Firewall: Trump, The Church, & A Special Pentecost Broadcast

Have you noticed that Trump, throughout this whole virus crisis, has refused to play politics? He mentioned chloroquine and straight away on places like CNN or MSNBC, immediately they began running stories about science vs. Trump ignorance. Now the retractions and recriminations have started because, as it turns out, the modeling from Imperial College in London was completely unreliable!

The church is coming out of its fog, especially in places like California. Did you see what the pastors in California have done? They’ve declared that on May 31st, they will reopen! Both the church and the people in California are rising up. Elon Musk told the Governor in California that if they didn’t let him open his Tesla facility in Alameda County, he’d withdraw Tesla from the state entirely. God is raising up secular reformers, and on May 31st, Pentecost, only the church has the spiritual authority to drain the swamp!

The church has been so focused on its own growth, we’ve allowed the other mountains of influence to be weaponized against us. I believe America is in a period of judgment because the church has lost the nation. Just like in Haggai, God is shaking America economically, and on May 31st, we need to contend for the freedom we have. This is the moment for reformation to meet revival!

Join me on May 31st for a special Pentecost broadcast with Robert Henderson, Mario Murillo, Mario Bramnick, and Jeremiah Johnson.

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2 thoughts on “Firewall: Trump, The Church, & A Special Pentecost Broadcast

  1. appreciate a lot of the subjects you are discussing; Pentecost – like what you said about it , that tounges is basically the point – supernatural languae to buy pass all human limitations and not just prayuing in the understanding; i find that there is a lot of presures , fatigue , etc, but when we take the time to pray for things that come up that as we speak and sing with and in the spirit we actually do expoits: co -laboring with the Lord: now lately when I see a child ill, lost or people in destress , I can just flow in toungues , loudor softly and the burden lifts and we can belive things are getting down: Also years ago with the restoration ministry , we actually experienced a beautiful flow of the Holy Spirit ( post Jesus people move) true worship , acutual the real presence of the Lord , was manifested: It seems modern or current worship at most charismatic churches is basicially a sing song worship model, no flow (toungues ) stammering lips) seem embarised or overly politically over sensitive to moving via the Holy Spirit ( ie coperate together worship flow, letting the Lord ,the HOly Spirit , lead ,guide and direct the meeting with Gods order -times of refreshing should be the norm not the abnormal: timity , like what you say,bloodness- meed see living water in the meetings -reality ofGod , I am thirsty but somewhat disapointed of what appears – lot of talk, talk Gods pressence we need;