Disappointment Is God Saying “Better Is Just Ahead”

Better Is Just Ahead

Ever consider that David was not God's first choice for King? Saul was the first one chosen. Regardless of what people say about Saul, he was sent by God to Samuel as an answer to the prayer of God's people. YOU also are an answer to somebody's prayer. David wasn't the first choice – but he was the BEST choice.

God Has BetterIf you are serving under someone else, “whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as TO THE LORD, and not unto men.” (Col 3:22) work as if you were working for Jesus because the Lord see's your effort and “you shall receive the reward of your inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

David was a man after God's heart and that is why he ended up in the role that Saul was originally given. He was a man after- in pursuit of – God's heart. Your ROLE changes but your PURPOSE doesn't. If your passion is God's presence and you stay focused on fulfilling your present assignment, you will discover that what you are doing now is actually preparing you for what your NEXT ROLE is going to be.

Esther was not the Kings first choice – she ended up replacing Queen Vashti.

You may feel like you are running LAST but the last are often FIRST before the story is over. The “first born” in the family were the ones with the Birthright and the Inheritance. However….

Isaac was second to Ishmael.

Jacob was second to Esau.

Joseph was 11th out of 12 and anything but the first choice of his brothers.

Moses was not the people's choice for a deliverer – they drove him into a desert.

Jeremiah was not Israel's first choice for a Prophet, but he was Gods.

Peter and the rest of the disciples in Galilee were not the local Rabbi's first choice. All young men went to Hebrew school, but by 13 were either encouraged to continue with the Rabbi and be further trained or were told to “go learn the trade of your father.” When Jesus saw Peter, James, Andrew and John they were doing like the Rabbi said – working in their fathers fishing business.

NOW the CRAZIEST of all overlooks in history….Jesus of Nazareth was overlooked by the local Rabbi as a qualified recruit for the ministry.

Stay faithful to your present call, stay passionate about His presence and stay OPEN to the providential ways that God opens doors because YOU are an answer to someone's prayer and your gifts are a solution to someone's problem. Be an expert problem solver and you accelerate your positioning…it's just a mater of time. Remember, Disappointment Is God Saying “Better Is Just Ahead

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190 thoughts on “Disappointment Is God Saying “Better Is Just Ahead”

  1. Thank you for this timely word…it speaks directly to a situation that came up yesterday! God bless you for your faithfulness, people ARE being helped!! 🙂

  2. I tried to figure out which dessert Moses was driven into and then I realized that since he trusted in God it must be a piece of cake!

  3. Right ON Lance!! Don’t quit now, people of God, because the ladder to your next assignment is just around the corner. Keep pursuing Jesus and you will run right into your next upgrade!

  4. I was on my way out the door when I felt I had to go upstairs to read my email before I left. I had been feeling a bit disappointed about the turn of events, but believe in my heart that my Father God simply has something better. And there was this message. Praise God. And thank you.

  5. This post is a Proverbs 15:23 word for me – “Everyone enjoys a fiting reply; It is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time!”

    Thanks for your investment into all of us on this end of the line!

  6. Lance, your columns and posts are always an inspiration to me. My life has been a very hard one – of my own doing and circumstances beyond my control. In this season, God is using you as my answered prayer. The wisdom that God has given you is profound and somewhat boundless. Thank you so much for helping me in this season of “small beginnings”.


  7. We as a family have been struggling as God is moving us from financial success to the other end of the spectrum. We lost our house (foreclosure) lived with relatives. Your message “Better Is Just Ahead“ reinforces our hope and trust in the re positioning of our lives and He has us totally in his grip as we must depend entirely upon Him for everything.. May we continue on His path to see what He has in store for our future. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  8. So good…it’s all in perspective…we get stuck if it doesn’t look a certain way… when we get His thoughts, His perspective we see the hope and future, for we have been seated in heavenly places with Him….it always looks better from there!

  9. Thank you for this timely word….it addressed a business deal that did not come through! Very prophetic. God richly bless you Lance

  10. I’ve experienced this SO many times! No matter how badly things go, how disappointed I am, I have watched God bless me in ever-greater ways when I release whatever has happened back to Him. My Father has ALWAYS increased His kindness and favor to me in wonderful ways. We really can TRUST HIM in absolutely every circumstance!

  11. Just last night I was thinking about resigning (again) but the Father won’t give me peace about doing that. The truth and inspiration of this word will fuel me through this grey season of uncertainty. I need Him to show up in the character and spirit of those I serve.

    • I was in exactly the same place last night! I keep casting the burden of the poor decisions of the company and they way I am not valued on the Lord and He keeps me there for a reason. I am more expectant now about good things ahead.

  12. I found this teaching incredibly timely. It is a word in season for me. There are many things that God has spoken to my heart that looked like I must be crazy but God showed me (even many years ago), that just because I wasn’t the first choice didn’t mean that I was not chosen. I am anointed (just as David was) but not yet appointed. In due season, I shall be placed in the position God ordained from the beginning of time, though now- presently, it looks like someone else is the chosen one.

  13. Your post are a blessing.
    Today it was a word of conformation .
    On a side note: I was so bless to sit and receive your teaching in St Louis.

  14. Dr. Wallnau,
    This information is most timely, and profoundly helpful right now. Many leaders have abused the office, purpose and priviledge of guiding people into God’s plan for kingdom, and have exalted themselves above rather than walk with their people. Servant leadership is so needed in the kingdom as we all servants and sometimes called to lead other servants of God. Your words in this writing is exactly what I will pass along today to help a young woman gifted in praise and worship ministry, who struggles with the very issue you addressed.
    Thank you so much, and for all the work you do in the kingdom. It is a real blessing to so many!
    Ugie T. kirkpatrick

  15. I am always enriched by your posts. You are always a blessing – a man on fire with the love and passion of the Lord’s messenger. You can post to me every day and I will love it!! Yes, I do pass these along to my email prayer circle. Be encouraged, Lance and keep on being…as one!!!!

  16. This is exactly what God has been telling me of late: be faithful with the little I have assigned to you to do. Who would’ve thought that Joseph was being groomed for the highest office on earth when he was serving the jail-master faithfully. May we be endowed with the grace to recognize the eternal purpose in the seemingly mundane ploddings of our daily assignment.

  17. Lance: Thank you! The words expressed were Relevant, Refreshing, and Rhema. Selah! “Keep the “fresh bread coming our way.” Blessings. VW

  18. I was telling my friend this morning how discouraged I was. Then, 2 hours later, I read your post. This is a word in due season for me! I am greatly encouraged with expectation for the future.

  19. This was encouraging! I just left a job that I had such a strong push to get out of and now I’m in transition – seeking God about “what’s next”. Well now I know it will be something much better! Thanks!

  20. What a blessed worth , a timely word for me personally ; what a pivotal teacher to the body of Christ for this Age ; Blessings and increase in all thing to Lance and His house

  21. The point about Jesus being passed over by the local Rabbi is especially powerful. So many times in this world the most qualified person gets passed over. The world is broken, but God’s plan supersedes all. Nice word, thanks.

  22. What a wonderful, uplifting word for someone like me searching for the current role while I maintain God’s purpose for my life. I also shared it with one who was becoming impatient with the prophetic word I had given him previously. I also wanted to ask when they drove Moses into the dessert, was it a chocolate mousse? 🙂

  23. nice message – could do with a few spelling corrections.
    there is one point however that I’d like to draw attention to and it is the word Rabbi used I assume for a local teacher. Jesus instructed his disciples in Matthew 23:7 & 8 that no one should be called Rabbi – for one is your Master even Christ and all ye are your brethren – so then why is it that I still see people addressed as such – even Christians do so in spite of being directed not to do so by the Lord JESUS Christ and it is in RED in the Bible?/!

  24. Wow! Just at the right time. During prayer my inner thoughts were almost the same thing. It was not as eloquent, I already know it’s because He is using my vocabulary and language patterns, but it was the same message. Changing lives; there couldn’t be a greater calling in my book.

  25. Pursuing my purpose/destiny for this time in my life and so thankful for your wisdom! Better is just ahead dealing with disappointment this is confirming word- 2nd time today. Thank you, Lance, for sowing into my/our lives.

  26. Thank you for a obedience in sharing a timely word such a blessing may you be blessed for being a blessing

  27. I pondered in my heart yesterday about a situation. I asked the Lord a question about it…….This was the answer !!!! WOW

  28. Lance, You are a tremendous asset to me and the Body of Christ, I love to hear you when you minister, on any subject. In particular, How God wants His influence in all walks to Life, 7 Mountains.Thank you

  29. It has been a rough year for me, one disappointment after the next… I have faith that the exciting, happy feeling is coming my way. I may not be the first choice to some, but I am the best choice for others. Bring on the happy please!!

  30. Thank you also for the timely word…the encouragement came at a needed time and I so appreciate you and your ministry…have missed not hearing you as I once did and realized it when I received your e-mail…thank you again and God Bless you…

  31. Thank-you
    When were closest to the promise – pressure comes.Through many hard assignments I sense break through. And began to feel like I’m missing the mark at the same time?

  32. Yes Lance, this is VERY helpful ~ I love that statement because I’ve had so much disappointment in my life, and it seems unending! I feel like the psalmist in Ps. 13. So that statement is really encouraging, at a time when I need all the encouragement/shoring up I can get! God has had me in this alone place, separated, for some time, and His most recent word to me (last Sunday) was to “rest, and wait for further instruction”! Aghhhhh. Being an energetic and active person, it doesn’t seem as if I have much of an assignment, though I know of course that that’s v. important. What you say about the first-born is unfortunate, because i’m the eldest of four. 🙂 But all kidding aside, I do know what you’re saying of course re God’s choices and the last being first ~ it’s always good to be reminded of that when one is at a low point. Thank you so much Lance for taking the time to write this, and for all you do ~ you are IMMENSELY helpful!! Never think otherwise. Shalom. 🙂

  33. I always appreciate what you write. Today it seems quite appropo–I’ll be 67 next week. This year I have had the reality of age “in my face.” I’ve always served the Lord and have been wondering what happened to all those prophetic words? Thanks so much I really needed this blog.

  34. I need a seasoned mentor and/or coach… someone to ask questions of and receive support, guidance, and wisdom from. Please tell me you will do it!? Or, at least that you have a recommendation? 😉 And before any decision is made, consult with God, pretty please….

  35. This article was a great encouragement. I lead a training group to win souls and disciple them and no one turned up last time. Now I know better is on the way!

  36. Mr. Wallnau you do have God’s wisdom and you speak His mind. I pray one day God will enable me to attend one of your teaching seminars…God continue to bless you. mary

  37. Stay faithful to your present call. This was a real word of encouragement to me. The fact that Jesus in us not only cana be but “is” the answer to someone’s problem has greatly encouraged me. Thank you

  38. Feel like I have been passed over and forgotten by God for decades. Do not know anymore if I will ever get to my purpose and passion. All seems so lost and dead. I feel very discouraged amd disappointed by God. Thanks for the Word, Lance.

  39. Very, very helpful!!! Amen to this truth. Keep the revelations of God coming Lance. You are a voice for the body of Christ, and we need to hear from you!

  40. This is one of the best written along with the recent battle campaign. Both excellent. Really need to chew on this. In complete honesty. I think my dreams are bigger than Gods- a test? Can it be well with my soul if true.

  41. Very encouraging….I forwarded this to a friend and she said it was just what she needed (plus she had been thinking about your ministry the day before and wanted to get to your website but didn’t have the opportunity.

  42. Thank you for a timely word. It’s not only encouraging but also gave me the opportunity to really take a look at my past performance at work, to repent for all the times my effort was less than stellar.

  43. Lance, you always have the word I need to hear at the very moment I need to hear it. Thank you for obeying God to write these blogs. You have no idea the impact they have.

  44. “Better is just ahead” yes and amen, I have been believing for it! Press in and on with Him!!! Thank you!!!

  45. Out of the fullness of Gods heart his mouth spoke. David was after all of Gods words, to have them coming to pass in his life, that’s what we should be a person after Gods own heart.

  46. I just came off 4 months as a temp manager and I hoped I would be in line for an open position. Instead they brought someone in from outside . Your blog reminded me that God has something better than that nanagers position. thanks for shining the light

  47. Thank you Lance for this encouragement. God is always on time and as I wait, I will serve and worship Him. Thinking of the John Waller song, “While I’m Waiting.” As long as He is with me, He will lead me to the better that might be just around the corner. Who knows, may be tomorrow?

  48. Lance, thanks for your insight today. It was very encouraging and uplifting which is what I needed to hear right now.

  49. The article is definitely helpful especially now that I am serving as a admin assistant in church environment, under a church admin mgr, who always steal credit for what i’ve done and submit as her work, someone who does not apologise making a mistake and brush off as “I think you misunderstand me”. Previous I was working as a managerial position and it takes lots of humility to work under such environment.

  50. Spoken like a word straight from the heart of God – encouraging as I face a season of change and await the door to open not knowing what lies beyond but just being aware that the next season is approaching of accelleration into another demention as I claim my mountain, my ground, my inheritance!

  51. Was this “helpful”? Yes! A divine response to my prayers regarding ministry and family concerns. Especially encouraged by comparison of King David and others not being the “first” but shown to be God’s best in their times. Thank you Lance and friends for this timely message.

  52. I really love the wisdom you keep presenting, I was feeling last over a matter a couple of days ago, and then I thought of the kid’s about the Tortoise and the Hare and thought yes, I will get there at the front come the finish line. It lines up well.

  53. Thankyou…..I’ve been feeling so low ….disapointed with no change……its been forty years and I could cry cry cry…..but my spirit loves the Lord so
    much I am determined to follow no matter the cost.

  54. There is a clarity to your teaching that originates from the anointing on your life. The way you frame your message makes it easy to grasp and be planted in our spirit.

  55. Lance,
    I really appreciate the things you communicate and how you communicate them. Not too long ago my husband’s company began restructuring and repositioning employees. A younger man with less tenure in the company was chosen as General Manager while my husband was assigned to a position right below him with a leadership position in another company-owned venture. My husband confessed his struggle with his own ego in this situation. Many others were very shocked he was ‘passed over’ even though my husband never really wanted that position because of the social and time implications amongst other reasons. They could have at least offered it to him, he thought.

    He began to seriously talk to God about his thoughts and his feelings and seek the Lord’s wisdom, guidance and truth. After a wonderful breakthrough, he met with the new General manager, before a peer but now his boss. He expressed his willingness to support him in any way he could and assured him he was available for whatever was needed.

    A few weeks later my husband was asked to speak to the management about the direction the company was going in and how they were going to get there. He talked about the ‘decision’ you must make to not get bitter or offended about company decisions and gave his own testimony. Apparantly many people needed to hear that from him because some were feeling exactly those things in reference to my husband’s situation and some even their own. Meekness is not weakness, on the contrary it is true power! And when it is a genuine expression it can be a catalyst for freeing others!

    Thanks so mich
    A grateful wife

  56. I am so thankful that you are out there encouraging us to make the most of what God has given us. It is so easy to think that somehow I have missed God in the middle of difficulty, but messages like this one encourage me to keep on believing!

  57. yes i fully agree ,that came up in my spirit 1day you are the answer to sombody’s prayer and as you obey you reap what you sow

  58. This was so helpful to me. I don’t have to worry about my next assignment. God will position me as I am faithful to do what He has put in front of me. I will focus on His presence as being my highest priority as I continue to serve Him with joy and gladness. Thank you so much. You are a blessing to me.

  59. Encouraging after just being fired from just getting a job with a high turnover rate. I was doing well with the purpose of the job. I kept this in mind and the fact that I was working for two men married to each other was another situation in an of itself. I prayed the 23rd psalm everyday. I had a shouting praise party the day before in my car on my way to work. I put on my armor the very day. I pray what you are saying is coming to pass for me.

  60. Thank you so much for your encouragement, and wisdom. When are you coming back to Delaware. I go to Word of life Christian Center with Pastor Dave Carey. Hope we can see you again.
    God bless you!

  61. Thank you Lance your encouragement always comes when it is most needed. This is the time for us to step up to the call of God in our lives and live out our purpose. Thank you for the what you are doing.

  62. As I wait for promotion in a position that I have held in the education field, I see those who have not performed get elevated to what appears to be promotion. I often wondered why I was not the first choice when everything that God has given me to do here has prospered. Thank you for this word to stay faithful in my present situation and God elevate me in due time. I will do according to Col. 3:20

  63. I like your choices for us. We may not always know what we need for the day but The Spirit of Truth is leading you to help us. Thank you for being obedient.

  64. I so needed to have this today. Not for me, but someone else with the SAME MESSAGE! I love it, sending this to my friend who needs it. This is so timely, thank you for sending this to my email. Laney

  65. Thx for including me in this post. Apologize for not being more positive. Have spent yrs hearing a message like this but after many yrs its easy to believe it doesn’t apply to me. Love God and will always defend my beliefs. This just hit a tender spot

  66. i am TRULY encouraged BY YOUR conversation and so TIMELY. Been through disappointments n wondered whether it is because i have been disobedient NOW ..i understand !!! thank you SO VERY MUCH ..if only you can come to kuala lumpur , Malaysia !!! n share your conversations .

  67. Wow! How I needed this word! I’ve just come off a mountain top experience only to crash in the valley and I’ve been seeking words to help me up. This is straight from God’s mouth to my ear. Thank you!

  68. The message you shared I believe is from God and the Holy Spirit encouraging me to stay focused. I’m stepping into a new transition from being “just” an employee into entrepreneurer of fabrics. This platform is unique in how this place has been reached into the community. My husband became employed by this couple who owns a historical general store….they are also believers in Jesus. My husband is also going through transition…being involved the beginnings of food distribution through this couple….one day, after doing our food delivery, the wife was talking to both of us and stated that when she would retired, she would be doing what I’m doing, getting back to quilting. I told her the owner has the quilt shop up for sale….the wife, Katy, looked at me and ask me “do you want the shop?” I told her please don’t kid me. She told me she wasn’t kidding. She would take out a loan and use her business to get the finances. The cost of the store is $149,000 and she will be having the meeting with the owner and offer $130,000. This is all new to me. I have asked her husband Bill why are they doing this because they have not known us for very long…He answered, “we want to give people chances and the store fits you”….I told him how appreciative I am even if things didn’t work out because I had never had anyone do this….even with just this, I am so grateful….this writing you have shared is worth more than gold or any material things…thank you Lance for sharing this…I’ll keep you up dated

  69. This was very helpful as my job assignment has recently been changed and I realize after reading your message its the attitude I approach my position with that will make all the difference! Thanks for the encouragement and insight!

  70. This was Oh so helpful and absolutely timely as I read it today! I have been seeking the Lord about a ministry I am a part of, and asking Him for direction whether to leave or stay. I seems to me that they are in the process of throwing the Holy Spirit out of this ministry (The one where I have been volunteering) , and I keep hearing the Lord say to my heart “Remember you are MINE.”

  71. Perfect, just when I felt I was reaching the limit, the right words sent by you.I am so grateful for you ,as you listen to God and do His will. You are a blessing,DON”T STOP. God Bless you. Thank you so much.

  72. I don’t want to sound negative about this, but everyone teaches on signs and wonders, healing the sick, raising the dead, and becoming a missionary or a minister… It is so refreshing to hear encouragement for those that see our real assignment is to represent God in the world…
    the workplace, the schools. I have always said ‘most Christians are experts in the pews but failures in the world’ .

  73. Hello, Lance: As usual, your ‘short stories’ come to my attention just when I need them. I’ve been asking God, for once, not to get me out of a bad situation, but to sanctify me through it. Your articles always seem to provide me with a whole ‘nuther’ slant on things; a much better perspective. Thanks and God bless you, Marcia 🙂

  74. Oh! I Love this. It was bitter to my stomach but as sweet as honey in my mouth (Rev 10:9), I love it. Thanks and God bless you!


  76. Nice post, but I am intrigued.. Can I ask your opinion about what Saul could have done to regain God’s favor over David? What ‘first choices’ could do to regain their birthright that God has bestowed upon others?

  77. I enjoy reading your blogs and listening to you teach on you tube.
    The few times I have heard you in person I have been so blessed by your teaching. You are able to bring it down to a level I can relate to.
    Keep on walking with God and never stop be obedient to His voice.
    Thank you so much for your dedication.

  78. This is a timely word and I receive it as a NOW word in my situation.
    Indeed, I believe that for me, the best is yet to come. I
    I always find your writings a source of great inspiration, challenge and encouragement. Continue to be a channel of blessing. God bless you!

  79. I fell I am oh so lost! I am 63 yr lady, lost 4th husband in Dec. { yes all 4 passed away} is that all Im good for ,find ,love ,bury. I Love God ,He is all I got. I am so spirit dissatisfied with job. WHAT DO I DO????
    I never dreamed, guess I didn’t think I could or something. Married at 16 ,he had 4 boys, then we had 4 girls. married real close to 30 yr, passed in 2000. Where do I go from here??

  80. Cool insight about Jesus. After 40 years of working in various industries serving others and then seeing my own consulting work come to very little, I am more convinced than ever that God send sons (and daughters) into the earth for a purpose that may only be fully realised after a protracted time of preparation.
    We’re on the cusp of another reformation in the way kingdom comes to structures in the UK. So, all we learn about the ways of the Kingdom collides with, and redemptively does violence to, the ways of the egyptians.
    Exciting times. Brexit is now only weeks away and Boris (with the el Nino haircut) is God’s man for the hour.

  81. My Dearest Lance,

    What a great article. I’m waiting patiently . . . tap, tap tap.

    P.S. Fix this— it’s just a mater of time. Remember, Disappointment Is God Saying “Better Is Just Ahead“

  82. I have followed you for many years. I thank God for you & your stand on The Word. I pray for the protection & strength of your family. Your voice is a light to us who love the Lord. God bless you for all you do!