Doing Business Supernaturally 101

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Did you ever get the feeling someone is staring at you and you catch them? Have you ever had someone on your mind and they just happen to call you or run into you? Did you ever walk into a room where people were talking about you and you could feel the negative chill in the atmosphere? There is a natural and a spiritual field around us. Some scientists call it the quantum field and are just now coming to terms with its implications. Who says you have to do business as usual? Try doing business as unusual! There is a realm in the creative sphere of life that attracts to you everything that you need or want. It seems that all life vibrates at a frequency that responds to you when you are in harmony with it.

As ordinary people, when we operate in this realm, the extraordinary happens. 2000 years ago a carpenter from Galilee went about His father's business doing the supernatural everywhere He went, but for Him, it was natural. Upon completing this series, the supernatural will become natural for YOU as you´re going about your business in the marketplace. GET READY!!