How To Keep From Sabotaging Your Own Transition

3 Questions To Ask During Transition

One of the challenges of transition is understanding how to exit one phase or stage of life and enter the next one. Jesus was tested in the wilderness while going into His ministry and tested even more in Gethsemane when transitioning out.

You are the most vulnerable during strategic times of transition.

There are 3 powerfully clarifying questions we’ve learned to use in times of transition:

  1. WHO will I need to BE NOW, that I’ve never been before?”

And the next key question:

  1. WHAT will I need to DO NOW that I’ve never done before?”

Which leads to the ultimate question: In light of who I need to be and what I need to do…

  1. “WHO will God be for me now that He has never been before? What aspect(s) of God do I need to draw upon?”

Now, what does this mean?

  1. You must tap into parts of yourself never previously developed. The moment you enter into a real transition, one in which the phase of your life is going to shift, you’ll really have to show up in a whole new way.  This means tapping into everything you’ve ever learned and everything you’ve ever done. You’re exercising new muscles, new awareness; you’re exploring new space.  It’s the extension of your authentic self. It’s your heavenly identity at a whole new level.  It’s a place you’ve never been before. Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable.
  2. You will face opposition from spiritual forces. When you begin to step into your season of transition, the spiritual world will try to lock you up in the old pattern.  This is like the children of Israel trying to cross over into the Promised Land.  There was a very real demarcation between where they were and where they were going. Only after they made the shift would a new beginning unfold. What was it that inhibited that transition? It was the old habits that didn’t die in the wilderness! What was waiting for them? A land of prophetic promises; their Promised Land.

How does the devil attempt to hold you back from transition? He does this by imposing outside resistance from some source aligned with his evil intent. This could be political, legal, or even occultic. But this is not an easy option for the devil and requires a lot of resources. Satan would much rather have you self-disqualify.  He will aim his arrows at you personally. He will bring up your history, your old patterns, old fears, and old iniquities.  Sometimes the very people you need to avoid start crossing your path.

Jesus warned His disciples to “watch.” This word involves watching what is coming up in you as well as what is developing in the environment around you. He is sympathetic to your battle, which is why He told His disciples to pray because “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” (Matthew 26:41).

This could be translated as “Your spirit man wants to do the right thing but your emotions and your untrained senses will overpower your spirit. Your natural man is weak. Fail to pray and you’ll be frightened and intimidated and will want to run.”

Friends, let nothing keep you back from your transition! “Watch” what’s coming up in you and watch what’s going on around you!

Question: Are you entering into a new season?  What are some tactics that the devil is using to block you from your Promised Land?  What words of the Lord are you standing on for victory? Perhaps you were previously unaware, but now your eyes are open to the importance of being on your “watch.”  Comment below!

As One!


You are the most vulnerable during strategic times of transition.

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105 thoughts on “How To Keep From Sabotaging Your Own Transition

  1. Thanks, I needed this. One question, however: since we’ve never been here before, how do we know who we’ll need to be and what we’ll need to do that’s different?

    • Don, if I may… It may not be the answer that’s important. The fact that your asking the question is what’s critical. Ask the question to The Lord as well as yourself and then just listen. When the time comes for you to be someone outside of your past or do something that “you normally wouldn’t do,” The Lord will tell you. Keep asking the question and keep listening and I promise, the answer will come when you need it.

      Reference: 2 Cor 2:10, Phil 4:19, 2 Peter 1:3 (among many others). The Lord wants to walk with you. Strength and Honor, Grant<

    • When who you are and what you normally do doesn’t work (i.e. has no effect or the wrong effect), you’ll realize your need for help by way of Divine direction and guidance. Your complete trust in your Heavenly Father is of utmost importance.

      Our transitions are our classroom lessons that we will continue to have as long as we are in this life.

  2. This is awesome Lance. Thank you so much. May God’s people cross over into His glorious plan for each one of us. Yes Jesus!

  3. Timely message Lance, thank you. It gives me a better filter for things going on in my life right now. It’s so easy to forget that we have an enemy who wants us to fail and by forgetting I’m letting down my guard. Times are too critical to behave this carelessly. Shields up!

  4. This word is extremely timely for me right now (kairos time). I have been in a life transition over the past months, and just yesterday the Lord showed me two more streams of income to add to my other two. I look forward to the day in the very near future when my income streams will actually start producing income. So the aspect of the Lord’s being that has been coming alive and real for me the past 9 months that I have been without a steady income is God as Provider. It’s been amazing to watch how He has provided for me, and it’s been so gratifying to be able to rest in that provision.

    Thanks for sharing the three questions to ask during a transition. Those questions will require some time for me to ponder, meditate on, and talk with the Lord about. They ARE very powerful.

    • Thanks for the comments, Suzanne! It’s evident that the Lord is moving in your life in a powerful way and showing Himself strong.

  5. Great insight Lance….
    When the Lord wants us to be rid of a habit or pattern He will put His finger on it specifically. It won’t be some general vague feeling of condemnation. I have found its usually a simple step of obedience to a specific thing the Holy Spirit wants me to deal with…something very “do-able” and well within my ability to obey His voice. Funny how it can be so hard to let a simple habit or pattern go. He doesn’t overwhelm us with something that is quite beyond our ability to say “no” to. ” Its the little foxes that spoil the vine” Do I want to let a vain thing ( habit, pattern) steal what the Lord has for me? Or do I want to see His kingdom come literally into my present and future..

  6. Thank you Lance. Absolutly true what you have said. Especially now. Im in a transistion period in my life. What I also do when the enemy tries to attack is to read and meditate on prophecies I recieved over the years and dig deeper into the Word.

    • Reminding yourself of promises/identity through prophecies and digging into the Word….key steps!!

  7. Lance, question. What do you do when you know you will be going into transistion but you are not sure where or when it will take place? My job may change in the next few months but not sure. I get a sense it will. I see opportunities outside my job that could be a new door. But massive learning curve.
    What do I do in the “between times”?

  8. YAYYYY!!! Transition wisdom!!! We literally got stopped mid-stream trying to move from Nashville to FL, where we KNOW we are supposed to be!!! And to top it off – its the 2nd time it’s happened *GULP*. All I know to do is keep pushing. Keep boxing our things. Keep fixing the house to put it up for sale. (BABY STEPS!!) —- Just. Keep. Pushing. If the Father wants to stop us He can and will (if we are pushing too hard and it’s not His timing), but if it’s the enemy trying to stop us, he won’t be able to. Thanks Lance for a shot in the arm to keep on truckin’!!!!

  9. Thank you Lance, you have spoken a TIMELY! WORD! I know that I am feeling the new from within wanting to break out. Something new wanting to manifest, but as you have stated, the old things and old habits not wanting to leave voluntarily. This is a fight for our future, the person God is desiring to see. We have to be determined and focused! God bless you Lance.

  10. I am 81 and in transition. I am more hungry to fulfill my purpose than ever. I am in the Moses generation of new beginnings.

    • So beautiful to see you are so hungry!! He will definitely show you the right doors to go through. I am 70 & will be starting Bible College this fall. I love the passion & energy that the younger generation has. I believe that we seniors have much life experience & wisdom to impart! I want the passion & fire also. Patricia King has a Facebook page called “Seniors On The Front lines” Blessings to you.

    • Louise
      I love your passion for the next season, wow at the age of 81. I’ve been in transition the last 3 years, preparing for the next season. I’m back in school (I’m 58) and even though I have no idea what the next season holds, I know it will be good. The Lord is raising us Seniors (I qualify at the movies:) . The hardest thing for me this transition is watching the enemies tactics. It is different this time.

  11. Amazing all these teaching come at exactly the right time, just what I needed, who will God be for me now that he has never been before….thank you. I have been in a life’s transition since my husband died 3 years ago and have come a long way but I am always surprised by surprises and then surprised how I survived them truly by being on my knees. And then I get up dust myself off and then it starts all over again each time I am a little more accepting and ready….like a chess game, for the next move.

  12. Much needed insight right now! Uncomfortable, yes. Enemy has been trying to lock me up in old patterns. I am fasting, praying in tongues, resting/soaking. I feel as if the Lord has directed me to pray protection over my words and how people hear my words. Thank you so much for this directive word!

  13. Timely encouraging word . Yes I have beef called to be a part of a new church (2years) old . While I have bee with them since their beginnings I was a member at a large spirit filled church and I just recently transition under Gods leading and my former churches approval to become a member at my new church and serve there . Quite an adjustment but excited to be a part of a pioneering church not your typical way to do church as our pastor would say . Along with this has come many blessings and challenges simultaneously . In the last two months I’ve noticed Gid has been bringing much opportunity for serving others through him and greater effectiveness in doing so . My pastor says that is because God has increased my annoiting . But personal attacks toward me have been stronger also . One moment of being touched by Him or seeing another touched by Him through my life is worth it all though . He is so worthy !

  14. Thank you, Lance. This word corresponds with al I got last time, through reading Bible or prophetic word. I know, where I am at the very moment, and WHY that all happens to me, my husband and kids.

    Where I am, that I’ve never been before?
    My spiritual senses are open, wide open : I smell, I see, I hear, I touch. Uncomfortable, yes. I don’t know, how to use it! Am I going crasy, of… is it normal? No one teached me before about such things.
    Yes, I am a prophet. But… should I be a seener?? Wow…

    What should I do, that I did not do before?
    Connect with right people. Go Anna, go!

    Tactics of the evil one? Oh, yeah… He gives me people, who seem PERFECT to me, it “clicks” between us immediatelly, but then… they occures to be… a Reiki master! No, thanks.
    He uses my neighbours to fall me on my children issue. Yes, then I feel depleted, crashed, no hope, no sence of life, nonsence. The only thing is just sit and cry or commit suiside.
    He got me today. So I know, my transition is at the door 🙂 Yes, I prayed .

    Sorry for my English, I am Dutch 😉

  15. I’m entering a new season, one that the Enemy tried to bring forth prematurely, so that the vision, the dream, the assignment would be stillborn, but God kept His hand on me. All of the questions you posed are ones that I am meditating and praying about. One of the things the Enemy is trying to use to hinder me is infirmity. I’m standing on Isaiah 55:3 and 3 John 1:2. There are other things the Enemy is trying, but I can do all things through Christ (The Anointed One) who strengthens me. Pray for me.

  16. This battle of finances. My business and home are crumbling before me.
    God says my mercies are new everyday. Great is my faithfulness.
    I am used to being alone. There is comfort in not having to be something for someone.
    Iron sharpens iron. You must be a friend to have a friend.
    God delights in the prosperity of his saints.
    I want to shift from massage therapist to author, speaker, coach.
    Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

  17. I needed to hear this so badly! I’ve been stuck in the same habits and self-defeating mindsets for years and have known that God wants to lead me out of them, but I have not known how to. Thank you!

    • Pam, glad this message hit home! Praying for hope to fill your heart and His guidance to lead you.

  18. As God (and you!) have been faithful to do, you show up at critical times in my life to help guide, encourage, teach and motivate me. I became acquainted with you January 21, 2010 when I downloaded “21 Questions for 2010 That Will CHANGE Your LIFE”. A truer title was never written. I fed off those revelations for three years. My life was drastically changed!
    Those battles won and ground taken (and kept), I am now in another transition time. It has been a real battle as I deal with the flesh and yet, I know what God has spoken. This landscape is different, although my God is the same. My reward is bigger. The fight is fiercer. But my determination is stronger and my faith is more solid around the Person of God that He has become for me. Onward and upward! I can’t thank you enough for your teachings and that you make them available to many of us who may never meet you in person. We (The Body) are out here and we love you!

  19. Dear Lance,

    Thank you for posting this. It’s easier to be in the old place of comfort. Thank you for saying that I need to give myself permission to be uncomfortable. I also need to learn not to run ahead of God’s timing, not to force things but to follow His leading. I will take the mountain of my assignment. You are a blessing. May you continue to speak the word that gives life and that challenges the way we see things. God keep you in His protection and His presence.

  20. For the last couple weeks I’ve been thinking about this EXACT very thing. I’m in a massive transition period. God is literally taking me from one season to the next but I feel like every dart from the enemy is after me. I’m battling some anger issues from this season I’m coming out of & I’m trying desperately to fight…the spirit IS willing but the flesh is weak. 🙁 I keep hearing the Lord speak if I’m not careful I will sabotage my own transition. And this transition contains the hopes & dreams that I’ve longed for. I NEEDED this!!! it was DEAD ON TIME!!!! I feel like I’m having to pull from every area of experience I’ve had & areas God is growing me in. Please…do more teachings on this!!

  21. Very encouraging words as I am in a period of transition. While the questions raised resonate — they are the right questions — I’ll have to pray about how to even begin answering them.

  22. Wow, this is exactly what is happening in my life right now! I’ve been asked to assume a significant increase in responsibility at work and I was sure it was God, but the performance pressure and constant needling from my CEO is dragging me back into a bunch of dysfunctional behaviors and I’d rather quit than go back to that life. Thank you for the encouragement!

  23. As all of us, we have the same choice, with the same 24 hrs each day, and that choice is who will live,
    my choice is that no longer it is I who live but Christ lives in me, and the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. He must increase, but I must decrease. The key to live this life in decrease is to not allow any thoughts to exalt itself against the knowledge of God bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. God is bringing fourth a spotless and unblemished Bride were Sons/Daughters of His Kingdom are being formed through pressure, irritation, and fire. God is bringing fourth His Diamonds, Pearls, and Gold to be displayed to a world that is most desirable for the precious stones of the Father.

  24. Thank you so much! This is so timely and right on target for me RIGHT NOW!
    The very people I need to avoid have in fact, started crossing my path. I sooo needed to hear this.
    He has brought up my history and fears and old patterns as well.
    Thank you again so much for this message.
    Bless You,

  25. Gosh this is exactly where I am. I was feeling discouraged but now I see. It’s amazing how those I your inner circle can be the ones who resist you. I’m encouraged to refocus and keep His promises and prophetically words before my eyes….. Hold as uncomfortable as it is I can ‘hold’ my focus on Him.

  26. This is exactly where I am. I stepped into a higher level of responsibility at church and the negative nellies and jealous, selfish children jumped in to accuse and I found myself again wanting to quit. But not this time. NOT THIS TIME. THIS IS A NEW ME, AND PEOPLE WILL NOT GET ME OFF TRACK TO MY DESTINY!

  27. Great message I’m going to carry it with me (literally print it off and keep it in my handbag) to remind me that I am in a period of transition and that I can and will achieve what He has put in my heart. Maybe I just needed reminding that the present pain/battle which has been intense should encourage me rather than deter me. Heart stuff, head stuff no matter what’s going on I just want to agree with what God wants so yeehah thanks again I’m encouraged to keep pursuing my dream. Definitely going to meditate on those 3 great questions.

  28. Thank you so much Lance! I’m so amazed by your wisdom and teachings. There is so much life in what you say… ” The Holy Spirit in you!” I have a few things by you and I love the truth ! It will take time but I want all your teaching and would love to come to your conferences! I speak BLESSINGS to you and your family and ministery in JESUS NAME! Thank you so much for impacting my life

  29. He’s bringing up old hurts.

    Thanks for your article. I didn’t use to recognise them because I was too focused on me. I’m beginning to recognize his strategies and give an answer of love from God’s word because I can.

    Be thou an example of the believer.

  30. Hey Lance,

    This couldn’t have been more right on for me and my husband. Thanks for sharing.
    We love the way you think. It makes our brains feel like a million bucks. lol
    We have been in a full time ministry position at an Outreach Center in Pennsylvannia for the past 6 years and feel the Lord leading us out. We are looking for open doors. Thought it would be worth a shot to ask you if LanceLearning ever had job openings.

    Thanks and Blessings!
    Further up and further in,
    Nick and Britt

  31. Thanks for the right message at the right time. We’ve recently moved into a whole new season, and have encountered a lot of opposition. I was ready to run, but you’ve opened my eyes to what’s going on in the spiritual realm.

  32. This was good for me tonight! Encouraging and confirming and instructing. I look forward to digesting it further. Definitely in transition, and enemy has been trying to put old “clothes” back in me. Don’t crack the door to the enemy by questioning what your spirit has heard from the Spirit, despite the mouth through which a counter word comes.

  33. I am currently in transition…I’ve never been in a place where I am now. I have nothing except my personal belongings. I was pushed to leave my place of employment. I’ve never been without my own home..I absolutely am on a faith train…..I’m standing on Jeremiah 29:11…….Psalms 30:11 Isaiah 61:3 to name a few.

  34. Thank you Lance, this is right where I am. I pray I can let go of the past and look forward with eyes of the spirit to into the future for what God has planned for me and my family in ministry and for our housing situation.

  35. This was so timely so needed,
    My youngest is headed to Oral Roberts University we live in Canada and the empty nest has started, this is transition in real life. Many tears … And feeling unsure walking by the empty bedroom is the hardest ever.
    So I will ask myself to exercise muscles never used before as I transition?⛈☔️?

    • Fear Not! Some of my best years were at Oral Roberts University, was led there by the Spirit of Christ, but if could go to any school it would be in the top few schools available. Tulsa is an excellent city to live, but most of all it is a safe place, hopefully your child will be hunger for the things of the Lord. It is not a one slant of one belief there, the professors are the Body of Christ, they come from many different slant that make up the whole, if your child is going into ministry, tell them to go into the Library and utilize the upper room with the archive of the past moves on the earth, if i could do it over, that is were i would have stayed, there is not another place on earth. Excellent ministries there too.

  36. A good thing to read just before I sleep on this my 53rd birthday. I’m going to read it again now and when I wake up. GBY ✌??☝

  37. Wow this is exactly the revelation that I needed to confirm where I am right now which is transition. Thank you for your insight.

  38. The Lord has taken me out of administration/reception work and is leading me into Counselling. I am out of work at the moment in order to shift into my new assignment to learn new skills. I have been taken back into the Deliverance and Healing Ministry. ( I have a great passion to set people free in this way from The Lord). The Job Centre wants to keep me locked into administration type rolls. I am resisting with all my spiritual might not to go back into my old employment. I don’t know what scriptures to stand on . Thank you for the warning to “watch”. I know where He is leading me. I am grateful for all your help and advice. God Bless you. I stay close to The Lord in prayer and give my life to Him every day and pray His Will into my life. The secret is to stay close to Him.

    • Praise Him through the storm!! 🙂 From the start to the entrance! 🙂 He is faithful, even in the “storm”. 🙂 Just keep praising; when things are still being “done” in the natural, just keep saying thank you and say it loud!! 🙂 x 🙂
      Proverbs 3:5

    • PHILIPPIANS‬ ‭3:13-14‬
      KJV‬‬: “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

  39. Excellent word, Lance.
    I have been had favor in my mountain but have been feeling alone with few co-workers. The story of Gideon gives me courage. I am certain that God will raise up a team and the battle will be won.
    Romans 8:31 “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? ”
    Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  40. Thank you Lance!

    Definitely God’s perfect timing for this message. I needed to hear it as I transition into this next season with a new business.

  41. I’m standing on this promise found in Isaiah.

    “The LORD Almighty has sworn,
    Surely, as I have planned, so it will be.
    As I have purposed, so it will happen.

    I disobeyed the Lord and and in a season of self-induced consequences. I know I am forgiven, but am still in the “wait” for the season of transition to begin. He spoke to me telling me “you feel stuck in the here-n-now, when you’re actually in between the now-n-not yet. The promise above is just one Word He’s given me to hold onto. For No word from God will fail.

  42. Because i want this transition as easy as possible and take care of all thetemptations and what ifsand let me sail right through to my new season of blessings and take care of those things the devil throws at me.

  43. YES. I can see new things rising up in me as well as around me. I am transitioning spiritually and physically. Changing jobs/career, new church and ministry. I feel as if I have been wandering in the dessert for years. I have finally given up and just told the Lord it was all over. Him and things are changing. I have faced some really bad physical illnesses in the process and I know it is all spiritual attack. All of your observations above really hit home with me. Be blessed.

  44. Hi Lance I am one with whom the Lord is very busy right now. I have been going through various contradictions over the past 3 years and Praise the Lord He has been very faithful. Today’s message was really encouraging because yet again I am facing giants in a place I trust the Lord has given me. I would like to share my challenges but perhaps telephonically some day soon. I have grown through your teachings substantially as you are one of the teachers I thank the Lord He has led me to and He gave me Jeremiah 3:15. At the moment I do not have financial resources to sow into what I believe is a ministry preparing the sons of the kingdom. So my prayers I sow until the day I can partner with you. The Lord bless you richly brother. I am in South Africa and I really trust the move you are sensing in America we too are to some extent are facing the same. When I look at the southern region of Africa, almost entirely every country moves into elections within a year or so. And I have often found when I am in prayer the Lord has given us this region to be a sheepfold where a number of sheep nations must emerge. As the Lord has given prayer in my spirit I have & am seriously contending for this region and the Lord willing His rule will be established here. I believe the Lord has called me into big business in this region and I trust He will breakthrough the resistance and mountains that stand in the way like the breakthrough of many waters. Again I would like to share my testimony with you & the many warriors worldwide because certainly victory is ours. The Lord bless you.

  45. Isaiah 26 and now Isaiah 45
    I am more aware of the importance of being on my watch.
    Only when they made the shift. Did a new beginning begin to unfold. Thank you, the shift is part of Jesus leading me out.

  46. I am in transition, it’s been challenging. Enemy is bringing up past big time but I know I’m healed and have forgiven everyone, including myself. I’m in my 2 ND year of college and I’m going to be 53 in Aug 29, 2016. Radiology, ultra sound, and mammography. Do know it was very hard first year but now God’s opening things up, now this transition. My husband died 09-25-2010, tragic accident but Jesus met him on the road, many miracles have happened and now I’m expecting double Restoration of all enemy stole since before my conception. Any thoughts Lance

  47. Re: point #2, this week I kept praying over myself and detaching myself from the spirit of poverty that imposes old patterns and old ways of thinking about myself, my potential. I have been doing a lot of warfare against the spirit of witchcraft, political spirit that is trying to silence my voice specially on social media. I do understand the fight, and in spite of the fact I don’t always understand everything I keep pressing on and praying in the spirit…Thank you for your insight. it is easy to connect with your messages and have clarity about what’s going on in the natural and spirit world.

    • Nata,
      I can relate to your point. I’m praying for myself for the same thing, breaking off old way of thinking about myself and dealing with the same spirits (also leviathan) that interrupts and twist communication. I’m been reading blessings over myself as my new tactic.

  48. The enemy has attacked me through cancer but my Heavenly Father has healed me. I’m just walking the journey out and praying that I don’t miss out on any of the lessons I need to learn throughout this. I do not want to miss my transition. I want everything the Lord has for me!!!

  49. Lance, you were instrumental in my life from the time you came to Redding and played the Gladiator during one of your sessions. You talked about getting a platform to work from. I began school at 50, worked hard to get two B A, and then a Masters in psychology. I continued on, working to get my doctorate. Fighting the warfare that surrounds the field, I ended up taking a medical leave of absence. Now timed out, I am seeking God for the ability to transfer into a Christian University and finish my course. As a Christian woman and warrior, at 62, I am not giving up. Please pray for me. I will use the gifts and talents God has given me to take dominion and set captives free. Thank you for all you are doing in so many lives as you follow the leading of the Lord. Blessings to you and yours. As One…

    • Brenda
      I just read your comment, I guess that is ok here. I can somewhat relate. I went back to school to get my doctorate at the age of 56, I am in my last year, writing my dissertation now. What is your doctorate in and what school were you in? If you don’t mind me asking, (my email is, if you want to write. I have a friend who is 62 also and working on her doctorate. It is not an easy process. May the Lord give you wisdom and strength to continue on.

  50. Oh, I must have needed to hear this message. This morning I opened my email and there were two blogs about transition. (One was from the Heaven in Business group). I’m finding the older I get the transitions are longer and the warfare changing, or maybe I don’t have the emotional energy I used to once have to walk through them. I’ve read a lot of books (including Bobby Clintons) transitions that remind me of what is happening. I feel convergence is right around the corner for me (I’m 58). Now I understand why only a small % make it there, because of the warfare. I hope I do. I’m in my final year of a doctorate program, writing my dissertation, and I’m being stretched in a whole new way.

  51. Great word of encouragement. I am in quite a time of transition. The trial of my life has opened my eyes and heart. God is doing a major heart transformation and this word so resonated with my spirit. Please say a prayer for me. Thank you and God bless!! Dana Crist in Newark Delaware. ❤️

  52. Thank you for posting this. I never thought of it, but this makes a lot of sense. What are some signs that we should be looking for that will show us when we are going through transitions? Sometimes we are moving into something new but we don’t see it. Thank you.

  53. This came just when I really needed to hear it.
    I could feel the attack coming upon me today from Satan. Then the Lord had me check my e-mail. Thank you for that message.

  54. Every time you leave a post I write the whole thing down in my journal! I have had some very hard setbacks in my lifetime but every time the Lord has taking care of me or redirected me! I’m a very strong woman, and had a huge operation in 1996, which survival rate 8% to 12% but I’ve ALWAYS HAD AWESOME ENCOUNTERS with GOD! I didn’t realize as a child most of my encounters how many times He has saved me! A lot I’d heaven encounters, and at 50 became born again, and then had a relationship with Jesus! More encounters, but way too many with the devil taking me out! Every time I read your posts excitement comes rushing in! Blessings my friend! I fight the good fight bind the Strongman and my transition is before me!

  55. Greetings mr Walnau,

    Ineeded this warning and it came just on time. I’ am in a transition and things that you mention has hold me many times back. But now I see and understand what is going on. You have blessed sir and this will help me to transition. God bless you sir.


  56. Lance, Thank you, again. I’ve been getting hit and having my past thrown at me. Praise God that I know the past is covered in the Blood. With Jesus we can always outrun the devil! We are in transition and we do need to find our place-CRITICAL. We know the Lord will answer…and yes, we are battling old habits and comfortable places. We want to run, but this time instead of running away, we re running forward towards the battle! We refuse to be left
    AS ONE

  57. Wow! This could not have been more ordained of God for me to read at this very moment. Thank you, Lance, for allowing God to speak through you as you have done with the words of this article and what you spoke in the video.

    I appreciate you and your willingness to be God’s mouthpiece.

  58. I am definitely in a season of major transisition. It’s been quite intense and almost overwhelming. This article was very timely and insightful. I especially loved this:

    This could be translated as “Your spirit man wants to do the right thing but your emotions and your untrained senses will overpower your spirit. Your natural man is weak. Fail to pray and you’ll be frightened and intimidated and will want to run.”

  59. Beautiful transition strategy…reminds me of a favorite scripture. Isaiah 43:6 I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’ and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’ Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth–

  60. The timing of me finding this is so God. I was fired from my job. I’m in transition. I’m starting my own business so I ordered your 4 part series to help. Thank you so much. I’ve never heard of you before until today. Saw it on Facebook. No random in the Kingdom of God.

  61. I’ve just recently become aware of your ministry and know unequivocally God has plopped your teaching right in front of me. This is a time of transition. A time to do things differently and more strategically. Thank you for your heart after the Father and for speaking prophetically into our lives!

  62. A powerful and extremely profound word Lance..Thankyou and thankyou Lord!
    Very timely for me and gives me great insight as to what is happening.
    Bless you and may His Precious Spirit continue to lead you and guide you.

  63. Dear Lance
    Two things that stood out the most for me. First was what are some of the old habits that haven’t died in me and the second is, watch what is coming up in me and watch what is developing in the environment around me. I struggle in these two areas but wasn’t sure what is was I was struggling in until I read this blog. It’s like I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but now it’s BAM!! Ok I’m getting this Lord.
    Thank you very much.