Liberal Prof Alan Dershowitz taught Ted Cruz at Harvard and said he was “Brilliant.”

Remember this as you see the liberal media try to paint him as an extremist or stupid.

“OFF THE CHARTS BRILLIANT,” is actually what the legendary liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said of his former student.

Dershowitz had trouble rating another former Harvard student, Barack Obama, who for some reason couldn’t get into Dershowitz’s class.

“The computer kept him out,” Dershowitz said. “It wasn’t my fault.”

Ahh, the computer.

Cruz is the most dangerous debater on the Conservative bench.


I’m noticing how many of my younger audience love watching SHARK TANK and THE PROFIT and other shows about FLIP THIS HOUSE and Extreme Home Makeover, etc. Many in this age group are responding to Trumps unashamed declaration of wealth.

I’m doing a training here in Iowa, (as Donald flies in on his helicopter). I caught an interesting comment from a Millennial who called in on a radio show for a “live” exchange with Rush. Reminds me of these kids.

Check out the TRANSCRIPT

RUSH: Here is Shane in Miami. Shane, great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I want to respond to what you were saying about Hillary and the Democrat Party, and I think it speaks to why Trump is resonating with a lot of Millennials right now. With Millennials like myself, our whole lives we’ve been bombarded with “sharing” and “teamwork” and “you can’t always do everything by yourself; you need to have someone there with you,” “don’t have unrealistic expectations.”

And here comes Trump saying, “I’m really rich.” And when I hear him say that, I’m so glad that someone is able to say, “You know what? I’m proud of how much I’ve achieved, and you can achieve that, too.” That’s inspiring for a lot of Millennials. Our whole lives we’ve been taught, “Not only don’t pursue being wealthy, but why would you want to be? Wealthy people are evil, they’re mean, and you should be ashamed of success, almost.” And that’s really what the Democrat Party represents.

I’m just so glad that we finally have a Republican NOT RUNNING AWAY FROM THEIR WEALTH LIKE ROMNEY. You know, like he’s ASHAMED of it. “Oh, I don’t really have that much money.” Here comes Trump: “I’M REALLY RICH!” That is almost the same thing as hip-hop artists, if you look at hip-hop music — and I’m not really a big fan of it, but it’s very popular with Millennials. Essentially what the theme is — THE CENTRAL THEME– IN HIP HOP MUSIC IS JUST BRAGGING ABOUT SUCCESS AND COMING UP FROM NOTHING!

Lance: It’s true. We need to teach our kids to expect exploits not exploitation.

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