Firewall: A word for the UK, biblical economics, and the rise of Marxism in America

In today’s Firewall episode, I’m talking to Cindy Jacobs about how the time we are going through could be a dress rehearsal for Matthew 24, biblical economics, and RFID chips small enough to be implanted under human skin.

We discuss the re-emergence of Marxism and Communism in America, the Red Guard (American Marxist–Leninist–Maoist collectives), and how Socialism has gained popularity in America. All of the Democrats’ policies right now are socialist and American is heading for a tipping point.

Cindy prophesied 20 years ago that the spirit of communism would be going from China to Latin America, and the leaders all said it would never happen. She warned pastors in Argentina that their economy would collapse, and people in high-end clothing would be eating out of garbage cans. They were shocked, said it would never happen. One year later, it came true.

Many people are mobilizing for prayer, and we’ve seen that a lot since the 2016 election. There’s a great word for the UK about them being a resolute nation and so much more!

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4 thoughts on “Firewall: A word for the UK, biblical economics, and the rise of Marxism in America

  1. Lance, though I found it interesting and ‘somewhat’ revealing, your interview with Cindy Jacobs.
    What really impacted me and I’m sure does hundreds of thousand of others, was your latest video I watched on youtube yesterday. WOW, was it relevant, acute, desperately needed, and spiritually exacting.
    I couldn’t stop praying with you as Holy Spirit led in POWER…for the benefit of any who read this blog post, here’s the amazing Title of it…
    “Tucker Carlson, The New York Times, & America’s Desperate Situation.”
    For POWER is perfected in weakness.

  2. Thank you Lance for your insight and for scriptural leading in these very strange and challenging times. I have been interested in Biblical prophecy for many years…since I was a very young girl…and have studied the signs of prophecy through many ministries, such as; James Dobson, John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, and the late James Kennedy, and now Lance Wallnau! I love your teachings and have, for many years, felt we are living in the end times. My prayer life has grown so much over the last few years and has been strengthened through my own trials, the trials of our nation, and now my own state (I live in Oregon, fortunately on the coast and not in Portland). Praying continually for those of my own family, and for your outreach, as we touch those in our realms of ministry, and stand against the evil forces that surround us. Lord Jesus, bind up satan and his minions with the blood of our Redeemer. Send in your Holy Spirit to guide us, and your protecting angels, to stand shoulder to shoulder, heal to heal, fighting off any deceitful, fear mongering, hateful, greed bearing spirit. You are the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end, YOU ARE OUR KING, and YOU ARE…in control! AMEN. This is my constant daily reminder: I am not afraid; Psalms 91…Because I am prepared; Ephesians 6:10-13.

  3. To be truthful I was reluctant to watch anything to do with Ms. Cindy Jacobs because I do not see her and many others like her to be New Testament prophets! They have not disconnected from Old Testament thought processes – wherein prophets in those days usually came to preach doom & gloom and truly they couldn’t preach anything else because JESUS CHRIST had yet NOT come and died & been raised from dead in whom ALL THE WORLD since has ONLY GOOD HOPE.

    I personally believe from biblical writings that as New Testament believers the role of the Prophet in this era has to be one that brings HOPE. God has not appointed Prophets under the New Testament to profess Doom and Gloom / sin & retribution / punishment and the wrath of God. ALL that has been placed ON JESUS CHRIST THE SON. If the Father now did anything else other than allow for HOPE – the confident expectation of good – at all times through His Son, then the Father has to answer to Jesus Christ. It’s as simple as that.

    Nevertheless I kept watching and I was happy to note that Ms. Cindy Jacobs was much so different in this video and that includes you too Bro. Lance.

    I hope you guys continue to remember that the world since 2000 years has changed ALL BECAUSE OF the CROSS. If you ever forget – you are just negating the Power of the Cross and God’s unconditional love & grace through Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection. You will thus just become ANOTHER pagan religious fanatic!