ministries I came across your website,

    Thank you
    Love Always
    Nickolas DiDonato

  11. Lance. I feel so blessed to be on your email list. I always feel so much better after hearing what you have to say. Bless you and your family.
    Sharon Martin

  12. Would love to do a worship together. Daily, weekly, we need to be together.

    Gov. whitmer from Mi. was the one who wanted HDCQ to be banned. She was elected and came out of no where , like o’bma. and is now running our state into the ground.

    Shalom Lance.


  13. Yes, Lance… one thing I haven’t experienced through your work for the Lord… Lets Do It!!! Let us know when…

  14. Yes, Lance… One thing haven’t experienced with what you do for the Lord. Let’s Do It!!!

  15. Lance,
    I so enjoy you and your great humor. To me you are the Trump in the spiritual realm.
    Thank you for producing your segments and voice of the Lord to the church.
    I would very much like to go to worship with you and hear you play.
    You have my thumbs up. ???? Elyce

  16. RE: Immediate Credit cards……….to spend within 30 days. The grocery stores, Walmart and Amazon and Internet stores…..maybe rents and utilities are the ones who will get this money…..these are the same stores that are presently open getting the $$ now. The local small businesses won’t get it because they are CLOSED……………??

  17. Please do a worship service – so important & we believe God put this on your heart. And please bring us all together to pray for Rush – you mentioned once that we needed to be in prayer for him….I believe if we bombard Heaven for Rush’s healing, he will proclaim the works of the Lord! (“I shall not die but live….)
    …..also, fervently praying for Pres. Trump and so appreciate all of your anointed insight – what would we do without you? We love you so very much and are grateful for your calling!

  18. Trump is Trump, and wonderfully unique, and perfect for the mission he has taken on — not because of a big ego or because he is a builder, but because he is a highly conscious human being who is using more than 10% of his brain. Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. God Bless him and his family. God Bless America.

  19. Thank you for your boldness to speak God’s truths! And the worship music from the war room is so anointed! God bless you and don’t stop!

  20. Hi Lance..i just got this message today in my email 4/11/20… How do i get into the war room or hear these messages at the time of recording?
    I appreciate your insight, and humor!!
    Yes, Donald Trump is an awesone person!!
    And so are you!
    Thank you for your work..

  21. Thank you Lance for what you are
    sharing. It’s full of insight, Biblical
    knowledge and God’s wisdom and
    Holy Spirit sensitvity. I look forward to each email I receive with your
    videoed messages. May God continue to bless you and keep you
    and your family. Would love to worship with you in your worship room with the other saints.

  22. The answer should be: How come you, the media, are all not wearing masks.
    I disagree with you Lance here. Trump will not meet anyone who is not tested.
    I am disappointed in how you dislike Trump. Well you then have the media to love.

  23. You, my friend, are having entirely too much fun with this. No, I’m just having fun with you. Our president’s a wonderful and timely gift from Above. And yes, we will escape the snare of the fowler because we have the right one in the Oval Office, handpicked for such a time as this. And speaking of you, your “whispering” is a joy to follow. Now back to the video, there are parts I need to hear again and savor.

  24. Yes, lets go into your worship room!!!
    I so track with what The Lord gives you!!!

  25. I love your videos and Trumps different humor, you two are what this season needs, don’t ever let up.
    Love you guys, I pray for you daily and GOD NEVER FAILS TO ANSWER ANY OF MY PRAYERS.
    Springfield, Oregon

  26. Yes – but why import masks from China – already infected – if not from natural causes from SUPERNATURAL causes!!! Bringing satan back into USA and the rest of the world importing covid19 from China through their infected masks!!???????????????

  27. I got on Daystar’s archives and listened to the National Day of Prayer, May 2, 2019. This was sooo profound to me. It was in the Statuary Hall of the Capital and it was a wonderful example of 2 Chronicles 7:14 manifest into action. We all need to listen and re-listen to this full broadcast of what real Christian praying is about – both talk and walk – no criticizing – petitioning God out of a sincere heart. They got down on their knees at one point. They gave testimony of how real forgiveness looks – a minister whose wife was killed and he chose to forgive. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s worship – sl awesome – I know it made God smile at the people called by HIS NAME!

  28. I just discovered your ministry and watched your clip entitled, “The Trump Whisperer…” I am in tears – so grateful that your voice is being used to glorify the Lord and to bring scriptural relevance to urgent real world issues.
    Thank you for the work you are doing. I am really rocked and cannot wait to share your ministry with others.
    God Bless You and your family,