Are You Certain?

Whitman“Change is when you have to do better what you already have been doing. INNOVATION is when you have to do what has never been done before.” 
– Lance

The difference between those who improve things and those who Innovate things is that innovators ask better questions.

They are more curious. They also must brave the wrath of the non-innovator.

The hills of Israel were loaded with frustrated and intimidated Israelites the day that little David showed up and asked two questions that agitated his brothers. 

1.) “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should taunt the armies of the living God?” (1 Samuel 17:26) 

Those who have power to change the status quo ask different questions. David did not comment on the giant's size as others did. He focused on a different aspect of the situation, saying in essence “this fellow is entirely vulnerable and destined to be defeated because he is an “uncircumcised” foreigner on God's territory, defying none other than God Himself. This guy is like the lion and the bear I already killed.”

The second question outrages the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT! People harass me because I believe God is the God of ALL of life and that includes business as well as theology. Get this – David wants to know how he will be compensated…

2.) “What will be done for the man who kills this Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel?”

David's interest in what will be done for him, or how he gets paid, is not incongruent with his zeal for God and desire to defend His name. 

INNOVATORS in the Kingdom can be driven by a sanctified profit motive! If you think God is not interested in economics you have made God smaller than He is by making Him a monk instead of a monarch. There are those who are called to do their work without an interest in material things. And there are those who are called to use their gifts to gain resources for the King in the marketplace. He is the King of Commerce, the great liberator of souls, and the generous giver – all in one. 

It seems to me we are all a bit more “certain” and opinionated about each others' motives and worlds than we ought to be. The innovators God raises up will be less judgmental and more curious, don't you think?

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One thought on “Innovation

  1. I agree. I also believe that innovators have the spirit of Might on them to move and ask to dare to ask the questions others are too afraid to vocalize for one reason or another. It’s one thing to think it; another to move in it and toward it.