Who Do You Want To Be?

A powerful question to give you clarity! I am in a cool weekend event at Moravian Falls, a location with a peculiarly open heaven and loving the time with 30 seven-mountain practitioners. There’s a great move of God percolating under the surface of the body of Christ. Many came to the weekend seeking CLARITY on […]

Life is Too Short Not to Live it as You Intend!

Do you really have the power to create the life you want? Take a look around. Is there anyone doing what you love?The very fact that someone else is living the life you want proves it is possible for someone to do it….why not you? Perhaps you do not have their particular gifts and talents. […]

“The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares” Explained

This sculpture was created by Australian artist Ron Mueck. I have no idea what he was thinking. Artists are a strange and wonderful lot – but I gave it my own title…”While Men Slept!” What I am about to share blew my mind when I first saw it. In Mathew 13 Jesus taught his kingdom […]

Who Is Really Working Against You?

It is a common thing. You throw yourself into the activity surrounding your dream only to discover that things don’t work out as expected. You get knocked down or set back. This is the critical moment. All people, Christian and non-Christian, struggle to succeed and only a handful of those who enter the race ever […]

2014 Cabo Extreme Dream Trip

      Join Lance and Annabelle Wallnau with Special Guests Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda for the  Extreme Dream Trip 2014.  Come along side this elite tribe of world-changers to find out your next move to step more fully into your assignment, tap into the favor of God, and take your mountain!    Don’t miss this unique opportunity with Lance […]

4 Incredible and Specific Ways God Confirms Your Destiny

How does God confirm your calling? METHOD I:AWE-INSPIRING EXPERIENCES WITH GOD This one’s a no-brainer and the one we most want. There are incidents in which God intervened in a special awe-inspiring way in the life of leaders. For others, it was not only an overwhelming presence but also a revelation from God—sometimes an audible […]

What Easter Is Really About!

My daughter Joy, like other 17 year-olds has a unique way of talking. It’s a language pattern I can’t replicate, but I get it. She wrote on Twitter…“ayyy remember that one timethey were like ‘he dead’ and I was all like ‘yo plot twist.’ ” – Jesus in heaven currently Her friends loved it. So do I. […]

Finding Your Voice and Discovering Your Life Message

What’s your personal brand? Every science involves the use of new words. The greater the quality of distinctions made in any field, the greater the accuracy and depth attainable in that field. Likewise, there is a science to destiny and specific language that can be used. Lets explore a term that may help you: “Life […]

God is Looking for You to Have Preeminence!

God isn’t looking for you to have SUCCESS, He’s looking for you to have PREEMINENCE!  Your challenge is to carve out a unique place in the conversation occurring in your field. You have something original in you – if you just dig deep enough. Let other people compare themselves to each other and struggle over […]