Hard to Believe!

Do you keep hearing about shutting down ICE? Well wait till you hear about this vote.

First off, ICE stands for “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” Basically, ICE plays a critical role in enforcing our immigration laws. ICE agents are America’s frontline defenders against human trafficking, drug trafficking, and weapons trafficking. These brave men and women keep violent MS-13 and other gang members and criminal aliens off your streets.

The Left has been funding Occupy Protests against ICE with calls to abolish the agency. Americans don’t support this position so they waffle back and forth.

The issue came to a revealing vote that you need to know about.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. House of Representatives passed Congressman Clay Higgins’ (R-LA) bill H. Res. 990 today, affirming congressional support for ICE and denouncing Democrats’ radical “abolish ICE” movement.


One year ago 159 House Democrats voted to support ICE. Today, however, 133 House Democrats REFUSED to go on record as supportive of ICE and REFUSED to condemn radical calls to abolish ICE.

That’s right! 133 Democrats voted “present,” and 34 Democrats voted AGAINST Congressman Higgins’ resolution. A “present” vote is a vote saying “I don’t have an opinion.” A vote against ICE is a vote to abolish this division of law enforcement.

Higgins says: “The American people now know where every member of Congress stands on this issue. Democrats have made their support for open borders very clear. To vote ‘present' on our resolution reflects fear. I am proud to represent a Conservative coalition standing with ICE agents and for the rule of law.”

Here’s a more shocking statistic. 25 Million Christians either don’t care enough to register to vote or actually vote.

But that’s not you.

Picture is from today’s protest against ICE staged at a Court House.

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