God is making a NEW WAY FOR YOU!

God is making a NEW WAY FOR YOU! Just finished a powerful two day “FutureSee” dialogue with Mark Chironna in Orlando. We drilled down on what it means when the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will show you things to come! An Awakening is stirring in the church. You are called to “taste the […]

What’s About to Get Restored?

Want a whole new zeal for reading the Bible? Read it knowing that animals, trees, other objects are symbolic language for specific types of people and certain nations. Get the code language and it’s a new book.  For instance, when 1 Kings 5:6 talks about “cutting down the cedars in Lebanon” it is talking about […]

5 Reasons This Horse is a Prophetic Sign!

Today “California Chrome” won the second of three races on his way to the Triple Crown! Last horse to do this was called “Affirmed” in 1978. Only 11 horses have won the elusive Triple Crown. The grueling schedule of three races in 5 weeks at longer distances than most have run previously in their careers […]

God Sees Something in You!

Paul said, “Christ in you” is “the hope of glory.” (Col 2:2) This means more than “Christ in you is the hope of going to heaven.” It means that the Christ who died FOR you is the Christ who died AS you so that when He died – you died.  There is a “glory” in […]

Why We Have to Retell the Greatest Story Ever Told

YOU are both CONFINED and PROTECTED by the walls you build – build wisely! Boundaries are a tricky business. Fail to police your thoughts, business, or family and a serpent can work its way into any Eden. Set up needlessly rigid boundaries and you mislabel every unfamiliar idea, innovation, and potential ally as a serpent.  […]

Have Faith in God and Watch What Happens!

I’ve seen people with an M.B.A. skipped over for the J.O.B. because of favor from G.O.D. God does not really get glory from a superbly funded, well conceived and executed plan. Any heathen can do that. Rather, God receives pleasure from showing Himself strong on behalf of those that are weak. There must come a […]

Level 10 Living

Why You Should Never Hide Your Life’s Story!

DON’T EVER BE ASHAMED OF YOUR STORY. It is more powerful than you know. I’m studying Pixar and thinking of you and I. HERE ARE TWO PIXAR FORMULAS: 1.) Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___. 2.) Give your character a “worthy opponent” and make this opposition […]

Who Would You Rather Follow?

Who would you rather follow? A leader who says:  1.) “Follow me, I know exactly where I am going and how I am going to get there.” 2.) “Follow me, I don’t know where I am going, but I am certain I am being led and open to what is emerging.” Almost any modern business book […]