How to hear God in a time of transition!

Here are some of the keys I talked about.
1. What moves you deeply indicates a problem you are called to solve.
2. Your history leaves clues: what do your history, talent and acquired skills prepare you to do best?
3. What is the reoccurring dream and desire call you to? Who are you helping?
4. Who is coming to you for help?
5. Where can you serve without a prospect of personal gain?

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One thought on “How to hear God in a time of transition!

  1. I predicted Trump was going to run and win in 2006. And I know that for a fact that he is the one God appointed to have all Believers In Christ be united under one Word of God, not religion or anything else other than to be united in one spirit and mind for the Word of God…the Bible!. I ask for you to see and notice my posts on facebook. I feel that this entire movement is a door of opportunity to bring this country back to right standing. The only way to do this is to completely expose the corruption that has happened in this country, because He is not finished with this country or the world yet. He has been working these things out in cycles since JESUS arose….there is so much corruption in the government, the health system, the legal system, our food, our way of life being attacked becuase we were based on God. If we do not seriously take this opportunity, then it is going to be going down.. I have information to show that this is all so corrupt from every angle. EVERY Believer in Christ MUST be voting and speaking out to restore this country! It doesn’t matter who you are, if you believe in the Word of God, we must speak it out and not shut up. Want to be at your dream trip.