The Five Lies of the Battle You Face

Warfare is inside your mind, more than in your circumstance. Don’t believe the lie. Reading some inspiring words from Seth Godin got me thinking today about the new ‘Information Economy’. Don’t believe the lie. David slew the Giant after picking five smooth stones. Use them to slay the THE 5 LIES. The FIRST LIE… is […]


September Prophetic Update

Tonight (Saturday) ends the Holiest of all Holy Days in Israel – Yom Kippur. I am at Moravian Falls,  North Carolina, where Rick Joyner and others go to write their books. It is an “open heaven” property purchased by Count Zinzendorf in the 1700’s for the purpose of a global mission movement. Bob Jones told […]

Transition, Trouble and Divine Timing

TRANSITION – TROUBLE and DIVINE TIMING are all tied together in one often missed miracle. There are at least 2 references in the Bible to supernatural translation, one involving Phillip in Acts 8:40 and one right here involving not only Jesus but a boat and 12 people! The story has unique details recorded in John […]


Identifying And Riding The 3 Storms of Life!

There are 3 storms you will encounter- The storm God sends, the storm that bad decisions create and the storm the enemy sends! Each storm is navigated differently. Storm #1 The Storm GOD SENDS is intense but designed to get you to the other side larger and more liberated than you ever would have been […]


Disappointment Is God Saying “Better Is Just Ahead”

Better Is Just Ahead Ever consider that David was not God’s first choice for King? Saul was the first one chosen. Regardless of what people say about Saul, he was sent by God to Samuel as an answer to the prayer of God’s people. YOU also are an answer to somebody’s prayer. David wasn’t the […]


Do You Have A Battle Campaign For “Diabolos”?

I once heard that the definition of “devil” is “diabolos” ..or the “one who thrusts thru like a rock.” Your warfare is not a one shot thing. You need a CAMPAIGN mentality not a BATTLE mentality. To be honest, you can lose a battle and still win the war because wars are won by a […]



You are INCOMPARABLE! Nobody has your exact calling, gifting and destiny. You ware made to be a unique expression of your Creator with an assignment unlike anyone else. Your children only have one YOU to shape them. Your sphere has only one you to interact with. Your fingerprints, like your DNA, like your voice is […]