Don’t Be Intimidated

I've seen so many Christians panic and their prayers are panic prayers. Remember I predicted this in my book that this election wouldn't be decided on election night, it would be decided in the days and weeks after.

The election is now in the legal sphere and this is what we need to watch. Don't be Intimidated, the Lord says. “I am with you.”

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Intimidated

  1. Lance what happened on Friday when you said to go get your Bible because we were going to pray . You never came back.

    Louanne Provonsha

  2. Lance,

    I had this dream for the past couple of nights. I saw President Trump standing in-front of a court house. I decided to move forward to him. Then I noticed Born-Again Christians from all across the USA and the world were all coming up to him. I paused and I didn’t know what to make of all that was going on, or what these people wanted. When I witnessed-they had laid hands on President Trump-then, they started forming this massive prayer chain(I’d like to call it). After all the prayers were said, I looked at President Trump and I quoted Isaiah 45:14 directly to him. Then I hugged him and I told him that he’s priceless. I am unsure of how to interpret this dream.