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13 thoughts on “God’s End Time Endgame

  1. Such great revelation thank you Pastor Lance! I love the way you teach. God bless you for your commitment to get this word out to the Body of Christ. I am passing this on to whoever I believe will listen. Thank you so much. Stefi from Queensland, Australia.


  2. Those China pipsqueeks are losing hold of their own people and are terrified they’re going to get liberated, it’s called little-man syndrome, their bark’s worse than their bite. I can tell you two of the mountains in China right now, the blackmarket and microbusiness, another one’s probably organized crime related. I clipped up a video about the Victory Channel related to this. Please watch:

  3. REAL, REAL,REAL…good stuff (information) that’s eye opening!
    so I can face my(life’s) giants with CONFIDENCE!
    SHALOM: Completeness
    ;-.)$ blessed