Your Family is the First Mountain!

I’ve got seven mountains I teach, and for years I focused on Government, Arts, Business and Economics. Then on TWO occasions with friends who had taped posters on the wall, at the highlight of their really big conference, POSTERS started FALLING off the wall. Some loud. It was like they were being struck down by […]

Why We Should Stop Living in the Future

Beware…Prophets are futurists in the fullest sense. They live in the future and make a living off the future, i.e. they are fully engaged in the next election, world crisis, Jewish feast…  Understand. I’m not slamming Prophetic ministries – I am one! I am, however, pointing out a weakness we have. The problem is that […]

The Month of Acceleration and Manifestation!

Feel the pace picking up in the Spirit? As the Kingdom advances, life is feeling more and more like a rapid cosmic game of chess. Light moves…darkness moves…light moves again …darkness backs up. In chess, you see them hitting that timer after each move. Oh, the stress.  But I see something happening. Suddenly the timer […]

Answer God’s Calling…No Matter What!

David writes: “…All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” (Psalms 139:16 NIV). God put you here for a reason, but that doesn’t mean others will understand it or agree with it.  Nehemiah’s critics thought he was on an ego trip, getting the prophets to speak […]

Why to Have a Commitment to Fun!

I don’t know a kingdom business I’ve been in that had a written commitment to FUN! as part of their core values. Just read one tonight for a company I’ve been asked to do business with. Their statement of values? Literally: “Service, Integrity, Love.” Their core beliefs? “The Bible, One God, Jesus is the Son” […]

“Supernatural Wi-Fi” Technology!

Lately I had to use my iPhone as a “hot spot” to work my computer and connect with a global conversation. Think about your spiritual technology. Before there was a “smartphone” there was God speaking to the spirit of man by the activity of His Holy Spirit. Lets see this in the experience of a […]

The Flip Side of Favor

Do you really want to be a people magnet? FAVOR! A favorite subject…all around. But few tell you the flip side of favor.  I will.  BACKLASH1. You can always tell the degree of genuine favor you have by the degree of BACKLASH you experience. Jesus said that it’s “False Prophets” who everybody likes. If you […]

Two Questions You Should Ask Yourself

While reading 100 Questions Every Entrepreneur (or Reformer) Should Ask, I got to wondering…  If there is one skill or art at the root of every advance in innovation, it is the art of asking questions…the right QUESTIONS. Well I’ve gotten hold of this HOT LIST of questions from the likes of Tom Peters, Tony […]

What to Do When Making a Big Decision

First, ask: “Is this an issue for analysis or intuition?” Tom Davenport, professor at Babson College explains:  1. “If it’s a decision that’s important, RECURRING, and amendable to improvement, you should invest in gathering data, doing analysis, and examining failure factors.”  2. “If it’s a decision you will only make once, or if for some […]