Change your audience rather than change who you are

10906156_10153020517609936_3078874337737457277_nChange your audience rather than change who you are.

What happens when you grow? You change.
What happens when you age? You change.
Hopefully the two go together and we change as we grow older. Truth is – not everyone who ages grows.

Yet, eveyone who grows changes.

There comes a point in life where it takes so much energy to fit into and connect with places you've outgrown that it would be better to graciously move on.

There came a “fullness of times” when Jesus quietly layed asside his carpentor tools. No doubt, as a responsible first born son running the family business he explained to his mother that he would be leaving for a season and went off to the wilderness for a 40 day transition. When that 40 days was over he was changed. He could never go back. Local townsfolks thought he had lost his mind and even his “friends” were concerned about him: “And when his friends heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him: for they said, He is beside himself.” (Mark 3:22 KJV) Some translations say it was Jesus “family” that thought He was beside himself. Remember, “James” the first senior elder in the Jerusalem church, was Jesus brother by the same mother. And he did NOT follow Jesus during His ministry. When did he get converted? He was visited by Jesus personally after the resurrection.

“After that He appeared to more than five hundred brethren at one time, most of whom remain until now, but some have fallen asleep; THEN He appeared to James, then to all the apostles; and last of all, as to one untimely born, He appeared to me also.…” (1 Cor 15:7 KJV)
Now THERE is proof of Jesus divinity. If anyone knows your sins its your kid brother. James did not believe his brother was the Messiah till He was raised from the dead. BUT he could not discount His claim to being sinless because he never once saw Jesus sin while growing up!

I am intrigued with these corner areas of the Gospel and in particular I wonder about what Jesus was like before His public ministry. Not much is known about Him in this period. What was he like while he was a local personality? What changed about Him when He cam back from His 40 day fast and baptism in power? In some ways He was the same, but in some significant ways He was totally different. He grew. He changed. He could not go back- even when He tried to do so. To them (even family) he was mad.

However… a new crowd began to form and they liked what they heard. The same will happen to you. A new crowd will be drawn even as a former audience will scratch their heads and wonder what happened to you!

Don't think it strange. If you are a communicator or a leader your thoughts will always cloth themselves in the nearest physical equivalent to the message you carry. Your audience is attracted and connected by the “Word” you herald.

This is an exciting concept because it means that as you change your audience either grows with you or turns itself over. Don't try to hold on to those who won't go forward.

Simply be true to your message and be the embodiment of that message to the best of your ability. The right people will love the real you and if the old friends don't like it- don't change who you have become. In time they may find themselves moving down the same path and will meet up with you later.

James went from being an unbeliever to becoming the senior statesman of the church in Jerusalem.

For many of us there is one more important spiritual upgrade in us that must be manifest. Some important changes. The year 2015 in Strongs hebrew concordance is “Change.” In Greek the number 2015 is “Manifestation.” Put together…this is your year of change and manifestation.

But thats another post for another time…

Lance Wallnau


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3 thoughts on “Change your audience rather than change who you are

  1. This comment is response to your post this morning on fb concerning the terrorist issues. I am glad to see someone that is Christian- that has a platform among the church speaking up on this matter. I am quite shocked at times that many do not. I am not sure what the answer is, simple prayer? Our leadership refuses to take any steps to eliminate further terrorist attacks. We do not even give a hint that we will not tolerate it. I agree with removing their freedom to advertise on the internet and some would argue that it infringes on free speech , however when it comes to genocide we simply can’t tolerate it for the purpose of free speech. I agree with some points you made on fb page in steps we should take- however who is going to implement when our own government is in denial. I do not know what our roll as the body of Christ is until the body of Christ makes it an issue forefront and many do not. I don’t think we can accomplish much until we come together as a whole and discuss how the body of Christ can make an impact in this matter till it becomes a priority as a whole and it isn’t. I see government using terrorism as a way to incorporate fema camps and martial law only to further there cause of tyranny and control. Can’t you sense the underlying feel of it already progressing? The newly added regulations into the new year. God taken out of everything as with regulations on a local level is strapping us down so that we can not reach to the top of govt and say no more- unless we unite. But we are divided on many levels. Race as been the trump card on many levels creating destruction and division. Look what it has done to New York police department and the underlying division it’s created and what momentum will it create. I think our govt has more of a hand in this topic and issues than most are willing to admit. Whether out of ignorance in the past or now acknowledgment of its own making. Then it brings me to the last point- is this what the end times looks like? Have we taken the symbolism of the book of revelation so literally that we are missing the signs right before our eyes? Is the mark of the beast Islamic radicalism and is it trying to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth because it’s anti-Christian. No man can buy or sell unless… You must denounce your faith…. Are we at the doorstep of prophecy? Because the solutions I see you posting no one in govt wants to enforce. I see the opposite. The conservatives and Christians and any human with a right mind will agree with you but who can implement?

  2. Lance, thank you for sharing this message.
    It’s very good.
    JESUS didn’t change his approach, attitude, leadership and message for the people to like Him. He is once again our best example. Fear of man didn’t have place in JESUS heart.
    We must be confident that if we are doing God’s will and seeking Him and His kingdom everything else will be added onto us.
    He always takes us out of our comfort zone!
    The people around us will not be with us always. Great! Because people are JESUS’ disciples not ours.
    Fear of man must be out of our lives in every way. Why do we laugh of jokes that are not funny? Fear of man! The truth the joke is not funny SO We are lying to our friends that it’s funny when it’s not.
    What is the motive in our heart is very important.
    Sometimes I think about how many people left JESUS after JESUS was already sharing the good news and healing the sick, etc. He even ask the disciples. Are you also leaving me? Jesus was not afraid. He was focus on the mission. He was confident that he was doing the Father’s will.
    If we know, we are doing His will. Why should we fear?
    Fear of man doesn’t leave overnight. It’s a process where we daily make choices.
    Final point: as the love and fear of God increases in our lives, fear of man will decrease.
    Blessings and thank you Lance for your message.

  3. Hi Lance

    Thank you very much for the message, it has really helped me comprehend and align myself to what was already happening. Must say this “Gilgal” and rolling away of the past has not been easy one, especially letting go of past season relationships that was a turning into a serious struggle to uphold. After reading this, I have embraced the convergence going on within me.

    Thanks once more and may the Father continue to using you to bring clarity everywhere you go.