Investing In The Next Generation

Ready. Set. Summer.

One week every year I get away with a small group of about 30 sons and daughters of friends of mine and pour into them everything I can to answer these questions. I do it for my children as much as I do it for anyone else’s. I bring in the BEST trainers, incredible entrepreneurs, media personalities, and 7 Mountain experts to teach, train, and hang out with your kids.

Have you prepared your children for the hour that is coming upon them?

  • As the culture becomes increasingly hostile to followers of Jesus, are they prepared to stand or will they collapse under the pressure?
  • Are they rock solid in their identity?
  • Do they know WHY they believe and WHAT they believe?
  • Do they have friends who share this confidence?
  • Are they ready and prepared to retake ground and reshape the culture? Do they know how?
  • Do they have a vision for a profession? Do they have a sense of divine calling and partnership with God in what they need to do to make a living?
  • Are they clear about what to look for in choosing a life mate and setting standards in dating and relating?

Parents are SHOCKED at the transformation they see in their children when they return home!

It’s a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity and I do it inexpensively because a couple in our network own a resort where they provide facilities. What should cost $2400 per student for a week of lodging, meals, and team trainers is only $1495 per student (Early Bird Discount of $1495 ends June 30th, 2016).

What would you have paid to learn what you know now – and get that at the age of 14 – 24?

All I ask is that you don’t send me hostage youth who don’t want to be there. The kids that make it to this special week are the best youth in America and I want them connecting with other high potential kids. They don’t have to be “on fire” when they arrive (we will take care of that) but they do have to know something about what to expect. We are training spiritual special forces — Killer Sheep!

What is 7M Gen Camp?

7M Gen Camp is the camp for young adults with bright futures. This is where the visionaries of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Founded by Dr. Lance Wallnau – an entrepreneur with a degree in Marketplace Ministry – 7M Gen Camp is the place to learn the necessary skills for those interested in taking their destiny by the reigns while realizing their ultimate potential. At camp, students will learn:

  • Skills to push them to the pinnacle of their career</li>
  • Various tools used to implement conflict resolution
  • How to deal with the backlash of being at the forefront of their dream job
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personality profiles used by Fortune 500 companies
  • And how to be their best self!

Our goal at this camp is to prepare our students with the know-how to manage their time, their expectations, and, ultimately, themselves so they can achieve anything and everything they set out to accomplish.

What does it take to be a camper?

  • between the ages of 14 – 24
  • have a good sense of right and wrong
  • have accepted Christ into their life

How to Register

——> Register NOW by clicking here! <——

  • After you have registered, we will send you more information about camp along with forms and a questionnaire. The forms and questionnaire can be returned to us by email or fax. The forms must be returned to our office by July 20th.

How and when do I get to camp?

  • You can fly directly into Columbia, MO or into the St. Louis Airport (about 90 miles from camp). We offer airport rides to and from both airports.
  • We ask that you aim to arrive at camp in the early afternoon on Sunday, July 31. Our Opening Ceremony will begin at 7pm and we will have dinner available.
  • You can leave any time on Saturday, August 6. Most students like to leave around lunch time so they can enjoy the morning with all of their new friends.
  • Camp is located at the beautiful Cedar Creek Resort in Columbia, MO. Their website is

What does Registration Include?

  • Registration includes: Lodging, Food, Training, and all event activities!

What are you waiting for?

Contact my office and get in the program while it is available.

For questions or for more information email our Camp Coordinator Chelsea at


Lance & Annabelle Wallnau